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Mission m70 series

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The Mission m70 series look and sound great, and all for a very reasonable price. Whilst they are reliable, they are slightly flimsy, so extra care should be taken around them.

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    3 Reviews
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      10.01.2008 00:16
      Very helpful


      • Reliability



      This review is for the Mission M74 speakers. I don't know whether this is the correct place or not, but it's the closest I could find!

      The Mission M74's are a pair of tall free-standing speakers designed for a sophisticated looking sound system. I'll go through this review systematically, looking at Sound Quality, Features, Price and Value, Durability, and finally a list of official Specifications.

      I've been using these speakers for a few years now, and the sound quality is incredible. Wired simply (I'll come to this later) as I have it, these speakers deliver fantastic tone and clarity throughout the entire frequency spectrum.

      The bass given out won't shake your walls, but then again these speakers are hardly designed for that kind of use. Bass frequencies are delivered at suitable levels, with immense clarity and no distortion whatsoever (although you might think you should expect this from an expensive pair of speakers, I've had experiences where low bass notes have caused a certain amount of rattling, which if you're a pedantic music lover like me, can cause great annoyance).

      High frequencies are not really a problem to consider; all speakers that produce a noise will have fairly good high-frequency performance. However, if you wish me to specify, the high frequency performance is good! I suppose a point to mention, for the sake of those readers who are not used to speakers of this kind, is that these speakers do not produce the horrible 'tinny' sound that can be painful to listen to, when the high-freq EQ is turned up. This I've found can be a problem with everything from large studio/computer speakers down to earphones.

      The all-important mid-frequencies are what's worth analysing when it comes to speakers. The M74's produce a beautiful, clean and clear sound throughout the freq spectrum. I myself have a very varied taste in music, so I guess I've given these speakers a good test over time.
      In classical music, the quality is most notable in the clarity of each instrument; if you listen you can pick out individual channels that may not be obvious on other speakers, many of which will turn an orchestral piece in a mass of resonant sound, where as much as it stays faithful to the piece of music, it just doesn't capture the imagination of the composer, of the atmosphere intended in the music.
      In rock music, unfortunately a lot of the sound quality depends on the actual mixing of the piece, however the speakers still make a difference. I would much prefer dig up a Led Zeppelin vinyl and play it through the M74's, than stick Black Dog on my iPod and click play. (That being said, I've recently re-wired my amplifier so I can play my iPod through these speakers...)
      In rap and hip-hop, although I rarely listen to them any more, I used to be a fan and chose again to listen through these speakers, because of the good bass response and clarity of each track, which is useful for fast moving songs.
      Even in death metal, my Cannibal Corpse CD's often find themselves playing through my sound system with the M74's, not through my computer which is much more convenient. Good stereo sound, great clarity, and a huge range of high performance frequencies make it an entirely different experience.

      As these are just speakers, they are not meant to have many 'features' or changeable attributes, as these are provided by the source of the audio and the pre-amp.
      However, there are some things worth mentioning.

      First of all, in the instruction manual they give you some options of how to wire the speakers up to your sound system, which apparently can improve the quality of the sound even more. I won't go into the details, because I don't really understand them (!) but it involves doubling or tripling the wired circuits between the amplifier and the speaker.
      The wiring options are changeable, because on the back of each speaker theres four options for I/O wires.

      Secondly, the two 'added bits' that are both useful, are the floor spikes to attach to underneath; four very sharp spikes that screw onto the bottom of each speaker to hold them firmly in place. These can be adjusted individually as well, in case your floor isn't completely flat. Also there is a front grill to cover the speakers. Although in my opinion, they look much cooler without it, I still keep it on as it offers protection to the speakers.

      I can't remember for the life of me how much I bought these for, but I have reason to believe it was well into the hundreds, but you can get them now at high-street shops and online, for various prices between £50 and £100.
      I would say this is a fairly reasonable price, as they are fantastic speakers, and this style of product is rarely any cheaper if the product is of similar quality.

      The fact that these speakers have lasted me for years shows that they are well built units. They are built far beyond the high standard of quality that you should expect from every speaker made, (which unfortunately is not the case) placing them above many other products in my opinion.

      However, they are designed to be left alone, they are not the most durable things if they get knocked around or dropped, etc.

      I think I should also mention, that at a party I had them turned up fairly high; probably higher than they are intended to go, as I have a powerful amplifier; and I think I may have slightly damaged one of the speakers, as under normal circumstances they sound fine, but there's a certain frequency that comes up in some songs that sounds quite distorted.
      Still, it's lasted enough for me to justify saying that they are very durable!


      Key Features

      Speakers Function Main / Stereo
      Nominal Power 25 Watt RMS
      Construction 2-Way
      Cabling Cable

      Technical Features

      Peak Power Handling 150 Watt
      Frequency Reponse 44 Hz - 20000 kHz
      Sensitivity 91 dB
      Impedance 8 ohm
      Magnetic Shielding Magnetically Shielded
      Bi-amping With Bi-amping


      Woofer Material Polymer Composite
      Woofer Size 6.3"
      Tweeter Size 0.98"


      Outdoor/Indoor Indoor
      Mounting Floorstanding
      Terminal Binding Post
      Cabinet Finish Wooden
      Exterior Color Black * Brown


      Width 7.87 in.
      Depth 12.8 in.
      Height 37.4 in.

      And here I come to the end of my >1100 word review! (I believe this is easily my longest review yet...)

      In conclusion, the Mission M74's are definately a pair of speakers I would recommend buying. They look great, they sound great, and they're no longer too expensive!


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        19.01.2002 05:06
        Very helpful



        This opinion is on the Mission M71 Speakers from the Misson M70 Series. These are the smallest stand mounted speakers in the M70 Series with dimensions of 296mm(h)x170mm(w)x275mm(d). Having said this, the sound they produce is fantastic. Deep rich bass and clear treble, that never sounds strained, even at high volumes. These speakers are ideally suited for medium sized rooms, with a power handling of 25 - 75 watt, they are certainly capable of rattling the doors! The frequency response is 65hz to 20khz and the speakers contain a 130mm bass unit and 25mm treble unit. These are housed in an enclosure with an effective volume of 8.75 litres and tuned reflex bass port to ehance the bass range. The port is rear firing, and these speakers sound best about 15cm away from the wall. It is also important that the speakers are placed on stands, so the treble unit is at ear level. The speakers are bi-wireable if bi-amplification is available, and by doing so increases the sound quality even further. I managed to purchase these speakers for £111 although the retail value is £130. In summary, a fantastic pair of budget speakers that are unobtrusive in your listening room, but perform extremely well.


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        28.06.2001 15:24
        Very helpful



        I must admit I've never owned anything but Mission speakers - mainly cos my dad said they were the best back when I was buying my first Hi-Fi - so I'm not in much of a position to give a comparison with other brands. I do use other speakers as a music teacher, but the acoustic at school is completely different, so it would be unfair to pick on the perceived inadequacies of those speakers. I recently decide I would go from a stereo system to a surround one, so I promptly swapped my old stereo amp for an AV amp...then realised I'd bought an amp with 9o watts per channel, whilst my trusty Mission 780SEs were only made to take 75. I was more than a little reluctant to part with them. They had been absolutely superb, and I was worried I wouldn't find another speaker I liked as much. I needn't have worried at all though. I got 3 pairs of the Mission 701s (100watts) and plugged them in (well 5 of them anyway), and I've never looked back. They are absolutely fantastic. OK, as a supposed composer, I ought to be using near-field monitors or some such nonsense, but I'm darned if I can afford that, and, as far as I'm concerned, the Missions are the next best thing. They give a very uncoloured sound, and are equally good at low levels as they are for blowing the roof off the house. Possibly the fact that I got them for £79 a pair (check out Richer Sounds), instead of the RRP of £169, coloured my appreciation of them slightly. But even if I'd had to pay RRP I think I would have done. They really are a superb buy. There are cheaper 100watt speakers around, but you're going to be living with your speakers for a while. Divided up over that time any saving would be negligable, but the difference in sound quality may be enormous. Give these some serious consideration.


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