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Sony SA FT7ED - Home theatre speaker system

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    1 Review
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      27.12.2008 01:24
      Very helpful



      Good sound, but what happend with the subwoofer?

      Well i seem to be the only person on the internet that has posted a "user review" of this product, i searched the ends of the internet for a user review but found none, so i thought i would take my chances after reading the specs, buy it, and then submit the very first review of this Sony SA-FT7ED:

      First, i will explain why i bought this system. I wanted to upgrade my existing 5.1 HOME THEATRE IN A BOX, which sadly only decoded Dolby Digital, which for 99% of the population is more than good enough, however i got into the whole blu-ray craze and realised that blu-ray not only delivered HD Picture but HD Sound also, BUT in order to get the HD sound you need an AMP to decode the HD signals and a speaker system of at least 8 OHMS to deliver it, so goodbye to my old set up and hello Sony SA-FT7ED.

      It comes in one very big and heavy box, took about 35 minutes to get everything out and sorted and see what goes where. It is simple enough, you have the 4 identical speakers, the centre speaker (5 in total) being slightly different shaped, but on first glance they look the same, for the FRONT LEFT and FRONT RIGHT speaker you have the glass stands which measure about 4 feet, a good decent height, no need to put them on a stand, and 2 table top stands for the rear speakers, now i would have preferred if they included 4 glass stands instead of just the 2, with the table top stands (if you dont have a table) i ended up putting them on stools and it looks a bit crap, though i intend to purchase 2 more glass stands to complete the look of the system. Then it has the subwoofer which is a 250 watt active sub (seperate power supply) which i preferred because passive subwoofers take their power from the AMP/RECEIVER and it can never sound as good as a sub that has its own power supply like this one, as with the performance of the sub i will talk about this in a little bit...

      All in all it is very easy to set up, comes with more than enough cable for all the speakers which have the plastic ends trimmed off so you can connect directly into the speaker terminals/Amp with no fuss and messing about with cable strippers etc.

      Now to move on to the actual performance of the speaker system, the sound from the speakers is PERFECT, i have re-watched certain films and i notice so much more that i did with my previous system, crystal clear..it just delivers what it says on the tin.

      Now...my only big concern with this system is the subwoofer, the first thing i noticed about the subwoofer was the unusual hexagony shape it has to it and it DOES NOT stand completely level on the floor,you blow at it and it moves, this in my view was a BIG FLAW in the design, so any bass heavy scenes the sub (a down firing one at that)rattles off the ground because of the uneveness and causes vibrations which i detest! so i messed about with the bass level and bass boost functions on the sub to try and get a happy medium but i cannot, it sounds terribly vibrationery and boomy, not the TIGHT BASS i was looking for, now i do have a hardwood floor and know that down firing subs do not sound good on them anyway, so i placed a bit of carpet underneath it, this helped a little but but still does not sound great, so i moved it to another location in the room and sort of secured it againt a banister to stop its own "shaking" and to hopefully amplify the sound, but no, i could go on and on, the subwoofer does NOT deliver.

      So to wrap it all up, i like the design (for the most part) of the system, its simple to set up, easy on the eyes, GREAT sound from the speakers but my lord what they were thinking when designing the sub i have no idea. So after spending 1450 EURO on this i expected an all round great setup, but now i am going to have to purchase another subwoofer, one that doesnt vibrate and one that sounds GOOD.


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  • Product Details

    For impressive sound and an impressive look, Sony's SA-FT7ED 5.1 Flat Panel-Matching Speaker System is the perfect choice. This 250W-powered enhanced audio system includes five flat speakers and a subwoofer, delivering stunning Surround Sound no matter where you place them in the room. These attractive satellite speakers offer flexible room positioning and can hang from the wall or can be mounted on the supplied stands. For exceptional audio and an enhanced look to home theater, the SA-FT7ED Speaker System from Sony delivers.