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Asda Fresh Frozen Roasting Parsnip

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4 Reviews

Type: Other Vegetables

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    4 Reviews
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      04.06.2012 10:21
      Very helpful



      A great buy to have in the freezer!

      When it comes so Parsnips they really have to be a favourite food of mine. Though I won't lie to you I am a lazy cook and if I can find a way out of doing much hard work and to bypass peeling and chopping and messing about....then I will find it you will be sure of that lol.

      Living alone when it comes to making myself a Sunday lunch or a midweek sort of gravy dinner I tend to buy prepared vegetables. I have limited mobility and can't stand about faffing about and so when I saw these in my local Asda store costing only £1.08 for a large 680g bag of them I thought that they had to be worth a go.

      The Packaging:

      These simply come in a plastic bag with a picture of the parsnips cooked on the front of it and we are told what they are of course.On the back of the bag other information listed includes ingredients and cooking advice being given, there is a full nutritional chart stated as is the size (as I have listed already) and contact details for Asda are given. The only negative with this bag is that it isn't resealable however I do have some plastic clips and ties to do this job with already so it hasn't been a concern for me.

      The Parsnips:

      Well as you would expect these are peeled ,sliced and ready to go in the oven straight from frozen...well parsnips! They are different sizes and thickness looking really like home done ones and they are anaemic looking when popped in the oven due to being frozen of course.

      The instructions say to cook these for 30-35 minutes, I always find 35 minutes cooks mine till they are nice and browned on the outside and I always drizzle a little oil over them and of course you can add seasoning or whatever to them you like as well.

      When cooked they smell like parsnips and look like them but more importantly taste like them. They don't taste frozen to me at all and are slightly harder and some are crispy on the outside and they are nice and fluffy on the inside and naturally sweet. You could cook these and mash them in potato...whatever really and I really like them and love the fact that I don't have to prepare them before shoving them in the oven!

      Nutritional Information Per 100g:

      Energy: 201 Kcal
      Of which sugars: 12.4g
      Fat: 7.7g
      Of which saturates: 1.0g

      Only available from Asda stores or from Asda.com


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      04.01.2010 11:07
      Very helpful
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      Wicked Roast Parsnips Straight Out Of The Freezer

      I found a bag of these frozen roasting parsnips in the freezer when I come to do dinner for me and my sisters the other day and decided to put some in to go with the cabbage and peas I was also doing.

      They come in a bag and take about 30 mins to cook, you have to be careful because the parsnips are all different sizes so if you put some huge ones in at the same time as the tiny thin ones then they won't cook evenly.

      When they're cooked they taste great. The parsnips have gone lovely and soft inside and even though the surface of them isn't crispy or anything it has got a slightly harder texture than the middles just like if you roasted fresh parsnips.

      The taste of them is proper nice, they've got a bit of a sweet flavour and taste like proper roast parsnip. The only difference between these and if I cook them myself is the fact that these have got some sort of glaze on the parsnips that give them an even flavour and brings out the natural sweetness of the vegetable. They taste very fresh and I reckon you could easily put these on someones plate and they'd never realise they were out of the freezer.

      I think these are a brill idea, I've used the Aunt Bessies version before and these from Asda are just as good in taste. The texture of them is excellent and using these saves a lot of effort when it comes to peeling and chopping because parsnips aren't the easiest vegetables to work with.

      We had ours with lamb chops, roast potatoes, mash and vegetables and it added a nice change to our dinner. We all love roast parsnips in this house but they're such an effort to cook from scratch so to be able to stick these in the oven straight out of the freezer and just take them out when the timer goes off is brilliant.


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        06.04.2009 01:10
        Very helpful



        I recommend these for any freezer.

        **** Introduction ****

        Having a suprise visit from my in laws this dinner time led me into a state of panic as I was preparing a mini roast dinner for me and my partner, as I was roasting a small joint only big enough to feed me and my partner and maybe a few sandwiches later on.

        But is was smelling so good the in laws commented which led to the fate full question " Would you like to stay for dinner " to my horror they excepted to i dug through the freezer to see what I had that could pad out the meal and make it look like I actually had enough to feed them.

        anyway as I reache the bottom of the freezer I cam across these frozen parsnips from sainsburys, I vaguely remember buying them but they bacome the lfe saver for me today.

        **** The Product ****

        In this bag I got roughly fifiteen rater large size parsnip pieces, which bulked out the meal and become the talking point after I later admitted I didnt actually have enought to feed everyone.

        These are frozen so they only needed to be warmed up and roasted to make them crispy.

        I steamed them for roughly fiften minutes and them added them to the roast potato tray of hot oil about tem minutes befor I was ready to serve.

        to my suprise they looked really good and golden brown when I took them our of the oven, they tasted just the same if not better then a fresh parsnip as it seemed to have a little bit more floavour to them.

        The centers were nice and soft and the outer parsnip was nice and crispy which in my opinion were cooked to perfection but I cant really take the crediti as I only steamed and then roasted them as I would have done with a fresh parsnip.

        **** My Views ****

        I am so suprised at these parsnips as I expected them to be rather soft and soggy but they turned out much better that a fresh parsnip, so I will certainly buy them again.

        I can remember exctly how much these were but somthing tell be I would have only paid £1 - £2 pounds for them as they would have been bought for a reserve and they certainly helped me out today.

        If you are in sainsburys i strongly recommend that you try these as they are much easier and taste much better than the fresh parsnips.


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          14.12.2008 17:42
          Very helpful



          Not bad for the price, and pretty darn tasty to boot!

          Not to repeat what I have previously written in my frozen broccoli review, but the fact that I have now got the parsnips on here demonstrates just how much I am really trying to increase the veg in our diet.
          Personally I would eat chocolate for every meal of the day, but theres a credit crunch out there, and apparently chocolate is not food, and I've been paying VAT on it all these years!!

          I digress.

          So frozen parsnips eh? What else will Asda think of to freeze next. As with most of their frozen veg, theres a photo on the packaging of these golden delicious hot yummy parsnips, and inside there as some essentially oversized wonky chips!

          As with the broccoli there are a few which are huge, as parsnips should be in my book, and then the rest.... well god knows what happened to them as after two meals with cooking from these I'm just left with some random splinter looking pieces.

          These take around 35 minutes to cook, on 200c on a fan oven. I leave mine in a little bit longer,after turning to heat off to get the colour on the outside a bit better. The first time I cooked these they came out very anaemic looking.

          You also have to be careful to try and pick out pieces which are all fairly similar in size to try and ensure even cooking. This becomes more difficult as you get to the end of the bag.
          However even when picking out ones which are all similar in size, I've still found some of them start to burn off on the edges, go very dry, or on the very thick ends, they dont cook all the way through and there is a hint of raw parsnip aftertaste.

          However if you're a big gravy fan, then the dry texture wont bother you too much, but it can be a pain if you dont.

          They also have a habit of becoming a bit tough if theyre are left in the oven too long. I always cook mine in the lower shelf to try and stop them from drying out too much.

          Unlike the broccoli however, these taste like parsnip, not taste like the taste of parsnip..... if that makes sense.
          When they do cook well (its almost as if they decide on mass in the bag in my freezer!), they are gorgeous. They do become a lovely golden colour with just the right amount of crisy coating to the texture inside, and cut very well.

          On a bad day however, they are raw and burnt (all at the same time, yes it is possible!), lacking in colour and go cold pretty quickly.

          My only advice is to know your oven. I know which side cooks faster that another, I know I can turn my temp down 5 minutes before the end of cooking time, and I know to make sure that a bag of these are on my shopping list each week, as well as fresh, as for me..... this is the closest comparison to the real thing I've ever had with frozen!


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