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Oak Lane Stuffing - Sage & Onion

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3 Reviews

Brand: Oak Lane / Type: Stuffing

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    3 Reviews
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      28.08.2011 19:31
      Very helpful



      Too much sage for my liking!

      I do love my stuffing especially sage and onion. I usually have it with either chicken or pork. The other day I was in my local Tesco store and spotted this at a bargain price of just 35p. I usually buy paxo but I was trying to save pennies and desided to give this a try.

      The packaging~
      As you can see from the picture above it comes in a blue box with 'Oak Lane' at the top. There's a picture of a roast dinner and stuffing balls.
      This product does not contain any artificial colours of preservatives and is suitable for vegetarians.

      Cooking directions for oven~
      Empty contents into a dish or bowl
      add 520 ml or 18fl oz boiling water mixing well.
      Stir and leave for 5 minutes so it will set.
      Cook for 20-2 minutes gas mark 7
      Or 220 degrees/425f For electric ovens.

      Prepare as for oven baking place stuffing on non-metalic microwave oven dish.

      cook full power 3 mins if using a 650 watt microwave
      Turn and stand 1 min
      Cook on full power 3 mins
      Total time 7 mins

      Cook on full power if using a microwave 750 watts
      3 mins
      turn and stand 1 min
      cook full power 2 1/2
      total time 6 1/2 mins

      Cook on full power if using a 850 watt microwave

      3 mins
      Turn stand 1 min
      Cook full power 2mins
      total time 6 mins

      To make a crisper topping brown off under a pre heated grill for 2 minutes.

      available from tesco stores only for just 35 pence!

      Me using it~
      Today I had this with roast chicken runner beans roast potatoes carrot and swede mash and roast parsnips and gravy! The stuffing is a bit on the sage side hardly can taste any onion atall, for this reason i will only be giving it 3 stars. I personally won't be buying it again as I do prefer paxo!


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      11.07.2009 22:06
      Very helpful



      A delicious accompaniment to any Sunday roast.

      Sometimes I am in need of some real comfort food and a roast dinner is just what the doctor ordered on any day ending in a y (but in moderation of course!) so when I spotted this 170g packet for just 45p I grabbed a couple of packets for my store cupboard as it's a great addition to any meal and lovely when accompanying chicken.

      The stuffing comes in a clear cellophane bag which is inside a blue and white Oak Lane cardboard box with a picture of stuffing on the front and it does look very tasty indeed.

      The stuffing is very easy to make and just needs some hot water added to it (dependant on how wet or sticky you want your stuffing of course). Take care when adding the water to the stuffing as if you add too much water it will become very sloppy and this will impair the taste of the finished result somewhat. A lovely smell does rise from the stuffing when it's being mixed and this always makes my mouth water regardless of the make and this Oak Lane stuffing is no exception.

      Once prepared you can make it as flat as possible in a baking tray, roll it in to balls or use it to stuff a chicken or whatever bird you like really and then bake it in the oven. My preferred method is rolling it in to fairly small balls, placing on to a greaseproof baking tray and then baking for around 25 minutes on 200 degrees until they are lovely and crisp and quite brown (dab them with butter or spray with a little oil to make them their crispiest).

      The stuffing is sage & onion flavouring and there are lots of different colours to the stuffing. It has a fantastic texture and is deliciously crunchy and gorgeous on the outside and still slightly doughy in the middle and it goes perfect with a Sunday roast or just with any meat such as sausages or a grilled chicken breast.

      I can really taste the dried onion & dried sage within this stuffing and it's also possible to detect a slight salty taste to the stuffing but this doesn't take away from the flavour it only adds to it in my opinion.

      The smell as it is cooking is delicious and the only way I don't enjoy sage & onion stuffing is when it has been cooked inside a bird because it is just not crispy enough for my liking and takes on a slightly slimy consistency.

      It is currently only available in a 170g box but at such a low price it is fine to just buy it and store some in an airtight container. There is a fairly long sell by date on the boxes so it's fine to stock up.

      100g of this stuffing contains 145 calories and 0.5g of fat so providing it is enjoyed in moderation then there is no reason why this can't be eaten as part of a delicious Sunday roast or as an accompaniment to any other meal.

      I adore stuffing, any type really, but sage & onion is my favourite and this particular packet does not disappoint! It's easy to make & bake and tastes absolutely delicious. The flavour is even more enhanced when it is covered with gravy.

      I am going to rate this stuffing 5/5 as it's very tasty & I will be purchasing it again, bargain!


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        18.06.2009 17:35
        Very helpful



        Stuffing, wonderful stuff isn't it?

        Recently on a shopping trip to Tesco I realised I needed to buy a packet stuffing to place inside a chicken I was roasting the following Sunday. I always make my own stuffing as an accompaniment to a meal but use packet stuffing's to stuff birds and meats as I tend to discard this stuffing after it's lent it's flavours to the meat, this is due to the fact that everyone I cook for prefers crispy stuffing which never happens when cooking it in the cavity of the bird. I usually go for Paxo but on this occasion I decided to try the somewhat cheaper Oak Lane Sage & Onion Stuffing, which is one of the new discount brands that Tesco have begun selling.

        I knew I'd be writing a review on it eventually so decided to also use it that week for the stuffing balls just to see how well they went down with the family. After the general shock of me serving non-home made stuffing subsided we soon realised that we were all in agreement that 45p for this 170g box is an absolute bargain, for a cheap mass produced stuffing this isn't half bad!

        Making the stuffing is very easy, it does go sloppier than Paxo but this is easily solved by not adding quite so much hot water in the first instance and then just pouring in drops at a time until you get the correct consistency. A good herby smell rises up as you're mixing the stuffing and the mix blends easily into the water which leaves you with the perfect stuffing to make balls from or stuff whatever meat or poultry you are using.

        Cooking time for balls takes around 25 minutes or alternatively you can put the stuffing into a dish and microwave it for a sloppier uncrispy finish that is ideal for spreading onto chicken or pork baguettes, although not much good for serving on a dinner.

        Once cooked I am very impressed with the consistency of these stuffing balls, they are golden brown and nicely crispy on the outside with the inside being softer and well packed with the stuffing. The taste is impressive too; they have a different taste to Paxo but remember this is a different brand entirely so it will be different, that's not to say that it is worse in any way. There are decent sized pieces of onion in the stuffing which make up much of the flavour of the balls, I would actually prefer to have a stronger taste of sage in them but this is an entirely personal thing and the flavour of the herb is adequate anyway.

        I cannot fault Oak Lane Stuffing at all; it's cheap, tasty and easy to cook - what more could you want from a stuffing ball?


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