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Tesco Value Table Salt

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Salt

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    1 Review
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      22.12.2011 19:27
      Very helpful




      This is one of my recent bargain finds, I know that table salt isn't excactly expensive but with the tesco value table salt priced at 23 pence for a kilogram of the stuff (working out at 2.3p per 100 grams) I thought that this was brilliant value and stocked up on a couple of bags.

      This salt comes in the similar kind of packaging that you get with flour or sugar, a very thick type of transparent plastic in a rectangular shape and you simply cut the top open to gain acess to the salt. The picture above in the left hand corner isn't how this salt is packaged anymore however it does look more practical - with the way it is currently packaged it can be a bit messy transferring it from the bag into my salt shaker, but it's not a difficult task and for the price I paid for the salt i'm not complaining!

      The packaging is white with a red band around it which has 'table salt' simply written in white writing, it's nice and minimal and it has the tesco value logo in the left hand corner too so it is clear that this is part of the value range. This salt is as good as any other salt in my opinion, it looks excactly the same - white in colour and it's basically just small particles of salt. The salt is tiny, it's very processed to be as fine as possible and it's not chunky at all, so for anyone who likes the large sea salt style crystals then this isn't for you.

      As mentioned above you get one kilogram of salt, which lasts for ages. Obviously if you do a huge amount of baking/cooking then it won't last for as long but because I only put it in my salt shaker for when I have chips or a meal that needs seasoning, I have a feeling it'll last me for atleast 6 months which isn't bad considering the price.

      Taste wise, there isn't a huge amount I can say! It tastes salty, and is disgusting on its own (obviously!) however it adds a nice 'kick' of flavour to a meal such as fish and chips, it's very diverse and can be used to season pretty much any type of food, and can also be used in cooking. Salt has many uses really, but for obvious reasons I will not list them! Overall this table salt is great value, you get a generous amount for just 25 pence and it's good to season food with and has various other uses, so I would definetly reccomend it.


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