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Tesco Green Lentils in Water

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Other Vegetables

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    1 Review
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      06.08.2009 00:02
      Very helpful



      A great additive to your dishes!

      When it comes to eating fruit and vegetables I seriously get through mountains of the stuff. I'm trying to eat healthy, well sometimes at least and am pounding my way at the gym most days! However sometimes I run out of said fruit and vegetables and can't be bothered to leave the house to get more! So of late I have started to buys cans of things for emergencies and really...well I'm experimenting more with and more with foods I've never tried.

      I have of course had lentils before in foods and stuff but never have they physically come over my doorstep in any form and I almost bought some dried one's till I read all the effort required to sort them out so a can seemed a mighty fine idea for a lazy moo like I!

      The Packaging:

      410g in size can with a label around it's middle and on the front of the label a photograph of the lentils is shown and then I am told they are Tesco 'Whole Food's Green Lentils In Water which are 'A source of fibre, which may help to maintain a healthy digestive system' and are ideal in casseroles and are also a good source of fibre and that 1/2 a can counts as 1 of 5 a day suggested helpings of fruit and/or vegetables and there is an at a glance nutritional chart on there. On the back of the can I'm told how to heat them (in the microwave for about 3 minutes or on the hob, in a saucepan for 3-4 minutes), ingredients are listed, a full nutritional rundown is given, contact details for Tesco are also stated and finally the size and bar-code are shown. It's a nice can and the only thing missing in my opinion is a ring-pull for ease of opening (but it's only a slight annoyance!).

      The Lentils:

      These are basically a light green in colour, rather plumpish and pre-soaked lentils. They are not seasoned and come in a clear water and when I opened them I was pleased to see a full can of product, they looked like lentils (opposed to a can of sludge) and when I emptied them into my saucepan I noticed no real smell came off them or anything like that.

      They cooked through on a moderate heat in about 5 minutes and when cooked looked solid (all I had to do was drain them). Taste wise they didn't have very much taste to them at all so if using them I do advise seasoning. All in all however these are great. Easy to cook and easy to add to foods. They offer great value for money and so easy and versatile to use they are too!

      These are firm (though not chewy or anything) and I would personally buy these time and time again to bulk out foods such as casseroles and soups etc, you could even make lentil burgers with them and more adventurous stuff like that! A great store cupboard necessity.... these are!

      Nutritional Information Per 1/2 A Can:

      Calories: 90
      Sugar: 0.5g
      Fat: 0.5g
      Saturated Fat: 0.1g
      Salt: Trace

      Only available in Tesco Stores costing about 40p a can.


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