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Sainsbury's 'Basics' Potato Rings

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Brand: Sainsbury's / Type: Potatoes

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    2 Reviews
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      02.08.2011 08:56
      Very helpful



      Cheap snacks.

      I love snacking, I eat in between meals all of the time because I have a huge appetite, I am always looking in my cupboards late at night looking for something quick and easy to munch and a lot of the time I snack on crisps in the evenings. I do eat healthily too but I just cannot go to bed without eating a supper.

      I bought these for only 83p for a pack of 8, each bag is 20g, the 8 bags come inside a plastic bag which is in the colours of orange and white of the cheaper range from Sainsbury's. Each bag contains a fair amount of rings, they are a nice golden colour and good size rings, I would say these are the same size as the branded ones. They look just the same to me and I cannot tell the difference in the appearance at all.

      They are a crunchy texture, they are easy to swallow and they are not too hard a texture, they are very tasty rings and they are of a good quality indeed. There are around 30 rings in each bag and so quite a lot for the price. It means that each bag costs only 10p and so very good value for money.

      While eating them I can taste they are a little salty, I can hear myself crunching them too lol. They are made with sunflower oil. I do however find these very addictive because of the taste and I can easily eat more than one packet at a time. These are cheap enough to buy if you have a lot of children, I have a lot of grandchildren and they love these for a little treat when they visit my home. They can easily swallow and chew them and the bag size is just enough for them to eat.

      They are super for packed lunches or picnics, they contain only 95 calories per bag and 3.6g of fat. They are an enjoyable crisp snack for all the family and I think they are worth the price. I will buy them in the future because they have a nice taste that I find enjoyable to eat on a regular basis. They are not too salty for the children or for myself.

      It tells me on the back of the main wrapper that these are suitable for vegetarians and vegans too.

      It also tells me that the bag is not currently recyclable of which I think is a shame. That is the only let down for myself with these ones that the bag cannot be recycled as it could be with other brands.

      I rate these ones 5 stars.


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        30.04.2009 14:03
        Very helpful



        Nothing special but at least they're not awful!

        When it comes to devouring crisps I'm a mad woman for real lol. I'd think nothing of eating a few bags in one sitting instead of eating meals and this is why from time to time I buy value/economy crisps and snacks!

        I saw these in Sainsbury's looking a bit like hula hoops (with the scribble on the front depicting them) and decided at 81p for 8 bags they were definitely worth a go!

        The Packaging....

        Large white bag with a band of orange colour at the top of it and on that in white writing I'm told they are Sainsbury's Basics. In large orange writing I'm told they are Potato Rings, 8 pack 'No fancy packaging, still perfect for snacking' and there is a drawn on in orange 3 of the rings. At the top of the bag there is an at a glance nutritional chart shown. On the back of the bag all in black writing now I'm told a bit about the product, nutritional information, ingredients and a caution is given, I'm given advice on how to store them, size is stated (160ram 8x20gram) the best before date is clearly stamped on, contact details for Sainsbury's are given, I'm told they are Vegetarian and Vegan and finally there is a bar-code on there.

        The 8 individual bags within the outer bag are exactly the same in appearance and information as the outer bag. Yep the whole lot of of packaging looks rather cheap but hey it's the all important taste that counts more than anything to most of us adults lol!

        A Bit About The Product According To The Packaging....

        Made with sunflower oil which is naturally lower in saturated fats and higher in polyunsaturated fats.
        No added MSG or flavour enhancers.

        The Snacks....

        Well the bags are really very small in my opinion. When you consider the average multi bag size is 28g these at 20g are a small snack (95 Calories a bag though!).

        In appearance they are cream in colour, round and quite robust looking with a slight sandpaper texture to the them. Smell wise they are delicate and you can smell a natural potato smell to them.

        Taste wise they're ok. Slightly salted, potatoey but for me far too hard in texture. Ok I knew they'd be slightly hard being rings and all but I didn't think they'd hurt my jaw and almost snap my teeth out of my head lol!

        Taste wise, well they're ok as I said. I wouldn't go mad for them there's only about 10 in a packet and the said rings are not big enough to wear on your fingers (and I got very small hands lol). They are unmessy to eat, not very greasy or salty or anything (if anything they are slightly dry) and they fill a gap (providing it's a small one of course lol). They offer good value for money but are not fabulous in the taste stakes unless of course you like hard crunchy crisps that are delicate in flavour!


        Dried Potato, Potato Starch, Sunflower Oil, Salt.

        Nutritional Information....

        Calories: 95
        Fat: 3.6g
        Saturated Fat: 0.4g
        Salt: 0.35g
        Total Sugars: Trace

        Only available in Sainsbury's stores.


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