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Sainsbury's Rumbledethumps

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  • Cannot get it in the smaller sainsburys stores
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    4 Reviews
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      13.05.2011 15:59
      Very helpful



      A nice little dish that would go well with a variety of meats/fish

      'Rumbledethumps is a traditional dish from the Scottish borders' (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rumbledethumps)

      It certainly reminds me of bubble & squeak. I was out looking for something to eat recently with my partner. We occasionally pop into my local Sainsburys to do bits of shopping and it was my partner that spotted this dish. We had already chosen some fish and were looking for dauphinoise potatoes but they didn't have any. I said to my partner that i would just cook some new potatoes or saute potatoes. As we were shopping he told me to hold on a minute. I wasn't sure where he was going but a few minutes later he returned with this Sainsburys Rumbledethumps. I have to say what an unusual name that is! I had never tried this before. I only looked at the box briefly and noticed that it was potatoes with cabbage. I didn't notice that it also had swede in it and cheddar cheese until later after i cooked it. It looks very tasty on the packaging, lovely and crispy on the top too. It did appeal to me when i looked at it briefly.

      The box is for 2 people and is 450 g in weight.

      Later on i started to cook dinner. I noticed that this side dish can be either cooked in the oven or cooked in the microwave. A point worth mentioning. Whilst i myself am referring to this as side dish, there is plenty there and to be honest if there were just one of you; you may just want to eat this as a sort of vegetarian main meal. I always seem to be cooking things in the microwave lately and this time i thought i would cook it in the oven. On the box it states that it takes 25 minutes to cook from chilled. I actually cooked it for about 35 minutes. I also mixed it around half way through. One thing that I wish i would have done is to brown it under the grill. It doesn't say to do this but if i would have browned it under the grill for the last few minutes it would have come out as it looks on the box with a nice crispy topping. Anyway it was piping hot and looked really good.

      It was only half way through as i mixed it up a bit that i realised it had tiny pieces of swede in it. Now usually i wont even eat swede so initially i though i may not like this after all. However, the small pieces of swede mixed together with the potatoes and nice savoy cabbage goes together really well and i enjoyed it alot. It just goes to show that even if you may not like certain foods there may be ways in which they can be eaten which you may like. It was very tasty and we had it with our fish but also with a few green beans. I really like Savoy cabbage too and there was just about the right amount of this mixed in.

      Whilst there is a little white pepper in this dish, i put ground black pepper on it; i think it tastes great with that added.

      One thing i would say is that I would have preferred it to have a little more cheese; next time i buy this i will add a little cheese myself and pop it under the grill for a few minutes before serving.

      This dish can be cooked in the oven or the microwave and can be cooked from chilled or frozen and if you freeze it, it must be eaten within one month.


      Root vegetables; Vegetarian cheddar cheese (from cows milk); 4%
      Root vegetables contain water, potato (24%), swede (17%), Savoy cabbage (9%), Butter from cows milk, salt, white pepper

      ~~Allergy advice; contains milk~~

      Rumbledethumps costs £2.00 from Sainsburys. Considering the amount in the box; i think thats a reasonable price.

      There are 186 kcals per half pack.

      Me and my partner were both really full up after our meal and thoroughly enjoyed this dish. I would suggest you could eat this with a variety of meats/fish; with braising steak, pork, chicken and sausages. its a great little side dish and to be honest could probably do for 3 people. Im giving it 4 stars cos its good though not amazing.


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        28.12.2008 14:51
        Very helpful



        A quick and nutritious meal

        Sainsbury`s `Rumbldethumps` has the thumbs up from me, but it isn't as good as a home made bubble and squeak.
        `Rumbledethumps` is a dish from the Sainsbury`s Classic range and they have conjured up their own interpretation of a traditional Scottish dish.
        A 450g pack comes priced at about £1.70, the pack would serve two at the most, so it works out at about 80p a portion.

        The Rumbledethumps comes in a foil container and the cardboard lid is foil backed too. Then there is a red outer cardboard packaging sleeve which shows a clear picture of the dish and has the nutritional and calorific values clearly marked.

        When you first lift the foil backed lid from the packet the contents don't strike you as being attractive or even appetising, the rising aroma is distinctly one of School dinner cabbage.
        You see different sized pieces of cooked potato and swede mingling with cooked savoy cabbage and topped off with a covering of Vegetarian cheddar cheese.
        To cook the dish you must pre-heat the oven, 190C (Gas 6) is about right. Then you put it into the middle of the oven (minus foil backed lid) for 25 minutes.
        As it cooks it starts to smell really appealing, it has butter in the mixture too and as the contents of the dish start to brown off on the top the dish that started life as an Ugly Duckling has turned into a Swan.
        It will accompany many different meals, nine times out of ten we have it served with sliced cold meat. It looks attractive on the plate and contains plenty enough seasoning for my taste.
        The two predominant flavours are the swede and the savoy cabbage, both strong tastes. I think anyone with a hearty appetite could polish off the whole carton but we make do with a half each.

        Rumbledethumps is fine for Coeliacs and Vegetarians to enjoy too.
        It will freeze well, although they recommend that you freeze it on the day of purchase.
        A half of a packet contains 186 calories, 10.9g fat, 6.8g Saturated fat, 3.4 g Sugar and 1.0g of Salt.

        Granted it is tasty, but if you have any cooked vegetables left over from the day before then you can produce your own Rumbledethumps.
        The vegetables are healthier if they are oven heated rather than fried, but I enjoy to turn the cooked cold vegetables over in the frying pan with a nob of butter until you get a lovely hot Bubble and Squeak with a golden crispy crust.
        Before I started to fry my vegetables I would first of all fry some sliced onion until it was caramelised to add a little bit more taste.
        The traditional Rumbledethumps recipe contains no onion unlike Bubble and Squeak which can contain any left overs of your choice.

        The Sainsburys dish is quick, convenient and tasty.
        If there are only a couple of you to feed then its ideal but it wouldn't be economical for a family meal.


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          16.12.2007 10:42
          Very helpful



          A hearty Winter snack

          If your attention was drawn to this opinion by the rather strange product name, then you will be sharing similar thoughts to those I had when I was shopping in Sainsbury's this week. (i.e. What the f**k is that?) Well, intrepid reader, let me tell you all about it.

          Rumbledethumps is a traditional Scottish recipe, made from a combination of potato, swede and savoy cabbage. Literally translated, I am led to believe that rumbledethumps means "mixed and bashed together". So there. The swede and potato are sliced, cubed and then mixed with slivers of the cabbage. The whole ensemble is then topped with cheddar cheese and baked in the oven. The resulting product is a crispy, cheesy sort of vegetable bake, but without any tomato sauce.

          I was attracted to the product because I am often on the look out for (comparatively) healthy snacks that will fill me up at lunchtime and take no time to cook. Although not a vegetarian, I do like a lot of vegetable dishes and because the weather has been quite cold this week, I also wanted something hot. More appealing was the complete absence of onion - a personal dislike of main, but often an essential pre-requisite in veggie dishes.

          The dish is very easy to cook - simply preheat the oven to 190 degrees, take off the foil lid and then cook for about 25 minutes. Once the stuff has cooked, it forms a lovely, bubbly cheese-topped bake that turns dark orange and brown. I fully expected to find that most of the potatoes would be stuck to the bottom, but was pleasantly surprised to encounter no problems in getting the stuff onto my plate, and I duly tucked in. Please note - this product cannot be cooked in the microwave. Not only is it presented in a foil dish, but also the crust simply wouldn't turn crusty in a microwave oven and things would stay soggy. Ewww!

          The smell of the cheese is perhaps the most instant thing about this dish. As soon as I opened the oven door, I was greeted with a strong smell of buttery, cheesy potato - very nice. The finished product is quite strange - unlike a mash, where everything mixes in together, with the Rumbledethumps, the cubes of vegetable remain intact and the only thing that really binds things together is the melted cheesy crust. Although the top is very crusty and dry, the bottom of the dish tends to retain some of the juice from the swede and cabbage. The overall combination works well - the distinctive taste of the swede certainly sticks out, and I generally liked the different combination of vegetables. I love oven-baked foods that have melted cheese all over them and this one went down very well indeed.

          The packaging suggests that this dish is great as a main course or as an accompaniment to meat. The latter is certainly true, but I'm not sure about the first. As a main course, I would find this rather dull. It also claims to serve two people. Rubbish. It's fine as a snack, but definitely needs something else if you want to eat it as a meal. The serving size (450g) is probably enough for two as a side order but only enough for one as a snack.

          The product is suitable for vegetarians. Allergists will welcome the information that the product is gluten free, but it does contain milk.
          The cheese obviously adds to the overall fat and calorie content, but I don't consider this to be a hugely unhealthy dish.

          The very simple ingredients list actually begs the question of whether it's worth buying this when you could make it so easily yourself. My main reason for buying was convenience - I certainly wouldn't go to the trouble of doing something like myself just for a quick lunch. At £1.69, I think it's quite cheap as well - much tastier than a boring sandwich and a prepared sarnie will set you back £2.

          I'll definitely buy this again, if only because I'm lazy like that. Taste good. Costs little. Nuff said!



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            30.08.2007 18:30
            Very helpful



            A tasty and versatile standby

            My recent attempts at healthy eating having left me bored and craving some calorific comfort, I decided that I would throw caution to the wind and indulge myself! This dish is just what I needed and I didn’t feel a trace of guilt as I tucked into it.


            This dish is descibed as “ inspired by the Scottish recipe, a combination of potato, swede and savoy cabbage topped with mature cheddar cheese” and there is 450g of it to enjoy.

            ** Nutritional Information **
            Sainsbury’s rate most of their products on a Wheel of Health on the front of the packet, a system providing an easy check for customers. This works on a traffic light coding – green for “go-go”, amber for “go- go in moderation” and red for “no no not too much of this” This product has only one green (sugars 6.3g), two amber (234 calories and 14.4g fat) and two red (saturated fat 10.4g and salt 2g)
            The fibre content is 3.8g
            All this seems very satisfactory in my current state of craving!

            ** Allergy Advice **
            The only allergy warning is “ contains milk”. It is suitable for coeliacs.

            ** Vegetarian? **
            The dish is suitable for vegetarians but not for vegans.

            ** Cooking **
            The dish is from the chilled range but can be frozen as long as it is thoroughly defrosted before cooking. Once thawed it must be consumed within 24 hours. Not suitable for microwaving ( it comes in a foil dish), it oven cooks at 190C/gas 5 in 25 minutes

            ***** MY EATING EXPERIENCE ! *****

            This is a dish I have enjoyed many times. The nearest equivalent I have ever tasted is ,what may be the English equivalent, Bubble and Squeak, and this brings back to me childhood memories of our Monday meals when the remnants of the Sunday roast would all be chucked in the frying pan to provide a satisfying, ever so slightly greasy delight!

            Of course this is an up market version of the dish my Mum used to serve up. It isn’t a mash but tiny cubes of swede and potato which complement each other perfectly being slightly different in texture. The strips of savoy cabbage give it that extra little flavour and excitement, whilst the melted cheese gives it, what I can only describe as that extra mmmmmh factor!

            It’s billed as two servings but I didn’t share! In fact I ate the lot together with two slices of cold roast beef, Branston pickle and cherry tomatoes, the latter being a token gesture to healthier eating. It really made a meal of it. My only slight criticism is that I would have liked a little more cabbage and a lot more cheese but if you, like me, have a particular liking for melted cheddar you could sprinkle a few more gratings over the top before cooking.

            Having stuffed myself like this with a dish with such a graphic name as Rumbledethumps, I suspected that I might suffer some digestive repercussions but, at the risk of giving too much information and offending any readers of a sensitive disposition, I remained flatulence free!

            ***** THE VERDICT *****

            I know I could make this myself and for a lot less than the £1.49 it costs, but this is quick, easy and delicious. It is also quite versatile in that it can be teamed up with many different foods to make a complete meal . It is, for example, a worthy companion to bacon and eggs and a healthier option than chips! It’s definitely a standby I love to have in the freezer for those moments of calorific comfort eating and who can really claim they don’t occasionally have such cravings?

            ***** EPILOGUE *****

            I was so intrigued by the name Rumbledethumps, I wondered if it was a bona fidae old Scottish dish , as claimed, or a Sainsbury’s invention. I therefore dabbled in a little Googling and was amazed to find pages upon pages of references! Even Wikipedia has a refererence so it must be true! It’s described as a dish from the Scottish borders with Colcannon being the Irish equivalent and Bubble and Squeak, the English. An alternative from Aberdeenshire is known as Kailkenny. Strangely enough I also found a site which claimed it as a Cajan dish and Cajun cuisine originates from French speaking immigrants to the Louisiana area of the USA!

            There are hundreds of recipes on the net and I trawled through many to find they all had pretty much the same ingredients including the Cajun variety. However all included mashed potato (not cubed), all included onion ( not present in the Sainsbury’s version) and none contained swede! So maybe Sainsbury’s nutritionists were exercising a little poetic licence when introducing this to the range as Rumbledethumps after all!


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          • Product Details

            Inspired by the Scottish recipe, a combination of fresh potato, swede and savoy cabbage topped with mature cheddar cheese.

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