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Parrot Boombox

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Parrot BOOMBOX - Speaker - Bluetooth - 60 Watt - 2-way - black

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    1 Review
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      07.03.2012 21:06
      Very helpful



      Great little speakers for any device

      I have an Ipod which is great. But I also have a mobile phone with MP3's. This has loads of music that, for whatever reason, I cannot move onto my itunes or my Ipod. I had over 1000 songs on it and wanted to have the music available out of speakers to play at home. This is how I came across the Parrot Boombox and after reading a number of positive reviews I decided to buy one.

      Parrot are well known for their Bluetooth devices and essentially what they have done for the Boombox is taken some speakers and stuck in a Bluetooth. It is so simple to use I turn on my Bluetooth on my mobile and play the tracks. The Boombox picks up the Bluetooth signal and produces the tracks from its speakers. The Boombox does not only run off Bluetooth as there is an audio input to plug other devices which is very handy as I often use it on my main HIFI. According to Parrots website you can listen to music from "Bluetooth A2DP stereo source: A2DP MP3 mobile phone, MP3 player with a Bluetooth DONGLE or a PC with Bluetooth A2DP functionality."

      The speakers are chunky and bigger than the picture suggests. The size is 430 x 225 x 150mm and weighs a hefty 5.6kg. At this size these are not built to be portable speakers and this is backed up by the fact that it has to run off a power supply and not a battery. This is quite annoying because at times I would like to takes these into the garden. Having wires going through the window is not ideal.

      The best thing about the Boombox is the sound quality. There are two wideband drivers along with a woofer that provides crisp and clear music with a depth provided by the bass. The controls on the top are simple with volume up and down. You can get a pretty loud noise as well with a strong 60 watt power output.

      The design for me is very appealing. Made of a tough black wood with a black finish compliments the shiny black plastic of the speakers and the woofer. The front has curved edges providing a stylish finish/

      I have used these speakers for over a year now and they are great. The sound quality is amazing and it is my only solution to keep listening to my tracks on my phone. I paid £47 for the Boombox off Ebay but I believe they retail between £100-£150. I would never pay that much but as a device this is top quality.


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  • Product Details

    Listen to your favorite tracks from any Bluetooth A2DP stereo source and discover optimized digital sound in a compact format designed to deliver high performance.

    The Parrot BOOMBOX guarantees high-level sound in every situation: two wideband drivers perfectly reproduce all the subtleties of the high and medium frequencies, while the woofer adds depth and a dynamic feel to the bass frequencies.

    With its robust mechanical design and its electronic power, the Parrot BOOMBOX is designed for listening to any type of music. It is capable of reproducing the sharpest nuances of acoustic music, letting you enjoy the rhythm of the wildest sounds.

    The Parrot BOOMBOX sports a particularly stylish finish: the 19 mm thick wooden cabinet is black lacquered and polished to create a timeless semi-matt finish. The Parrot BOOMBOX can be taken anywhere with discretion guaranteed, until you turn on the music!

    The digital technology produces an unrivaled level of precision without any background noise, while considerably reducing distortion at high volume. Enter the digital music age!

    The Parrot BOOMBOX also accepts all analog audio devices connected to the RCA jack (CD players, tuners, etc.) and automatically detects the music source. Take your music experience to another level with an exceptional hi-fi system dedicated to the technologies of today's and tomorrow's world.