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Sainsbury's Sage and Onion Stuffing Mix

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5 Reviews

Brand: Sainsbury's / Type: Stuffing

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    5 Reviews
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      07.07.2011 08:57
      Very helpful



      A super stuffing; great value for money.

      There is only one type of stuffing I like and that's Sage & Onion flavour. I juts do not enjoy any other type. The one thing that I never do and never have done is stuffed the Turley at Christmas; well in fact I never buy a whole Turkey bird; if I do have Turkey for Christmas; I just buy a Turkey Breast joint because I don't like the other parts of the meat; just the breast.

      I will eat sage & Onion stuffing with any roast dinner. The way I like it, is lovely and Crispy/Crunchy; verging on burnt in fact! That's one of the reason I never have it stuffed in a Bird; it is just too soft for me that way and to me tastes almost raw. Its funny how peoples preferences are different. I get the impression that most people like their stuffing sort of soft, but if ever I eat out and there is stuffing involved; I wont eat it unless its crunchy!! In my view for some reason I also find it a little off putting. In saying that I never buy whole birds any more; there is something about them that puts me off eating Chicken or Turkey!

      This is how I make my stuffing. Simply boil a kettle of water; pour some stuffing mix into a bowl; pour in the hot water and mix until I am satisfied with the mixture; in other words that it is not runny but not over thickened either. I then leave it to stand for a bit. When I am ready for the stuffing to go into the oven; I make small round stuffing balls. I put a little oil over each ball, put them in the oven on a baking tray and they usually take around 30 minutes to cook the way I like them; I turn them over half way through cooking too. The stuffing comes out great; really tasty.

      In my view it is not necessary to pay for more expensive brands of Sage & Onion stuffing as I do not really see any difference in taste; so why not save yourself a few pennies. I really don't use much of the stuffing mix when cooking; depending on how many people are eating; I would estimate that this large box will last me about 3 months (depending on how many roast dinners I eat, but I have around one per 10 days)


      Wheat Flour
      Dried Onion
      Palm Oil
      Dried Sage (2%)
      Dried Parsley
      Sunflower oil
      Raising agent (Ammonium Hydrogen Carbonates
      Dried Chives

      Allergy Information

      Contains Wheat/Gluten

      Per 50g serving there are 66 kcals

      One thing that I think is good is that Sainsburys warn people that if they make their stuffing into balls, to be careful as the 'stuffing may be hot'

      Sainsburys also offer a couple of ways that stuffing can be used; they suggest stuffing 'cored eating apples' to be baked in the oven with pork/or to use stuffing as a topping to oven baked pork chops.

      This good tasting stuffing from Sainsburys only costs £1.07 for a large 500 g box; well worth it. Due to its good taste and low cost; this product is fully deserving of 5 Dooyoo stars.


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      14.10.2009 14:23
      Very helpful



      Tasty stuffing from Sainsburys.

      Last night We were in need of some real comfort food so when I spotted this 500g packet for £1.18 in my local Sainsburys I looked at Tom and we both said yes and threw it straight in to the basket. Sometimes it's nice just to over indulge and have the things like you like! 

      The stuffing comes in a plastic bag which is inside a blue cardboard box with a picture of stuffing on the front and it is just deliciously tempting. It's adorned with the sainsburys logo and has all the usual stuff such as ingredients, nutritional information etc.  

      The stuffing is very easy to make and just needs some hot water added to it (dependant on how wet or sticky you want your stuffing of course) and then you can either make it as flat as possible in a baking tray, roll it in to balls or use it to stuff a chicken or whatever bird you like really and then bake it in the oven. My preferred method is rolling it in to fairly small balls and then cooking them for around 30 minutes on 200 degrees until they are lovely and crisp and quite brown (roll them or spray with a little oil to make them their crispiest). 

      The stuffing is sage & onion flavouring and there is lots of different colours to the stuffing, it has a fantastic texture and is all crunchy and gorgeous on the outside and still slightly doughy in the middle and it goes perfect with a Sunday roast or just with roast potatoes, sausages, veg & gravy as we did tonight. 

      The smell as it is cooking is delicious and the only way I don't enjoy stuffing is when it has been cooked inside a bird because it is just not crispy enough for my liking.

      50g of this stuffing contains 66 calories and 1.1g of fat so although it's a little high I don't feel guilty because it's not high in fat - result! This is only slightly higher in fat than the paxo one which is quite a bit more expensive.

      Wheat Flour, Dried Onion (13%), Palm Oil, Dried Sage (2%), Salt, Dried Parsley, Sunflower Oil, Raising Agent: Ammonium Hydrogen Carbonates; Dried Chives, Yeast.  

      I really enjoyed this stuffing, it's the reasonably priced, tasty and easy to make. I am therefore rating this 5/5.


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        15.09.2009 22:32
        Very helpful



        I reccommend this product, as a must have for Sunday Roasted Chicken dinners.


        I like most of the Sainsbury,s range of products, so tend to review quite a few of their products, firstly because i like their products, and secondly because most of their products are fresh, not too out of date, unlike some others i could mention, and also the fact that the service i receive if great.

        Their Stuffing, i use when cooking roast chicken, i usually cook a roast chicken for a sunday roast, because it is a cheaper option and can buy a large chicken from Sainsbury,s for about five or six pounds and thats usually enough to go around for everyone.

        The Package **********

        The Stuffing, comes in a carboard recyclable package, and is coloured blue has a picture of a roasted chicken on the front, with little balls of their stuffing, and a few vegtables. Inside the carboard package, there is a bag containing 170 grams of this delicious stuffing. This is easy to cut open, and pour out into a mixing bowl.

        Instructions are to add boiling water to the mixture, i do this little at a time because you dont want to make it too wet and sloppy, if i have any i mix a little sasage meat and an extra bit of onion in with mine, and a dollop of marmite, although this stuffing does contain pieces of onion, and you could use it out of the packet without adding any extras, but i always tend to add to mine and thats how my family and myself like it.

        For less than 60p, it is a good stuffing to use on its own, and as i have said i do add to mine and then i roll mine in a little bit of flour, and pop into a greesed bowl ovenproof, with a little bit of butter on it, and cook.

        I cook mine seperately from the Chicken, and then i can judge the cooking time just how i like it to be.

        The Sage and Onion Stuffing has been a family favourite of ours for years now, i have tried other makes, with other herbs but much prefer the Sage and Onion stuffing, as im eating out this week at my parents, i didnt buy any but do recommend this to add a tasty addition to any roast chicken or turkey dinner.

        I always use this at Christmas too, if im cooking which i usually do, and its so quick and easy to cook, you can keep checking it when its in the oven so it doesnt get too crispy, but we do like ours a little bit browned off in the oven.

        Thanks for reading and rating my reviews xx.


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        30.04.2009 01:54
        Very helpful



        Don't bother with the expensive brands, this is just as good.

        Since the last person wrote a review of Sainsbury's Sage & Onion Stuffing Mix the price has gone down, it's now only 54p for 170g!

        It's suitable for vegans but not for people with a wheat gluten allergy. It also contains palm oil if that's something you try to avoid.

        Complete ingredients list:
        Wheat Flour, Dried Onion, Palm Oil, Sage, Salt, Parsley, Sunflower Oil, Raising Agent: Ammonium Hydrogen Carbonate; Chive, Yeast.

        It's very easy to prepare. As a vegan, this is how I do it: Add boiling water and a small knob of dairy-free margarine, stir and leave to soak for a few minutes. I then microwave it for 2 minutes before popping it in the oven to crisp the top off. If you were cooking it for meat I would guess you'd still do the first few steps but instead of microwaving you'd stuff it where stuffing usually goes!

        In my opinion, it doesn't really taste any different to the leading brands of stuffing (like Paxo) except it does seem to have some larger onion pieces sometimes.


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        01.12.2008 19:27
        Very helpful



        Quality product that's well worth 64p


        COST: 64p for 170g

        NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION (per 50g serving):

        Calories: 65
        KJ: 276
        Protein: 1.6g
        Carbohydrates: 12.3g
        - of which sugars: 1.4g
        Fat: 1.1g
        - of which saturates: 0.5g
        Fibre: 1g
        Salt: 0.5g
        - of which sodium: 0.2g


        Wheat flour, dried onion, vegetable oil, salt, dried sage, dried parsley, dried chives, ammonium carbonates, yeast


        Contains wheat gluten
        Not suitable for nut allergy sufferers


        Sainsbury's Sage & Onion Stuffing Mix comes in a blue cardboard box, on the front of which is an image of a rather tasty looking roast chicken, surrounded by stuffing balls and a few carrots (with their stalks still on!). Hazed up in the background is an image of a white bowl containing more carrots, and just above that is the standard Sainsbury's logo, the words "Sage & Onion stuffing mix - Perfect for all roasts & cooking recipes", and just to the right of that is a small circle giving the very basic nutritional information. The bottom of the pack states that the product is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

        The back of the packet shows the ingredients, nutritional information, cooking instructions, allergy advice and what to me are a couple of meaningless recipe suggestions (meaningless in the sense that they suggest what I'd imagine most people do with stuffing anyway.....like, stuff a piece of poultry or roll it into balls and serve around a chicken or turkey).

        On opening the packet, there is a fairly distinctive sage & onion smell. The sage content appears to be less, plus the particles are larger than what would be found in the best known more expensive brand, and the appearance isn't quite so colourful. The breadcrumbs seem to be toasted/dried (or whatever it is the manufacturers do with them) to a lower level, hence are rather pale in appearance

        Mixed with hot water, this stuffing is nice and firm. I usually place the mixture into a greased container, cover with a little foil and bake in a hot oven for about 15 to 20 minutes, but if you wish to stuff a piece of poultry, the mixture is easily moulded. One advantage (for me) of Sainsbury's Sage & Onion Stuffing Mix is that when blended with boiling water, the green bits (presumably the sage) don't float to the top - they stay evenly distributed throughout the mixture, and that gives a more balanced flavour.

        Baked via the method explained above, the top of the stuffing goes nicely crunchy, and the underneath part stays firm, yet soft and easy to serve with a spoon.

        Not only is this stuffing perfect for what we normally use it for, it's great mixed with mince and an egg to make a tasty meatloaf, plus it tastes good both hot and cold. When using as part of a roast dinner, I eat half hot with that - and save the other half to eat cold later on, when the late night munchies syndrome creeps up on me.

        This stuffing does have a very good flavour....I would say tastes identical to Paxo, yet it is 28p cheaper - so, how can that be a bad thing?

        I hover between buying the two, as I only manage to get to Sainsbury's about once every 2 weeks....in between times, I use Paxo from my local village grocer's shop, and shall continue to do so as for me, the Sainsbury's version is no different, yet considerably cheaper (I have reviewed Paxo Stuffing elsewhere on DooYoo).

        A good, tasty and value product.

        Thanks for reading!


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