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Baxters Beetroot Slices

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Brand: Baxter's / Type: Other Vegetables

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    2 Reviews
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      30.12.2009 08:34
      Very helpful




      One of my all time favourite things to eat in all the world is cold meats with various pickles and beetroot. I simply adore beetroot. I love it cooked fresh but I also love it pickled. In my opinion the best beetroot on the market is Baxter's crinkle beetroot in sweet vinegar.

      The beetroot is packaged in an air tight glass jar. It has a label covering the centre. On the front of this label is the well known Baxter logo and underneath is the product description. The label informs the consumer at a glance that this beetroot is hand selected. I believe that this instantly allows the customer to realise that this beetroot is a quality product.

      Also in the background on the front of the label is a picture of this sliced beetroot, which allows you to see how this crinkle cut beetroot will look. It does indeed look exactly the same as the product inside and this is excellent for the consumer to establish if this is the type of beetroot they wish to buy.

      To the left hand side of the label/jar there is a good level of information regarding nutritional value and product ingredients. There is also added information in regards to storage of the product, plus a web site address for any further queries you may have.

      To the right hand side of the label/jar there is a personal message from Audrey Baxter which endorses the product and explains that only the best quality, freshly harvested beets are selected. They are then pickled in the Baxter secret recipe to deliver a truly delicious taste.

      I think this personal message adds to the appeal of the product. It certainly makes the consumers know that this beetroot is of a high quality and goes through a tough process in order to be deemed good enough to be a Baxter beetroot!!

      When opening the jar for the first time, you will be immediately met by the delicious spicy, pickled aroma. This truly is a mouth watering experience. Each slice of this deliciously purple beetroot is indeed crinkled but also coated in this deliciously sweet and tangy vinegar. The beetroot is not at all hard. Which I have found when using other brands.

      The sweetness of the vinegar against the hearty taste of the beetroot is a combination which works fantastically well. You can certainly tell when eating this beetroot that this is a well made high quality product.

      There is no bitter after taste either which is worth noting as I have had this bitterness with other beets. The only true way I can describe the flavour of this beetroot is to say it is totally delicious.

      One thing that we all agree on in my household is how gorgeous beetroot is. Therefore I always make sure I buy the 567g jar as once opened it tends to not last very long before being consumed!! The cost of this large jar in asda is approx £2.47 which I think is excellent value for such a well made and high quality product.

      There are smaller jars available. Also I have seen variations of Baxter beets available. These include non crinlked and baby beets. Infact I have tried the whole baby beet variety in sweet vinegar and they are also totally delicious.

      If you like beetroot then I would certainly recommend that you give this product a try as it truly is a high quality delicious tasting item. I am fully aware that you can buy cheaper branded beetroot at half the price, but I really believe that you would be hard pushed to find a beetroot of such a high quality, Give it a try you wont be disappointed.


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        03.03.2008 15:58
        Very helpful



        A nice food for salads or cheese butties

        A cheese and beetroot sandwich has always been one of my favourite snacks and Baxters Beetroot has been the brand that I have relied on for some time to provide the beetroot slices. According to their website Baxters have been in the beetroot business since the 1920s and even today "every one of their freshly harvested beets is hand selected to ensure the best quality". The beetroots are gently steamed in small batches before being pickled using the brands special recipe.

        Although I have experimented with other brands of beetroot, Baxters has been my regular beetroot purchase for a while. Generally the beetroot has a nice texture and is not over sweetened. Only with the occasional jar do the beetroot slices seem a little under cooked in which case they may seem a little hard, but this is a rare event and for the most part the each slice strikes a balance between firmness and softness of texture.

        Beetroots are supposed to be quite nutritious and are good source of iron. They are a nice compliment to salads but can also be added to meat dishes and put in stews.

        A 340g jar of Baxters beetroot will cost you around 85p a jar and can be found at all the most popular supermarkets but not in my experience at the cheaper discount stores.


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      • Product Details

        We use freshly harvested beetroot, hand selected for quality. Deliciously sweet and tender, try our Beetroot Slices with fresh lettuce leaves and orange segments for a delicious salad. Ingredients: Beetroot, Vinegar, Acetic Acid, Salt, Sugar, Sweetener (Saccharin).

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