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Sainsbury's Haricot Beans In Water

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Brand: Sainsbury's / Type: Beans

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    1 Review
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      02.08.2009 20:58
      Very helpful



      A versatile little bean!

      I love baked beans and traditionally of course this is what is shoved in a tomato sauce and passed off as those! So I decided to try them and experiment and I was whipping up a casserole and decided to add these to it.

      Haricot beans also go under the name of Boston beans, navy beans, pearl haricots, and fagioli just for reference and as I'm on a health kick at the moment I decided to try them purely cos they rich in protein, folate, iron, thiamin, and magnesium and it was actually my mate (who is a Vegetarian) that advised me to give these a go!

      The Packaging:

      410g can with a black label around it and a photograph of the beans to the bottom of it. In white and jade green writing I'm told they are Sainsbury's Haricot Beans In Water, that they count as '1 of 5 a day' and there is an at a glance nutritional chart on there. On the back of the can I'm given a full nutritional rundown, ingredients are listed and I'm told they are suitable for Vegetarians, Vegans and Coeliacs, ingredients are given along with a recipe suggestion, I'm told how to store and cook them, contact details for Sainsbury's are given, size is stated (as I've listed already) and finally there is a bar-code on there.

      The Beans:

      Well to heat them through I had two options. I could either put them in the water provided in the can and heat them up for 4-5 minutes or bung them in the microwave for 2-3 minutes. I actually heated mine up on the hob as I was cooking other things too for once lol.

      The beans in appearance are an off white colour quite plump and rounded and when warmed through are firm but when you taste them they are moist and slightly chewy with 'body' to them. They are rather bland really but I don't feel that's Sainsbury's fault as such I just think that Haricot beans usually are and that's why they are best put into dishes. You can of course put them in casseroles, soups or even cook them up and then mix them with some pre-fried onions and some sliced tomatoes with a pinch of brown sugar and a splosh of mustard for 'posh' baked beans because what these do is absorb other flavourings really well. In my casserole they were great and really made the meal serve more people and bulked it out alot.

      These are good quality beans in water. They have a fresh taste and a firm texture to them. No stringy bits, no hard beans that nearly chip a tooth and really, these are a rather versatile little product!

      Only available in Sainsbury's stores priced at 38p a can.

      Nutritional Information per Half Can:

      Calories: 84
      Fat: 0.7g
      Salt: Trace
      Total Sugars: 0.7g

      Only available in Sainsbury's stores.


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