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PC Line PCL-51001

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2 Reviews
  • Great sound quality
  • light units
  • Have to buy cables as they don't come supplied
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    2 Reviews
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      03.03.2015 13:08
      Very helpful


      • "light units"
      • "nice easy to understand remote"
      • "good size speakers"
      • "Great sound quality"


      • "Have to buy cables as they don't come supplied"

      Bring the sound of the movie into your living room....

      This is a set of 5 speakers, yes, five, and a subwoofer, which, if positioned in the right places in the room, give you that all round sound system which improves the sound coming at you.
      The subwoofer has the volume control on the front and, just below it, the remote censor... yes, this set comes with a remote control.
      On the rear of this subwoofer there are several ports, 11 in total, split into a set of six at the top, being the input ports, and five nearer the bottom, being the output ports, and it is these output ports that are most used, unless you have several systems to plug into this set of speakers.

      NOTE:You do have to buy extra cables but these are cheap enough.
      To set this up, for me, I connected my stereo and television to the two ports in the 'input' section, making sure that they were in the right ports, (You can just connect your stereo to the left and right input ports). Then I set about connecting the four speakers,
      I positioned the speakers where they should be, spreading them around the room, putting them in corners with the central one as close the the centre of the main wall as I could put it without it looking out of place. Then I set about running the wires to the subwoofer, connecting the cable into the appropriate ports, left, right and centre. Before too long I was ready to give it a test run. And it worked brilliantly.
      The sound quality is excellent with no distortion at all. I have the stereos and the television wired up to these speaker and, sometimes, not all the time, only really when we're watching movies or, for me, football, I have the system turned on and when it's on you really do get the full benefit of the stereo surround sound. The sound coming from the different speaker, depending on the program/music coming from the input system, really does make you feel as though your surrounded by what ever you're watching, with each speaker playing its own part in doing a cracking job. and this is why it is not on when the soaps are on... imagine Bianca's voice shouting "Rickeeeeee" in surround sound??? not good...
      I've had these for a while now, years in fact, and they are still fighting fit. I think I paid over £100 for them, mid life crises point I think. Although I have had my monies worth from them.


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      18.10.2011 15:28


      • Reliability


      Great for standard use, just don't go raving with them.

      I bought a set of PC Line speakers about five years ago and I still use them today. I paid just shy of £30 for them from Maplin, although I can't remember if they were on offer

      My set consisted of one bass woofer that also acts as the main unit, housing the on/off switch, power cable, control lead and ports for other speakers to connect to. The woofer is a five-inch cube and doesn't weigh very much. I'm pleased with their durability, they've been with me through four house moves and there's not a scratch on them.

      Included also were two smaller speakers for the left and right audio, these are plugged into the back of the woofer.

      The sound quality is good for the price I paid. Using the external controller you can control volume and bass with the little wheels. The bass can't be pumped up too much as it distorts at higher volumes so I certainly wouldn't bring these to any raves, but for watching movies, listening to music at a normal level and using for background music whilst entertaining these speakers can perform really well.

      The controller also has a headphone jack but I've never used this.

      When switching the speakers on there is a vary audible bass hum however. I don't know what causes this and it can be annoying. When they're not in use I tend to turn them off at the woofer.


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