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Quorn Just Add Beef Style Chilli

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Brand: Quorn / Type: Chilli

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    2 Reviews
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      13.10.2010 19:08
      Very helpful



      an ideal meal to keep in the freezer

      I often eat quorn products because they are generally healthier and cheaper than meat based dishes but taste wise they can be a bit hit and miss. One of my new favourites from the quorn frozen range is the beef style chilli.

      The chilli comes in a 400g packet in the freezer, I buy it for just £1 from Farmfoods and have yet to see it in supermarkets. This is an incredible bargain as inside the packet is enough food to make four main meals.

      To make the quorn chilli you need to add a tin of tomatoes to the mix in the packet and then simmer for twenty minutes or so. I generally add a tin of tomatoes to half a packet of the chilli and think it would be too dry otherwise.

      The chilli mix is made up of quorn beef style chunks along with seasoning and peppers and onions. The seasoning is nice although a little bit mild for my tastebuds as I love really spicy food so I add a teaspoon of chilli flakes to spice it up a bit, the chilli otherwise has a well rounded flavour and the sauce is nice and thick when cooked.

      I was a bit worried about how the frozen vegetables would turn out once the dish was cooked but the small chunks have a nice texture still retaining some bite and they add some interest to the dish. The quorn chunks are a decent size to give a nice bite while being small enough to not need cut. It is the first time I have had the beef flavoured quorn and while I would easily tell it is not meat due to its softness it has a pleasant meaty flavour.

      I make half a packet at a time and there is easily enough to generously fill two crispy baked potatoes from the oven. Because a quarter of the packet has just 88 calories and adding the tomatoes will not add many more calories I feel free to sprinkle a generous portion of mature cheddar over the top to make the perfect easy meal. The second half of the packet keeps well until the next time I use it.

      I love the quorn beef style chilli, it is cheap, easy and healthy and ideal to keep in the freezer for a mid week dinner.


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        13.07.2010 03:24
        Very helpful




        I love meat free options of food. Not because I'm anti meat at all but because I love vegetables really.

        I spotted this on offer in Asda recently (for a pound a bag) and previously trying and rather enjoying Quorn products in the past and loving chilli as much as I do I decided that I should try a bag of it and cook some rice with it one night for tea! Seemed a simple meal idea to me anyway lol.

        The Packaging:

        Plastic bag with a photograph of the chilli on the front and we are told that it is Quorn 'Just Add Chopped Tomatoes to create a delicious' Beef Style Chilli and that it is seasoned and spice, makes a healthier meal in 12 minutes, there is an at a glance nutritional chart and the weight is stated (which in this case 400g). Other information on the back of the bag includes being told how to use it and your told how to cook it, Ingredients and allergy advice is given along with a full nutritional chart and contact details for Marlow Foods are given (the manufacturer of Quorn products). Nice enough, colourful bag that is informative enough and it has a perforated line to one side of it for ease of opening.

        Using The Mix:

        For the best results, (on the bag) we are told to cook it from frozen. You can cook this either by either cooking it in a saucepan for 5 minutes and then add a 200g can of chopped tomatoes for a further 7 minutes or microwave it with the tomatoes for 8 minutes...the choice is yours.

        Its simple enough to gently fry off of course, drain off any water and oil that is secreted (if using the hob method) and to add the tomatoes, which is the method I used. It gave me two generous portions of chilli as well which I thought offered really good value for money!

        In this you get small, dark brown oblong chunks of what appear to be beef but of course are not as this is a Vegetarian approved meal after-all! The chunks however are a bit rubbery and bland but there are lots of them. What does complement this though are large slices of red onion and chunks of red and yellow and green peppers. The sauce which is a sort of brown colour is well seasoned and very hot due to the addition of chillies and chilli seasoning. There is a light taste of tomato and garlic within this too, but both me and my flatmate found this very hot indeed, but really, really tasty!

        All in all this a meal that can be prepared in minutes, is healthy and rather tasty...if you appreciate hot food anyway! I love this meal and I loved the fact I could recognise all the flavours within it!

        Nutritional Information Per 1/4 Bag:

        Calories: 83
        Sugars: 2.6g
        Fat: 3.0g
        Saturates: 0.6g
        Salt: 1.0g

        Available in all good supermarkets and although I got my bag in Asda for a pound do expect to pay about £1.49 a bag if not on offer and in all good supermarkets etc.


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