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Morrisons Crispy Potato Slices

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Brand: Morrisons / Type: Potatoes

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    2 Reviews
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      08.03.2009 22:07
      Very helpful



      Too much fat for me at the moment, I'll hunt for a similar lower fat potato slice though.

      I bought these frozen Crispy Potato Slices from Morrisons a while ago for my granddaughters', they weren't too keen so rather than waste them I thought I'd cook them up for me and my brother when he visited the other day to have with a piece of chicken and some green beans.

      I believe Morrisons also do the same potato slices chilled but this was the frozen variety I tried which cost £1.29 for a good sized bag of slices.

      They take around 20 minutes to cook and need turning a couple of times to ensure they crisp up properly. The slices are all around 5mm thick and obviously the diameter of them depends on the size of the original potato but mine were all a good size apart from the odd few which were much smaller and crisped up wonderfully like the chips from the chippy that some people delightfully call 'scabs'.

      They have a lovely crinkle cut appearance and look great once cooked as the flavouring on the slices helps them to turn a delicious golden brown colour, I was impressed with how uniformly they turned brown as I often find with foods like this that some will be brown much quicker than the others so you always have to risk those burning or put them on your plate while waiting for the paler ones to cook.

      The slices are coated in a mild Southern fried seasoning which is delicious, the coating is what crisps so well on the slices while the potato inside retains a light and fluffy texture. I think they taste lovely and are a welcome and interesting change from oven chips, in fact I rarely eat oven chips as I find them bland but these are full of flavour and very moreish. The Southern fried seasoning is perfect, not too strong like Tesco's own brand Southern Fries which are extremely spicy and not bland like a packet of Southern fried wedges I bought from Sainsbury's recently.

      My granddaughters' didn't like them but couldn't put their fingers on why, the nine year old said the potato tasted funny but then she's not one for frozen potato products so they possibly tasted a little synthetic for her liking even underneath the strong seasoning. Her twelve year old sister is a fussy nightmare when it comes to food so don't let her thumbs down put you off as it means nothing!

      There is a problem with these and that is the fact that they are absolutely full of fat. I haven't got the packet to give you the nutritional information, but when the slices are cooking they release so much oil that I had to blot some off the baking tray after around 15 minutes as I was worried I was going to drip it as I was carrying it. They almost have a shallow fried flavour, which considering they are cooking sitting in so much oil is probably more accurate than I thought. Even after blotting the slices on kitchen roll I could taste the grease and feel it as I chewed.

      I do think these are a very tasty food and I did enjoy eating them, but the amount of fat really put me off. I'm not saying I have a wonderful diet and shun fatty foods, but I am trying to improve my general diet and these just will not fit into my plan as even without knowing the nutritional content I can tell there aren't enough calories in my allowance for me to be able to indulge in these very often.


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        15.01.2009 02:22
        Very helpful



        Only to be reserved for high days & holidays

        COST: 99p for 200g (supposed to serve 2 people)

        NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION (per half pack, single serving):

        Calories: 310
        Sugar: 1.4g
        Fat: 25.9g
        - of which saturates: 2.1g
        Salt: 1.5g


        Potato, sodium metabisulphite, maize flour, salt, egg albumen, diphosphates, baking soda, rapeseed oil


        Contains egg, gluten and sulphate


        I'm not usually a fan of pre-prepared potato dishes, but today I visited Morrisons and being as I knew that later I'd have very little time for preparing and cooking a meal from scratch, I decided to try their Crispy Potato Slices.

        Morrisons Crispy Potato Slices are to be found of all places, in the fresh fruit & vegetables section of my local branch of the supermarket. They are packed in a fairly shallow, clear plastic tray which is covered with a floppy clear plastic thin seal that is easily removable.

        On the front of the pack is a label which, on a green background, bears the standard Morrisons logo. The label is outlined in yellow, and in black lettering inside of a yellow circle near the top, is the 99p price. Under the Morrisons logo and in white lettering, are the words "Crispy Potato Slices", and in smaller white letters under that, are the words "Potato Slices Coated In Lightly Seasoned Batter". On a white panel underneath that are the cooking instructions (cook on a wire rack which is placed on a baking tray, and cook in a pre-heated oven - 200C/400F/Gas Mark 6 - for 12-15 minutes), nutritional information, ingredients list, a postal address for Morrisons and refrigeration/storage instructions. The product must be consumed within 24 hours.

        Had I not been in a hurry, I wouldn't have overlooked the fact that these potato pieces are coated in batter. If I'd have noticed, I probably wouldn't have bought them as I don't personally feel that potatoes and batter compliment one another very well. The amount of potato slices in the pack to me appeared miniscule (but then I am a gut-bucket!!!!), and barely sufficient for a single serving - let alone intended for two people.

        I decided to eat the potatoes (the whole pack) with two Morrisons Bacon & Cheese Grills (which I shall review in a separate article), peas, and some mushrooms fried with cherry tomatoes in a tiny smear of olive oil. I didn't have a wire rack small enough to fit over any of my baking trays, so I placed the potato pieces directly onto the tray - I didn't grease it first, and hoped they wouldn't stick. The pieces were rather yellow in colour, and of unevenly sized disc shapes. They took up most of the rather small tray, but left just enough room for the two Bacon & Cheese Grills. Being as the Bacon & Cheese Grills needed a longer cooking time, I decided to risk letting the potato pieces cook longer than Morrisons recommend, bearing in mind that I do like my potatoes very, very well done.

        During the cooking time, I could hear a slight sizzling coming from the oven and a rather nice smell emanating which was partly the Bacon & Cheese Grills, but underneath that was the aroma of roasting potatoes. So far, so good!

        Once everything was ready, I opened the oven door, removed the tray and was pleased to see that the potatoes hadn't stuck to the tray. They had come up a lovely, crispy golden brown and didn't look in the slightest overcooked, despite being in the oven for quite a bit longer than recommended. Their brownish golden colour looked very appetising on the plate next to the mushrooms and tomatoes, and I began to feel optimistic.

        I thought I'd sample a piece of potato first, and noticed that as my fork speared through the crackly surface, the inside was soft and fluffy. On moving close to my mouth, there was a slight roast potato smell - and I bit into the piece - chewed, and declared the result very edible. Each potato piece had a lovely flavour - not like roast potatoes (despite the smell) and not like chips....just like potatoes really! I didn't even notice the very thin batter coating on them, as it was just as if the outer layer of potato had been roasted in the traditional way.

        The potato pieces tasted particularly good when joined in my mouth with a piece of tomato and a bit of mushroom - all three flavours combining into something delicious, and enhancing one another.

        My overall experience of Morrisons Crispy Potato Slices was rather good, and I didn't think they were too expensive at 99p per pack, although in my opinion, the pack only contains enough to serve a moderate amount to one person - I'd say mass-wise, there wasn't as much as even a whole small sized baking potato used to create this dish.

        My verdict is that Morrisons Crispy Potato Slices are very tasty and a little moreish, but I'm not sure that I'd personally use them too often, despite having enjoyed them very much. It is merely that it's not the sort of food I normally eat, as mostly I have enough time to cook my own recipes/dishes from scratch. The only real horror-show aspect of this product is the very high fat and calorie content; no doubt coating the potatoes in batter increases the fat and calories several times over. It's horrifying to think that half a pack wouldn't be enough to satisfy even a modest appetite, and that means if a person (like me!) eats a whole pack (which is still a very modest serving), a colossal 620 calories and 68g of fat are being consumed - and that's without the rest of the meal!!!! Now I've said it like that, I can say with almost 100% certainty that I shall not be buying this product again, despite it being very tasty and moreish.

        So, sorry Morrisons....your product tastes excellent, but the fat and calorie content is even beyond what I can feel comfortable with. If I ate these each day, within the space of three months, I'd need a crane to lift me out of my bed. You lose a couple of stars for this!

        Thanks for reading!


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