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Sainsbury's Basics Sliced Mushrooms

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Brand: Sainsbury's / Type: Mushrooms

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    5 Reviews
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      06.01.2012 23:18
      Very helpful



      An excellent store cupboard standby.

      Review of Sainsbury's Basics Canned Mushroom Slices.

      In line with most of the major UK supermarket chains, Sainsbury's have their own brand of 'no frills' products, aimed at the budget conscious shopper. These canned mushrooms are from the no frills, Basics grocery range.

      **The Product**

      Presented in a flat topped can, these sliced mushrooms cost 49p for 290g. Labelling is basic, a simple white paper wrapped around the can with the Sainsbury's logo on an orange border, a line drawing of two mushrooms and the strap line 'In water, big and small, same great taste'. All nutritional details, company information and ingredients can be found on the reverse.

      A can opener is required for this tin as there is no ring-pull provided. The mushrooms are packed in water and the slices of mushroom are a variety of sizes. The tin is well packed and the mushrooms have a distinct smell, not unpleasant, but not really like fresh mushrooms, it is a more concentrated aroma.

      Unfortunately the appearance of the mushrooms within the can is not awfully appetising! They are presented in a slightly brown liquid and the mushroom slices sort of lurk limply amid the murky looking water. If you can accept this, you will find that once drained, the individual slices have a tender texture and can be used in a variety of ways. I must warn that they are not as full flavoured as fresh mushrooms.

      Personally, I do not like to eat these alone as plain mushrooms. I prefer them added to dishes, such as stews, omelettes, pasta sauces or quiches. I like to keep a can of these mushrooms in the larder as a standby, they add a little colour, texture and flavour to my cooking and are useful to stretch out other more expensive ingredients.

      **Ingredients and Nutritional Values**

      Ingredients: Mushrooms, Water, Acidity Regulator: Citric Acid, Antioxidant: Ascorbic Acid.

      Nutritional values per 100g: 12 Calories, 2.3g protein, 0.4g carbohydrate, 0.1g fat, 1.1g fibre.
      There is no salt or sugar in this product.
      Suitable for vegetarians.

      **My Thoughts and Conclusion**

      I wouldn't use these canned mushrooms in preference to fresh, but as a standby product they are versatile and reasonable in both taste and cost. I think they add a little interest to a bland dish and are certainly worth the price tag.

      Canned vegetables are a little hit and miss in my opinion, but that said, these are well worth trying. I have used canned mushrooms from other brands such as Chesswoods or Princes and although the Sainsbury's version are not as uniform in shape and size they are a very good alternative, especially if they are to be used within a recipe.

      I would recommend this product to others and am awarding them a 4* rating.

      Thank you for reading
      ©brittle1906 January 2012.

      N.B. My reviews may be found on other sites under the same user name.


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      19.01.2010 13:46
      Very helpful



      Worth trying

      Sainsbury's Basics Sliced Mushrooms

      Description: Manufacturer: Sainsbury's / Type: Vegetables

      Anyone who regularly reads my reviews (many thanks, I really appreciate it!) will know that I review a lot of products from the supermarket ranges which offer savings to customers by spending less on posh looking packaging. As we all know, the packaging just gets thrown away anyway so it makes sense not to spend extra on it.

      I have recently started buying items from the Sainsbury's Basics range, whereas before, I admit that I passed it by, assuming that the cheap and nasty packaging meant that the product would also be cheap and nasty. I have been surprised to find that on many occasions, this isn't the case and the products have actually been great.

      Like all items in the Sainsbury's Basics range, these tinned mushrooms have a plain white label with orange writing. I should probably explain that tinned mushrooms are not something that I buy very often as I much prefer to buy them fresh. However, they are a handy little staple to keep in the cupboard to thrown into a bolognese or similar for those occasions where you need mushrooms but don't have any. I don't actually think that mushrooms are ever great from a tin, and would only use them in a sauce of some kind because if not, they don't taste very good.

      A 290g tin cost me £0.49 which was quite a lot cheaper than some of the competing brands.

      You will need a tin opener to get into the can as there is no pull off lid. The mushrooms can be heated in the microwave or in a pan but I prefer to just thrown them into a sauce or casserole as I am cooking it.

      These mushrooms are very similar to any other tinned mushrooms in my opinion. They are never going to be fab but they do okay for what they are. If you run out of fresh mushrooms and need some for a pasta sauce or whatever, then they do the job and taste okay - so if you are planning on buying tinned mushrooms at all, then give these a shot and save the extra pennies for something more exciting!

      Nutritional information per half a tin is as follows:

      10 calories
      1.9g protein
      0.3g carbohydrate
      trace of fat
      trace of salt


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        01.01.2010 15:46
        Very helpful



        Not for me Thankyou.

        Cutting corners does not always pay dividends, I have just been reading another interesting review on Sainsbury's Basics sliced mushrooms in water and I would very much like to add my two-penneth.
        In order to keep our grocery bills as low as we possibly can the majority of our meals are made from scratch, I am extremely lucky and I have the time to spend in the kitchen preparing our food. For busy Mums this is a physical impossibility.

        I always search around for the weekly in-store bargains, some weeks they can be found in Lidl and the following week Sainsbury's can be cheaper. Cheaper cuts of meat need to be well seasoned or spiced to get the most from them and we love to eat home-made curries and chillies , quite often I will just make something out of my leftovers that are sitting in the fridge rather than waste them.

        I picked up a tin of the Sainsbury's basics sliced mushrooms innocently thinking that they would be make a good store cupboard staple, I buy fresh mushrooms but once they are gone they are gone.
        A 290g tin of the Sainsbury's sliced mushrooms are about 49p and when I thought about it after purchasing them I couldn't really think of them as being very cheap either.
        The tin is a tin, it has no ring pull but I have a perfectly good can opener so I can live with that. The labelling on the tin looks very plain and simple but if the contents are good then that is all that matters.

        I expected far too much from my tin of Sainsbury's basics sliced mushrooms and let me tell you why.
        Mushrooms are a peculiar thing, buy some fresh mushrooms, wash them, peel them if you must ( I only ever wash mine ) then put a nub of butter into a saucepan, add the mushrooms and season them well and you end up with a pan full of fried mushrooms that look good, smell wonderful and taste divine. Fresh mushrooms are good in many dishes and many enjoy sliced raw mushroom on a salad too.

        I needed some mushrooms for a chilli, so I opened my can of Sainsbury's basics sliced mushrooms. Inside of the can the thinly sliced mushrooms looked sad and woebegone. The sliced mushrooms have been canned in water and this water becomes slightly discoloured in the canning process.
        So the contents of the can look a little unappetising to say the least. But on the plus side there are plenty of sliced mushrooms and I would only be using a half of the can allowing me to use the other half for another meal, this means that I have used about 25ps worth of mushrooms so if we talk money then the deal is good.

        I recognise that Sainsbury's have done their level best to provide us with a decent product and after my initial experience with canned mushrooms I do feel that anyone who tries to flog them is really up against it.
        The mushrooms that have been sliced are small and that is good for adding to meat dishes but once the mushrooms have been thinly sliced and they have been dipped in the water they lose all of their texture and flavour.
        It seems that the mushroom is incapable of withstanding the canning process.
        The water has to be poured away and once you have the tinned mushrooms sitting in a dish then they look nothing less than awful, the slices are a miserable colour.

        In my wisdom I decided to taste a cold slice of tinned mushroom, granted something had entered my mouth but if I had been blindfolded at the time I probably would have though that I was doing a `Bushtucker trial` and I was trying to nibble on a slither of something pretty horrid.
        The Sainsbury's basics sliced mushroom tasted of.....nothing really.
        The slice tastes very bland and the texture is unappetising.
        I added a few to my chilli but they didn't manage to enhance the flavour in any way shape or form.

        Now, I am not taking sides here but I feel that the fault lays with the mushroom ! It is just not meant to be canned. I don't think that the tinned mushroom will ever play an important role in my life, I could not imagine them in soup and I wouldn't dare to put them in the frying pan either.
        Fresh mushrooms are wonderful but frozen mushrooms are a complete no no, even Mr Sainsbury's.
        Given that a half of the can contains only 10 calories that seems such a shame too.


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          25.10.2009 23:36
          Very helpful



          A Handy Can Of Sliced Mushrooms.

          I am not the greatest cook at times and there can be entire weeks when I have no time or inclination for cooking meals from scratch and this tends to mean that I either buy very small amounts of fresh vegetables or I used tinned or frozen packets instead. I always have one or two cans of these Sainsburys basics sliced mushrooms in my cupboard and they currently cost 49p for a 290g tin which usually goes in to two dishes.

          These mushrooms are provided in an aluminium can and once opened there is a murky brow water which contains the sliced mushrooms within. The mushrooms are all different sizes, large and small, and they are ideal for blending up in to sauces or adding to dishes such as vegetarian lasagne or spaghetti Bolognese or even using to top a pizza with. There are normally lots of slices within a can so some days I do some batch cooking and normally end up using one or two cans over the different meals I am making just to help get to my 5 a day without too much hassle or fuss.

          These mushrooms can be heated on the hob for 5-6 minutes or in the microwave for 3-4 minutes but in the past I have just drained these off and put them straight inside a lasagne and popped them in the oven and they have always cooked fine. I normally drain all the water away and then leave them to rest for 5-10 minutes on a couple of sheets of kitchen towel just to help drain away the rest of the excess liquid that is always coating them. These tend to cook quite well but if eaten alone they can have quite a watery taste to them and they just seem to be a little too soggy.

          Per ½ can there is 10 calories, 1.9g protein, 0.3g carbohydrate, a trace of fat and a trace of salt so these are definitely one of those guilt free additions to any pasta sauce I make.

          The can is recyclable which is something else that is great and apart from the mushrooms there is nothing else to dispose except the dirty water that they are contained within.

          Ingredients: Mushroom, Water, Acidity Regulator: Citric Acid; Antioxidant: Ascorbic Acid.

          These mushrooms are ideal if you don't have the time to buy fresh mushrooms or you don't know what or when you are going to be cooking evening meals from one night to the next. I would recommend fresh mushrooms if you were going to be eating them as an accompaniment to a meal but these are fine for using within a pasta sauce or in a lasagne etc as I have said above. I will continue to use these so that I know I have the main components for a decent pasta sauce and I am fairly happy with the quality of these for the price paid. The only downside is that these have been creeping up in price in recent months so I may end up cooking some mushrooms and keeping them in the freezer for the nights when I fancy cooking.

          I am rating these 3/5 as they have quite a slimy, wet taste and texture to them when eaten alone and my only recommendation for these is an emergency vegetable accompaniment to a meal or a perfect addition to any homemade pasta sauce, lasagne or spaghetti Bolognese.


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          21.09.2009 15:06
          Very helpful



          Not for me unless I'm totally stuck!

          The other day whilst out shopping in Sainsburys I was looking to buy some mushrooms. All I wanted was a couple to put in a curry I planned on making but it was late in the evening and they had not one loose one left! I didn't want to buy a punnet or anything cos it seemed wasteful as I wouldn't use them (I don't cook often lol) and so I looked to see if there was such a thing as tinned ones and there was a few different brands and after a second or twos consideration I picked these up!

          The Packaging:

          290g in weight the mushrooms come in as I said a can. Around the main of the can there is a white label and in mostly orange writing I'm told that they are Sainsbury's 'Basics' Sliced Mushrooms 'in water, big and small same great taste' and that they are microwavable in 3 1/2 minutes and there is an at a a glance nutritional chart on there. Other information on the back of the can gives me a full nutritional chart, ingredients, instructions on how to cook them (you can also heat these up on the hob in a saucepan for 4-5 minutes) and contact details for Sainsbury's are given. Yes it is a cheap looking can but to me, it's product that counts!

          The Mushrooms:

          Well I opened the can to see a transparent off brown coloured water and in there were lots of small slices of mushrooms. They looked like mushrooms and they smelt like mushrooms they were just small.

          Course you can heat them in the microwave or on the hob as I've explained already but me I used them a couple of ways. I had planned to use them in a curry which was there first job but like I pointed out earlier I didn't want many of them so I bunged half a can in the curry mix with some chicken and let the whole lot simmer. I felt they only needed warming through cos they looked moist anyway (which they were) and all I needed to do was really drain them before adding them.

          In the curry they didn't give alot of flavour at all. Texture wise they were slightly soggy and although I could see them they just may have not have been there. When I thought about it though I realised this may not because the mushrooms were flavourless as such but because they were so small. If I was adding fresh mushrooms to a dish as I usually do cut them thick and fry them off.

          So although they weren't awful added to a dish they just didn't taste of much at all lol.

          So I had half a can left and I was having a bacon sandwich the following morning. Mum said although not directed to, to drain the remaining contents of the can and gently fry them in some olive oil, butter and cracked pepper but I thought I wouldn't due to frying instructions not being given. So I boiled the rest up for about 4 minutes in the water they came in. They heated through well, weren't rubery but did taste watery and again not really of anything and they looked boiled which was really off putting.


          Not really very flavoursome and you can tell by their appearance and taste that they are not only from a can but also very economy. For the price of them and the fact you can store them for so long they are ok to store for emergencies and they are not vile in taste but nothing beats fresh mushrooms anyway lol.

          Nutritional Information Per Half A Can:

          Calories: 10
          Fat: Trace
          Saturated Fat: Trace
          Salt: Trace
          Total Sugars: 0.0g

          Only available in Sainsbury's stores priced at about 25p a can.


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