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Samsung ASP 600

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    2 Reviews
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      04.07.2012 00:07
      Very helpful



      A nice simple stylish phone speaker designed by Samsung for Samsung phone users.

      Samsung ASP600 Mobile Phone Speakers
      I didn't actually set out to buy these. Actually, if I'm honest, I didn't buy them at all, my husband did - and not with me in mind either. He bought a job lot of them cheaply with the idea of taking them apart and using the tiny speaker cones from within them to build a Line Array. (If you don't know - or care - what this is then I won't bore you with too many details don't worry). Anyhow, on buying them he found he couldn't take them apart as he'd hoped as doing so meant a hacksaw job as they're pretty securely put together, and attacking them this way basically killed the speaker cone surprise surprise.

      So... here we are with over 60 pairs (OMG I hear you mutter - yes I know! Well suffice it to say he's not in my good books believe me, I didn't want a line array and I didn't want these - well not this many anyhow!)

      Style & Design
      I have to say compared to the last set of mobile phone speakers I had, these are actually rather nice and quite stylish looking. They're black (last lot were white), very petite and light weight at just 88 grams making them very portable - they'd easily fit in a coat pocket if you wanted them to. They also don't take batteries, but instead draw their power from the phone.

      Plugging these in is easy - one lead that's fixed to the speakers plugs into the phone's charging socket. That's it. Once their plugged in, as soon as you put the phone on speaker phone, or play your music on it, the speakers are in use.

      I have to admit that as well as using them for my music, I've also found it rather useful when I want a natter with my friend and I'm busy doing things in the kitchen because I can plug these in, pop the phone on speaker and just get on with stuff like washing up or preparing dinner - with my phone without the speakers I can still do this, but I have to make sure I only do quiet things or I can't hear what she says properly (this could be partly due to me being a little deaf too however).

      Sound Quality
      Obviously these aren't going to rival a decent sound system, they're not designed to, but I was quite surprised how much sound they generate considering that they're only 1.2 watts per speaker and the speakers are little more than an inch across.

      The sound quality is pretty good for such a small speaker, a lot more highs and mids than bass as you might expect, but despite being smaller than the last set I had, they actually produce a bit more base which is nice, and they definitely don't sound tinny which I feared they might.

      Cost & Availability
      These seem highly variable in price. The most I've seen them for is £12 a pair, and the cheapest is 99p though the latter had a £4.50 postage charge. They do seem to be easily available across the net however.

      A Few Other Thoughts
      Because these plug directly into the phone's charging socket and draw their power from the phone they can be much smaller than they would otherwise be. On the other hand, this does mean that you can't use them when the phone is on charge, and you also drain the phone's battery when you use them.

      One thing I have noticed is the lack of a volume control. It's probably partly coz my previous ones had this that I keep looking for it, but with these I do have to go to the phone to do any volume adjustment which is fine really for me as my phone has a volume control on the side, but if you didn't have that and had to go to a slider on screen for example, I could see it might get a tad annoying.

      Because these come with the lead fixed at the speaker end and the plug designed to plug into the phone, they're only suitable for certain Samsung phones. This is a bit of a shame (specially as we have so many to find new homes for grrr), because it does limit which phones can use them to Samsung's which have the s20 charger style (Tocco, Ace, Omnia etc. - actually looking at the list there are over 80 phones on it, so maybe it's not as bad as it sounds).

      Overall, I'm quite pleased with my set of these and am glad I have them and will enjoy using them. However what the heck we're going to do with the rest of the stack hubby dearest bought goodness knows - shame dooyoo doesn't have a for sale section eh lol.


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      10.09.2010 10:51
      Very helpful



      If you are wanting to play music from a Samsung phone look no further!

      At times my girlfriends life seems to revolve around her mobile phone. Everything is on there from her entire photo collection to every name and address she needs or has ever known. I would dread to think what would happen if she ever lost it!

      But certainly one of her main uses from her phone is her music collection. She has thousands of songs stored on there and is constantly playing them through her phones speakers which is a horrible gratey sound and of course doesn't reach very far. So when browsing around Amazon last week I came across these Samsung speaker that can be used in conjunction with a phone to give better sound output from mobile devices. At under a tenner I thought they would be good value if it meant she could play her music around the flat without the annoying sounds coming out of the poor phone speakers.

      And I must say they have worked an absolute treat. The speakers plug directly into the phone's charging port, which means you can only use them when the phone is not on charge. It requires no installation and will play any sound coming from your phone instantly although primarily designed for music.

      They are small, stylish and black and as the title says very portable. This is in fact ideal for this type of product as its not something you want to leave out on display all the time, its designed for use as and when you need them. Once done with they store easily into drawers etc and into bags if you want to take it out for the day. Ideal!

      The sound quality is also very good for the price. At 1.2 watts its never going to rival the hi fi speakers you may have but it is infinitely better than the mobile phone output and serves its purpose well. Its clear, sharp and goes loud enough to be shared. Its not very basey though and there are no real controls to adjust any settings than volume but that is a very small problem in a very good product.

      Therefore if you are looking for a budget set of speakers from a respectable brand to listen to the songs stored on your Samsung mobile in better quality then look no further than these!


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