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Schwartz Thai Seasoning

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Brand: Schwartz / Type: Seasoning

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    1 Review
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      18.10.2009 19:22
      Very helpful



      A yummy way to spice and season dishes!

      My Step-Dad loves to cook. When he first met my Mum a few years back he told us he couldn't cook but since then we've found out that was simply an excuse for him not to and nowadays there's actually no stopping him.

      He's found a brilliant butchers and goes there once a week to get our meat after deciding no more shop bought stuff for us and of a weekend he cooks! We have steaks and stuffed chicken and all-sorts kind courtesy of him and for the most part his creations are great. He buys marinades and sauces and even dabbles with herbs and spices! Quite impressive for a none cook I always think lol.

      One of the latest seasonings he purchased was this Schwartz Thai seasoning. The idea behind this purchase was to marinade meat and see what happened and I liked it so much when he used it that I have since been using it rather frequently!

      The Packaging:

      Our seasoning came in a black plastic tub with a turquoise label around it and the top of the tub it has two flip top lids and one side of it has four small holes to shake the product out of and the other side is just an open gap so you can get lots out of it. On the front of the label I'm told it's Schwartz Thai Seasoning and there is a picture of vegetables on there too. Other information on the tub tells me the ingredients used, ideas on how to use it, I'm told that 1 tablespoon = 4 servings, the size is stated which is 41g and contact details for Schwartz are given. It's a nice and easy to handle, smallish tub which is filled with the seasoning and I do like the two lids at the top idea.

      Using It:

      Well first off lets talk about the blend. In appearance it's orange in colour for the most part and has green flecks of herbs in there and of course the mix is powdery so it's dry. It has a lovely fresh aroma of tomato, garlic, coriander and a faint smell of ginger and citrus to it (which is lemon grass). Taste wise you can taste all those ingredients with a subtle hint of sugar sweetness, red chilli and it's a little salty too and in the main I can taste garlic with a hint of tomato and lemon and the slight kick of chilli shines through.

      This is a really versatile product. You can pop it into stir fried vegetables and/or meat/fish. You can roast meat/fish with this sprinkled over it and add say soy sauce and things to it. It's up to you to be creative! I love this in otherwise boring stir fries to which it adds a nice spicy flavouring and a great aroma and saves me trying to blend a mix of herbs and spices and of course I own a spice rack so I can a few of my own ideas too if I feel the urge lol.

      On meat it takes on a dark brown colour and really does penetrate into the meat and this is actually my Step-fathers favourite way of using this seasoning!


      Loads of things you can use this for and with a little imagination you can create masterpieces with ease. I love the seasonings flavour and smell and I love the way that it not only goes with meat (and of course meat substitutes as this is Vegetarian) but it goes with vegetables and fish too. Brilliant product and costs about £1.25 a tub and lasts ages too! Lovely!


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