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Nando's Bbq Peri-Peri Seasoning Rub

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Brand: Nando's / Type: Peri Peri

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    1 Review
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      02.01.2014 10:58
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      Peri peri seasoning from nando's

      I really like making my own rubs and marinades for meat but sometimes I just can't be bothered and it is nice to just go into the cupboard and have one premade for me. One of my favourite ones is the Peri Peri rub by Nando's. There are a few different flavours and strengths to choose from but my personal favourite is the BBQ peri peri rub as it is a little bit milder than the hotter one.

      When I say it is milder than the hotter version that doesn't mean that it doesn't have a kick because it is still quite fiery in its own right and ideal for people who like a bit of spice but don't want their mouths blown off either.

      You can buy the rub in most of the supermarkets and it costs 95p when it is at full price but it can often be found much cheaper when it is on offer and I like to stock up on a few of them when they are on offer for 50p each.

      The rub comes in a sachet and it contains 25g of the peri peri seasoning which the packet says is enough to do 5 medium sized chicken breasts. I actually think it can do a little bit more than this as you don't need all that much on the meat to flavour it strongly and I would say you could do at least 7 chicken breasts with this rub.

      Obviously since it is from Nando's it is primarily used on chicken but there is no reason why you couldn't use it on other meats too. I actually think it goes really well with bland white fish to give it a kick and make it more flavoursome. I also really like using this on a whole chicken to make a nice change when having a Sunday roast.

      To use the rub you just have to pour some of the powder onto the meat and then rub it all over and then cook as normal. It gives the meat a really nice colour and also helps crisp up the skin on chicken. If you are being healthy and removing the skin then the rub gives a nice sort of charred look and flavour to the outside of the meat. Even though it is powder when you rub it on the meat it does penetrate through a little and flavours the inside too though the majority of the flavour is on the outside.

      This rub is made up of a variety of different herbs and spices including garlic, cumin and dried onions but the main flavour comes from the ground African bird's eye chilli which is where the peri peri flavouring comes from. It is quite spicy and the BBQ flavouring is subtle but it does have a Smokey quality which does help balance the heat more than the standard peri peri seasoning which I find to be just a little bit too spicy for me. Obviously the more seasoning that you use the stronger it will taste and I find that a little goes a long way with this for me personally. I like the heat but I don't want it to be so hot that I can't actually taste the meat and I find that a light sprinkling of this on chicken or other meat just before I grill or bake it really gives it a strong and pungent spice without it being too overpowering.

      One thing that really irritates me about this spice though is the packaging. It just comes in a sachet that once opened can't really be resealed and because of this the rub can become less powdery and starts sticking together when it has been opened a few days. This is fine if you are planning on using the rub all at the one time but I often use this for just one chicken breast for myself and I would like a resalable packet to be able to store it again for a little while until I want to use it again.

      This is one of the nicer peri peri seasonings on the market hence why I still buy it. It has a really good flavour without being too overpowering and I would like it if I could buy this in a shake instead of these sachets. If you are wanting it to do a lot of people then it is ideal but it is expensive to buy if you are only using it for one meal and have loads left which then starts to clump after a few days.


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    • Product Details

      A smokey blend of spices, herbs and Peri-Peri (African Bird's Chilli) Chilli rating - Medium Do yourself a flavour when grilling, roasting or BBQing Suitable for vegetarians

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