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Harry Ramsdens Mushy Peas

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2 Reviews

Brand: Harry Ramsden / Type: Peas

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    2 Reviews
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      20.02.2014 13:20
      Very helpful



      Lovely thick and creamy peas with a great price.

      Mushy peas. It's not often I eat these, although they are nice with chips, don't you think? But when I was in Tesco's the other day I decided to pick up a tin of these.

      A 300g tin of these mushy peas are currently on sale in Tesco's for just 50p. The tin is predominantly a brownish colour with a plate of fish and mushy peas on the front of the can with the famous Harry Ramsdens logo above it. On the back of the tin are the ingredients, contact details, nutritional information, heating instructions etc. On the back of the tin it states:-

      * Mushy processed peas in water with added sugar and salt.

      THE PEAS
      On opening the tin the peas are light green in colour are, indeed, mushy. Although you can still see whole peas in the tin, but are mushed. They smell quite nice, they have a bit of a creamy smell and don't smell too strong.

      Heating them is simple enough. You can heat them on the hob and heat them gently, not letting them boil. Or you can heat them up in the microwave by emptying the contents into a bowl and heating them up for 2.5 minutes.

      On dishing the peas up they are quite thick in texture, which I like. They are hot through and I dish them up with a plate of chips. I like to put a bit of vinegar on my mushy peas, but that's just personal choice. What I like about these peas is they are nice and thick and creamy in texture, I don't like runny peas. The taste of the peas are really nice. The peas themselves are quite large. I don't know how to describe the taste of peas lol. But just like the texture, they taste quite creamy too. When eating them they slide nicely down the throat, and as they don't taste like they are watered down like some I've tried these give the peas extra taste I think. The tin is quite small, so maybe you will be able to get through a whole tin of this by yourself. I find these quite filling. These peas are also suitable for vegetarians.

      Compared to other brands of mush peas, I like these. But Harry Ramsdens is a well known and trusted brand. Personally, I would highly recommend these mush peas. I love them.

      * Rehydrated processed peas (95%)
      * Water
      * Sugar
      * Salt
      * Colours (Fiboflavin, Brilliant Blue)

      The Premier Foods Group
      Bridge Road
      Long Sutton
      PE12 9EQ


      Thanks for reading.

      NOTE: This review is also written on Ciao under the same username.


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        27.04.2010 18:24
        Very helpful



        Long live the mushy pea!!

        I'm actually not sure where I bought these wonderful peas from, or whether my wife bought them, but tonight I was looking to get a tea together, and these jumped out at me. I had just cooked a leg of lamb and some roasties, and was looking for something of the green variety to add some colour to rather a dull, but quite delicious plate.

        Upon searching the net these peas are available in most Supermarkets. Tesco and Sainsbury's are neck and neck with the price at 38p each.

        The first problem I had to overcome was opening the tin. Our tin openers have been hopeless lately, and it is a big operation getting into the tin themselves. I'm not sure where I heard that tin openers only appeared 40 years after tins, but if that is true they must have had some fun in the old days. I'm glad these days when I get tins with ring pulls on them. Life is so much easier!!

        Anyway I eventually opened half the tin and poured the peas into the pan. Actually it was more spooned, into a pan. They were quite thick, so did not pour easily. They were a dull colour green, not very bright green like you get with fresh peas. But there again if you had been battered in the same way as these peas had, you probably would turn a different colour too!

        Nutrition Value per 100g

        Energy 80kcal
        Protein 5.9g
        Carbohydrate 13.1g
        (of which sugars) 1.4g
        Fat 0.4g
        (of which saturates) 0.2g
        Fibre 3.9g
        Sodium 0.3g
        Salt Equivalent 0.8G

        This tin of 400g of mushy processed peas tasted delicious. The peas, although well mushed, had not been beaten to a pulp that they were unrecognisable. You could see some peas were still quite whole. The taste was delicious and you can always tell if they go down well - the plates are clean!! In this case I can say that all Mr and Mrs Stebiz et al. enjoyed these peas very much. I will certainly keep an eye out for them next time I'm out shopping. Probably have them next with fish and chips, that will truly tell me how good they are.



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