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Morrisons Quick and Easy Mash Roasted Onion

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Brand: Morrisons / Type: Onion

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    1 Review
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      22.03.2011 19:19
      Very helpful



      A mashed potato that doesnt impress

      I can be a lazy cook; one of my staple cupboard items is definitely mash potatoes. I really cant be bothered to buy, peel, and mash real ones, so I let a man in a factory somewhere do it! Man? Who am I kidding? Man masher, they're all machine mashers now!

      Mash can be very bland, many potatos arent that flavousome by themselves, whilst other require only the smallest knob of butter, but knowing that most packet mash is very bland I thought I'd give the Roast Onion one a try. The packet did make the mash look quite attractive, steamily sitting on a plate and looking like it had herbs and brown bits in it. (I did presume these brown bits to be the roasted onion)

      Opening the packet gives a lovely whiff of onions, definitely a good sign.
      It goes in the bowl, not looking particularly attractive, for some reason there seems to be lots of green bits which I had to check and turned out to be chive. In contrast to the smell there seems to be a few brown bits which are presumably the dried onions.

      The instructions say 425mls of boiling water, I do pour in the water slowly but by the time I have 100ml left its turned into slop. I'm talking wallpaper paste slop. It has consistency that makes it pour off the fork.
      It also tastes quite disgusting, bland and very floury. Well, not completely bland I suspect because of the chives but no real discernible taste.

      I try to rescue it with a couple of spoons of Smash, it makes it a little thicker, but it doesn't quite do the trick, it's as if the mix turns the bits into liquid. I'm reduced to opening another packet of Roast Onion mix to try and thicken it. This does eventually work, after I'd nearly tried to sabotage it completely after adding the 'optional' butter. It does become a texture that I can actually use a spoon to get it on the plate instead of using it as a substitute for the gravy. To me the sign of a good mash potato is that you can turn the bowl upside down and none falls out, or, rather spectacularly as I once found it, it all lands on the kitchen board in a solid lump!

      It's not a particularly nice flavour, it still tasted of flour rather than potato. There was no taste of onions which is quite strange considering the appealing smell at the beginning. The brown bits seemed to disappear when the boiling water was added, perhaps it dissolved the onions and the chives because they had disappeared.

      Most definitely a waste of money, thankfully it was only 69p on special offer. I can't get a decent dried mash anywhere these days, and this ones on a par with Asdas special value. I can see I'm going to have to buy my own potatos and use my own man mashing machine! At least this way they get some hot milk and butter to bring out the flavour.
      It was eaten in the end but only because it was covered in lovely faggot gravy.

      Dried potatos
      Vegetable Oil
      Onion powder
      Dried Onion
      Yeast extract
      Milk protein
      Dried Chives

      Nutrional info without added butter per 1/3rd pack
      Energy 126kcal
      Proten 2.1g
      Carbohydrates 21.9g
      Fibre 2.9g
      Sodium 0.3g
      Salt equivalent 0.8g


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  • Product Details

    Instant mashed potato with a roasted onion flavour

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