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Logic 3 Soundstation 2

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    4 Reviews
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      15.09.2010 00:12


      • Reliability


      Superb value for money, well worth it for consoles

      The soundstation 2 is a bargain if you consider what you are getting for your money. They are by no means the best speakers but they are brilliant compared to the sound given off by regular televisions. These things can go seriously loud without much sound distortion. The ability to adjust the bass is good when switching between games, films and music. Yes, they do emit a low pitched hum when you turn them on but as soon as they are playing a game or watching a film the sound quality is excellent.

      One of the best features of these speakers is the ease at which you can connect them to your games console. Through a special adapter provided you connect the speakers into the scart port of your console. This means that you can use them on a variety of machines such as the ps2, ps3 and the xbox 360. I'd recommend these speakers to anyone who wants to use them for their games consoles.


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      30.05.2010 21:09
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      !!!THE BEST!!!

      Logic 3 soundstation 2 is a great speaker for your ps2 to pc to other things
      I have had mine for about 3 years and it has never not gone on or sound strange.
      Nobs have never come off or stopped working

      Simple to use just plug in your speakers and into the amplifiler / sub and plug in your ipod, mp3 player, pc or tv and away you go with amazing sound.

      Has a volume / power nob and also a bass nob to control the amount of bass you want out of the sub which is good if the song or sound is a little bassey.

      Well sound quality is amazing, you can here all words and beat in a song very clear
      with out the bass it sounds it sound like a normal speaker so the bass realy helps give that instant boom boost.
      I have heard that this is a 300w speaker set but i am not sure as there are no labels on the product to show you. (somthing to look up)
      I think this is a amazing set of speakers and fantastic value.
      If you like bassy loud music then these are definately the ones to go for as they are amazing.
      The price of £34.99 is fantasic and they look great. There is a blue light round the knob which lets you know that it is on.

      thankyou for taking your time to read


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      03.12.2008 18:47
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      An affordable, relatively high quality sound system.

      2.1 sound system with subwoofer. Designed as a compliment for the PS2 but can be connected to essentially anything, providing very powerful high bass sound.

      I've had my Soundstation now for about three years and let me tell you; it kicks the ass. During that time it has been utterly invaluable. Fulfilling many different functions but always providing top-quality sound. I bought it for less than twenty pounds and since then its been in use almost every day since, still going strong to this day.

      The range of ways in which the soundstation can be put to use is incredible. You can connect it to almost anything so it is a very versatile system. Connected to a Cd player you can beef up the sound to the extent it would compete with an expensive Hi-fi system. You can use it a speaker for your computer also.

      Generally of course you'll have it wired up to your television to boost the sound quality of your games and DVDs. Home cinema is all the rage these days. To get surround sound of course, you need a 5.1 rather than a 2.1 system. I suppose you could get surround sound with 2.1 if you put your head between the two speakers, but people might look at you askew.

      Having owned a cheap 5.1 system that was still more expensive than the Soundstation. Double the price in fact. I was suprised by how much better the Soundstation was. I can't stand hassle so the simplicity of the Soundstation appeals. With a 5.1 (or mine anyway) you've got wires all over the show, you have to wire it up yourself and its still no better than this pocket dynamo. And mine broke almost immediately. I've had no issues with the Soundstation so in reliability terms this is perfect.

      So unless you're going to get a decent top of the range system rather than a shoddy one from Asda like I did, it makes sense just to get this instead. Its a beast.

      In terms of sheer phonogical oomph this is up there with the best of them. At over 300 watts the Soundstation is punching well above its weight. For the price, this is one crazy ass bargain.

      This is undoubtebly a most formiddable machine. I think we've established that. The true extent of its power is such that I have never experienced it at full volume or anything even approaching it. Ti's a big bassey behemoth and proud of it.

      At just over half volume there have been complaints from the neighbours. So who knows what would happen if it was put to full blast? Maybe the sky would fall, or the universe would implode. It wouldn't really suprise me. Well actually, I suppose it would.

      I can hardly recommend this system enough. Through this; everything sounds amazing. Everything booms ominously. The bass dial is a deadly weapon in the wrong hands. And this is also the main problem. If you're watching or listening to anything that requires subtlety rather than puissance of sound, the Soundstation is next to useless. The sound quality is okay but ultimately lacks nuance.

      All told though this is still a bargain. Find one if you can, because I suspect the Soundstation 3 is still way too pricey.


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      21.08.2008 20:54
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      buy them if you're looking for an affordable but amazing sound system for your pc!

      - Introduction -

      The Logic 3 Soundstation 2 is a 2.1 sound system which is probably Logic3s best seller of the year 2000. It was originally released for use with Sony's incredibly popular Playstation 2, as you can probably tell by both the design of the system and it's name. However, it can be used with any consoles, your computer or anything else with a 3.5mm headphone jack.

      - Connections/Setting It Up: 1/10 -

      There's 3 sockets on the back of the systems subwoofer. One for the main power, one for the stereo output and one for the stereo input. It's very easy to set up... Plug the mains in, plug the speakers in, and then plug your input device in, and away you go! If you're hoping to connect this system to a console, you'll have to connect it via a scart socket. This is as a special scart adapter is included in the Soundstation 2's box, and without it (unless there's another lead you can buy), it's impossible to connect any other way. That's really the only problem with this product, as I use high definition cables to connect my Xbox 360 to my TV, not scart connections - meaning I can't use it!

      You can, however, use the Soundstation 2 for your computer, or anything else with a 3.5mm headphone jack. I use to use the speakers with my laptop, but I don't any more as I listen to all my music through my Xbox 360 (using media sharing), therefore putting these away in storage to save space!

      - Sound Quality: 9/10 -

      Simply amazing. For a product that costs hardly anything nowadays, the sound quality is excellent. You can turn its 3 Watt satellite speakers up to (almost) full (via the bigger knob on the subwoofer) and the sound will be extremely good. It's 20 Watt subwoofer definitely makes playing games, watching movies and listening to music a better experience, and if it gets too much you can always turn it down a notch via the small knob. The subwoofer also makes quite a good fan if you stand in front of it when you max out your music - that just goes to show how powerful this system really is!

      - Design: 5/10 -

      It's quite a sturdy sound system, but the speakers are very light which causes them to fall over very easily, especially if something hits them. The subwoofer, however, is a lot heavier and I highly doubt anything would knock it over unless something equally as heavy hits it! It's made out of plastic, but doesn't feel very strong. You could probably tread on a speaker and put your foot through it, or at least crack it... One of my speakers also has a few scratch marks on it from where I put my keys on it, so the plastic is pretty soft too. The design itself, was made to fit in with the Sony PS2 console, so it doesn't always look too great if you hook it up with your 360 (but hopefully everyone uses High Definition with their 360's by now!). The speakers have quite long wires, so you can spread them out a bit if you wish. However, the soundstations power cable isn't that long, so if you wish to put it on a high desk you need to have a extension lead. You can get this in either black or silver.

      - Price & Tech Specs -

      I bought this for about £50 when it was released years ago. However, you pick one up second hand on eBay for about a tenner (+P&P). I can't find anywhere off or online that actually sells these brand new any more, so if you're looking for a new system, this probably isn't for you.

      Product Type: Multimedia speaker system
      Enclosure Material: Plastic
      Localisation: English
      Colour: Black/Silver
      Media Type: 2 speakers, subwoofer
      Speaker Type: Active
      Nominal Output Power (Total): 26 Watt
      Output Features: Bass Reflex
      Audio Amplifier: Integrated
      Connectivity Technology: Wired
      Controls: Power on/off, volume, bass, Volume, bass
      Magnetic Shield: Yes
      Max Output Power: 26 Watt:
      1 x subwoofer - 20 Watt - wired
      2 x satellite speaker -3 Watt - wired

      - Conclusion -

      This is an excellent speaker system so long as it fits your needs. It's very good quality, and its bass can blow you away. As far as I know it can only be connected via scart if you want to use it with your consoles, but it is excellent for use with your computer. I only wish I could find a use for it, instead of it sitting in storage - so if you really want one, you know who to ask!


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  • Product Details

    SpectraVideo is firmly established as one of the world's largest video game accessory companies, with sales of exclusive brands in many countries. The company has in-depth experience in the design, development, manufacturing and supply of video game and PC accessories as well as multimedia speaker systems. SpectraVideo is committed to the Video and PC gaming industry, and will continue to provide high quality products at competitive prices. It is continuously studying market demands and changing user requirements, and will develop new and exciting product lines to meet these targets.The SoundStation 2 speaker system brings live sound with powerful bass for a better experience! The system features a subwoofer, plus twin satellite speakers as well as volume and bass controls. Compatible with most portable audio devices, this system is the best audio set ever presented on the market!