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Morrisons Potato Croquettes

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Brand: Morrisons / Type: Potatoes

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    3 Reviews
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      13.11.2010 17:48
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      Nice enough occasionally

      When I came to write this review I was quite shocked that the potato croquettes only had an overall rating of 2 stars. Looking into it a bit further I realised that Morrisons do a few different kinds of croquettes so just to make it clear this review is for the frozen croqettes, they can be found near the oven chips etc and come in a green bag which weighs 750g.

      We quite often have croquettes in the freezer, their something that both me and my partner like and therefore when we need a quick dinner they are a good thing to have. We also find that in most stores the frozen ones are a good price - you pay less that £1 for 750g (sorry I cannot remember the exact price of these as we bought them some weeks ago now)!

      To cook these croquettes is easy, we just pop them in the oven for around 15 minutes. After 15 minutes they come out a lovely golden brown colour and look very crunchy and crispy. One thing that is different about these croquettes to others is that they are quite a bit smaller - they are much thinner than other varieties but this is not a problem for us as we like the crunchy outer coating so it means we end up having more coating as we need a couple more croquettes each!

      The croquettes look very appetising, they dont really have a smell as potato is quite a neutral ingredient. Cutting into the croquettes, the coating is very crispy and crunchy and the mashed potato inside is soft and smooth. The coating tastes nice, it doesnt have a spicy flavour or anything so it is quite a subtle flavour. The mashed potato is thick and creamy and again has a nice flavour. Together, the coating and the potato taste lovely, they create a nice texture together and I think they are a nice addition to a meal.

      100g contains 186 calories, 8g fat and 4g saturates. 100g provides a decent sized portion so this really isnt too bad as it does provide part of a main meal.

      We like these and will certainly buy them again, I would prefer the coating to have more of a kick to the flavouring but thats just my own personal preference.

      These are great for when you dont have time to make tea from scratch.


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        31.10.2009 20:08
        Very helpful



        Avoid These Croquettes Like The Plague!

        Morrisons do a few different potato croquettes and some are in the fridges near the fruit and veg, some are up by the pizzas and there are other ones that come in bags in the freezer. I brought the frozen ones and they were a disaster from the minute I opened the bag, so much that today I dumped 3/4 of a bag in the bin because they're so horrible.

        The first thing that bugged me is that they have to be fried, I couldn't believe this these days because we're all supposed to be leading healthier lives but Morrisons are still making 'fry only' food! We haven't even got a frying pan big enough to fry more than 4 or 5 of them because all we use our pan for is onions and the odd fried egg!

        I thought I'd still try them but they took so long to cook and turn a nice golden colour that I could tell they were going to have soaked up a load of the oil and would be dripping with fat inside.

        I was sort of right because the breadcrumbs had soaked up mega amounts of oil and when I cut through one I was gutted to see how much oil come out of the cut. They don't go uniform brown either and some parts of each croquette still looked white but it wasn't possible to cook them for any longer or other parts would have burned.

        They are so bland tasting that even with salt, vinegar and ketchup I still thought they were proper boring, I always think croquettes are a bit bland unless you buy the flavoured ones but these are the worst I've ever tasted. The mashed potato inside them isn't fluffy and has actually gone a bit slimey and like paste, I don't think either the breadcrumbs or potato inside the croquettes are very nice and I only ate 1 in the finish because the taste of the oil made me feel a bit funny.

        I tried cooking 2 in the oven yesterday as an experiment and it doesn't work at all so don't even bother, they stayed pure white for ages and then suddenly went too hard to even bite through so I reckon Morrisons are right about them only being suitable for the frying pan.

        Never again, I thought these were sickly and very tasteless and I reckon there are much better potato products available.


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          11.04.2009 02:27
          Very helpful



          Would be beautiful if the coating were more palatable

          COST: £1.09 for 6 croquettes (240g)

          NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION (per 100g):

          Calories: 188
          Kj: 776
          Protein: 2.9g
          Carbohydrate: 21.2g
          - of which sugars: 0.06g
          Fat: 9.9g
          - of which saturates: 2.4g
          Fibre: 1.4g
          Sodium: 0.4g
          Salt equivalent: 1g


          Potato (74%), breadcrumbs (7.3%), wheat flour, yeast, salt, wheat starch, cornflour, vegetable oil, sodium diphosphate, sodium bicarbonate, wheat gluten, salted butter, dehydrated potato, egg albumen, white pepper, methylcellulose


          Contains egg, gluten and milk


          Morrisons 6 potato croquettes come in a clear plastic elongated tray, which is wrapped in clear cellophane and sealed at both ends. The nutritional information, ingredients, allergy/dietary information and cooking instructions are on the rear of the pack. The product is to be found in the fruit & vegetable section of my own closest branch of Morrisons, but I consider it possible that in other branches, it might more logically be placed in the chilled cabinet.

          Each potato croquette is approximately 3 inches in circumference and about 2½ inches long, covered with a nice golden colour breadcrumb coating. These croquettes can either be oven baked, fried or grilled, so I decided to opt for the oven bake method. I placed them on a flat, un-oiled baking tray and hoped they wouldn't stick. My accompaniment to the croquettes on this occasion was a huge mixed salad, with a mixture of cold meats.

          During the cooking process, no smell emanated from the oven at all, and when the croquettes were ready, I was pleased to note that they hadn't stuck to the un-oiled baking tray. Other than the golden colour of the breadcrumbs being a shade darker, the croquettes looked exactly the same as they did when I first removed them from the packet....to the point where I even wondered if I'd remembered to turn the oven on - but, they were piping hot, so I must have done.

          On my plate next to the other parts of my meal, the croquettes looked very appetising, so I slid my knife into one. The breadcrumbs sounded crispy rather than hard, and on sampling the first mouthful I was pleased that there were no uncooked little lumps of potato inside, as there often can be with some of these ready prepared potato dishes that use mashed potato. The breadcrumb coating was very easy to bite through, but it had a rather peculiar flavour - sort of a little like rancid cooking oil mixed with raw flour. The potato inside the breadcrumbs didn't have much of a flavour at all really - but was lovely and smooth.

          As I continued to eat the croquettes, I was beginning to find the strange taste of the breadcrumb coating not inedibly unpleasant exactly, but not something that I'd sit back afterwards from, smacking my lips just wishing I'd cooked more. I did manage to eat them all though, and I think part of what helped me finish them off was spearing a forkful of salad together with a piece of croquette - the salad seemed to weaken the rancid cooking oil mixed with raw flour taste.

          After having eaten the croquettes (which was half the packet), I waded through the remainder on the following day. I won't say that I never, ever will buy them again, but in future I will always make sure that I have them with something strong-tasting, to blot out the rather suspect taste of the breadcrumbs. It's a shame really because if the breadcrumbs tasted good, then it would probably get full marks from me for the lovely, creamy mashed potato, and the general consistency of the breadcrumbs - plus, these potato croquettes are reasonably economical - only pennies more than the equivalent in fresh potatoes that anyone would use for a meal.

          My thumbs are hovering in a halfway up and halfway down position for this product, as it is perfection, except for the breadcrumb flavour needing some tweaking to make it more palatable.

          Thanks for reading!


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