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Tesco Dried Thyme

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Other Spices

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    1 Review
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      24.03.2011 17:42
      Very helpful



      Teso dreid thyme -a great convenient way of adding flavour to your cooking

      During the summer months, I rarely buy any dried herbs in the supermarket, as my husband has started devoting a patch of our garden to growing a variety of fresh herbs, including thyme. At the end of the season, when the fresh thyme was past its best, and my husband was going to cut it away, we decided to have a god at making our own dried thyme, as well as drying out a few other herbs. Drying out the thyme was by far the most successful of all the herbs we tried this method on, and this served us for a few more months, however once our resources depleted, I was back to buying the bottle of dried thyme in the supermarket.

      I almost always buy the Tesco own range of dried herbs, and apart from the late spring/summer months, my cupboard is full of such jars. The jars of the TEsco herbs come in the same glass container and so it is quite attractive to line these up with all your varieties. This 16g jar of dried thyme costs a very reasonable 39p at present, and this should serve you well through quite a good length of time, unless you are using it on a daily basis.

      On the front of the jar, it states that this dried thyme is 'highly perfumed with a long lasting aroma'. One sniff inside the jar would be enough to confirm this. I always find that there is a very strong scent from thyme, and it is a highly recognisable herb in terms of smell. I have used this dried thyme in a number of dishes including for lamb and chicken, as well as added to roasted sweet potato, which is delicious. Often the dried thyme needs to be added early to a dish as it can take a while to release the flavour.

      I can understand why many people will only use fresh herbs, and I recognise the appeal more since growing our own fresh herbs. THere is nothing like the fresh smell of herbs being brought in from the garden and added to various meals - however there is also nothing like convenience. I would not buy fresh herbs in the supermarket, simply because they do not last, and so even before creating our own little herb garden, I would always have made use of dried herbs in cooking, and I feel that none of my meals suffered by using dried rather than fresh herbs.

      As I said earlier, I have had the fresh thyme from the garden, our own freshly dried thyme and the supermarket own brand, and although the former is the nicest and most flavoursome, there is no difference between the latter two, and thus this proves to me the quality of this product that Tesco have produced, and why when I need to buy dried herbs I will always go to the Tesco own brand above the more expensive alternatives. A great, well priced product from Tesco.


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