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Foresight Pease Pudding

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Brand: Foresight / Type: Peas

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    2 Reviews
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      12.08.2009 02:29
      Very helpful



      Pease off please!

      Lately I have been buying a few cans of food. I keep running out of fresh stuff to be honest since joining the gym so have got stuff for emergencies lol. This was an impulse buy for me. I hadn't heard of it before but know that I love mushy peas and from what I could make out at the time of seeing this can this was very much like that!

      The Packaging:

      Well my can is 220g in size and there is a larger can available but mine was just enough for one portion and cost me 30p (in Sainsbury's), the other size is 420g and costs about 55p. It has a light blue label around it and on the front in red and white writing I'm told it is Foresight Pease Pudding and the size is stated. Other information round the back of the can includes ingredients and cooking instructions, nutritional information and contact details for the manufacturers of this product.

      To Cook Them:

      Can be served cold (these are pre-cooked) or you can simmer them in a saucepan and heat them through gently or microwave them in 2 minutes.

      Me And The Peas:

      I hated them! From the first time I opened the can I felt sick. In the can the yellow split peas congeal into what I can only describe as a lardy, solid look. I gently went around the edge of my can with a knife and then tipped the can upside down and it came out in one big blob, still standing!

      The smell... I don't know how to be nice about this.... was a bit like a day old er... fart to be blunt. It looked an odd light greenish colour and smelt rotten. A bit of the pudding fell off so I tasted it and it was like a bland mushed up pea taste so in disgust I whacked the lot in my microwave and hoped it would come out looking better (and smelling a bit more fragrant) than when I put it in.

      Well it comes out of the same as when I put it in. It doesn't melt as such and stays formed like a round block. I bashed it up with a fork (which was easy enough to do) and held my nose and ate a mouthful. A mouthful was all I could manage. Yuk!

      It was mushed up peas and they were moist to the taste though bland as hell as I mentioned earlier. When I mushed it up with a fork I could see some particles of peas and to be fair it seemed good quality, I mean least it wasn't littered with pea skins as well as everything else!

      For me however I just think it's unpleasant and there is no difference to my taste-buds eating this hot or cold. Traditionally this is meant to be served with boiled meats but it is suggested to use with any meat or fish and in sandwiches and things like that but I don't care if I ever see a can of this ever again! lol.

      Nutritional Information Per 100g:

      Energy: 94 Kcals
      Protein: 6.0g
      Carbohydrate: 15.9g
      of which sugars: 0.5g
      Fat: 0.7g
      of which saturates: 0.1g
      Fibre: 1.7g
      Sodium: 0.2g

      Available in all good supermarkets etc.


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        26.08.2008 15:53
        Very helpful



        A tasty addition to anyones ham sarnie

        Foresight Pease Pudding!

        Ever really fancy pease pudding but refuse to buy it because you will never use it up before it runs out of shelf life? Try this product!

        My boyfriend goes through phases with what he wants for his packed lunches and one day he might say "have we got any Pease pudding?" I used to reply "No we haven't because you never eat it when I buy it" I am sure we have all that this argument lol.

        I was scouring the shelves when I came across this. The Pease pudding comes in a tin and has a long life therefore no more arguments!

        The tin is available in ASDA for around 30p and is found near the tins of beans etc. The tin holds around 220g's and would be enough for quite a few sandwiches.

        The Pease pudding comes in a tin which needs to be opened by a tin opener. It has a blue label, which is pretty bland and reads the product name.

        Upon opening the pudding you will see that it is quite thick, I tend to stir it for a bit to make it a bit more flexible for the sandwich and it spreads a lot easier. It is produced in Linconshire, UK and contains 94 calories per 100g's.

        The Pease pudding is a mustard-ee colour, which is what you would expect from a product of this kind.

        The Pease pudding is ready cooked so no need to worry about that, you can eat this hot or cold but I tend to add it to ham sandwiches.. Yum Yum.

        A great product that solved all my problems. I think you can get in larger tins too!! Xx


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