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Absolut - Mango

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Brand: Absolut / Type: Vodka

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    5 Reviews
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      10.07.2013 22:18
      Very helpful



      A great flavour mango and has many drinks options

      =Absolut - Mango=

      Absolut Vodka is a Swedish Vodka, and comes in the unflavoured Vodka, which is Absolut Blue, and flavours including, Citron, Mandarin, Mango, Vanilla among other flavours, which I haven't got round to trying.

      =No Added Sugar=
      Absolut do not have any added sugar in their flavoured Vodka, so you get the true taste of the flavour, in this case is the Mango flavour.

      =The Aroma=
      As soon as you open the bottle, the aroma of mango's immediately sets my taste buds ringing, it is a distinct rich and juicy fruit. If you don't like Mango then this Vodka is not for you, but if you like Mango and Vodka this is the one for you.

      This Vodka can be drunk neat, over ice or with a mix of drinks, I like lemonade and coke (separate times), and both are lovely, a couple of my friends have drunk this with Grapefruit, orange and cranberry juices, but I haven't tried them yet.

      This can be equally mixed with cocktails, as the mango gives the cocktail a twist, I tend to mix mine with peach Schnapps and lemonade.

      Absolut is at the dearer end of the vodkas, and can retail at around £20 for a bottle, I brought my last one duty free, I paid about £12 for a litre, which is a lot better than normal shop prices.

      =For me=
      This is a treat, as I begrudge the prices in the supermarkets.

      =Star Rating=
      This is a 5/5 from me, as I love the exotic Mango flavour.


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      15.05.2013 10:49
      Very helpful



      Absolut-ly delicious! (see what i did there..)


      Mango Absolut was introduced in 2007 believe it or not (i dont remember it as i was 13 at the time), but obviously, it is a vodka based entirely on mango. Mango is widely available around the world which is probably why it is so popular. Its distinctive taste makes it so unique and the mixture of vodka and fruit make it easy to drink mixed with lemonade or even neat, without the horrible burning sensation.


      Vodka companies tend to distill their alcohol 3 or 4 times however Absolut is distilled an infinite number of times making it smooth to drink.


      The main ingredients are Absolut Vodka and mango. The vodka is made from water and winter wheat. The water comes from a deep well in Ahus where it is protected from impurities. The winter wheat is also grown in Ahus, and differs from other crops grown locally. It is sown then harvested the very next year. It grows under the Swedish snow developing its hard grain. The mangos are also as natural as the rest of the ingredients.


      Flavoured vodka is still relatively new. Trying a neat shot with an ice cube is always a good idea (and can lead to many more). I have also experimented and made vodka jellies with this which are great for parties (buy a jelly mix, and stir in half a bottle of vodka instead of water. The large wide bottle is clear with frosted writing in orange to mimic the colour of the mango, and if you shop about a bit you can find boxed bottles which are great for giving as gifts.

      All in all a perfect drink!


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      19.02.2013 23:50
      Very helpful



      a nice mango - have a go with it for your next cocktail party :)

      Vodka is one of those alcoholic spirits that come in many shapes and forms and flavours, but personally I always find the more branded types taste better. Absolut vodka is one of them and the mango variety is one I have tried only recently but am really fond of!

      It comes in a clear glass bottle so you can see how much vodka you have left, with a yellowy orange branding and a simple silver twist cap lid. The vodka itself looks like water - but don't be fooled as it has left me in some undesirable positions stumbling home on a night so it is not as tame as it appears! It has a high vol of 40% which for me as a lightweight is pretty strong - but pretty much the standard for normal vodkas so you know what to expect!

      As a vodka it has the usual distilled flavour, but with a hint of mango. Personally, I find this vodka has a very slight mango kick to it, but it cannot be particularly attributed to mango if you were drinking this blind and might just think it is a vodka with a fruit flavour but not so specific. Despite this being quite misleading I actually quite like it as it makes the drink quite versatile and so it's amazing with a mixer or in a cocktail!

      I find it tastes great as a vodka and lemonade = as it tastes a bit like fruit flavoured sparkling water and the two compliment each other and make for a really delicious alcoholic drink that (depending on the quantity of absolut vodka added!) can be drunk continuously and it doesn't taste like you are drinking alcohol! I have tried it in a mixture with mango juice, and syrup over rushed ice and it makes a really nice beverage which I think would be amazing at summer barbecues.

      A 70cl bottle costs about £20 from corner shops to supermarkets and I definitely think it is fairly priced and is worth the added value over cheap vodka brands. Although the mango flavour is a bit wishy washy, it is still a nice flavoured vodka so for this I will always recommend it!


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      15.02.2013 00:16
      Very helpful



      This vodka makes it feel like summer

      WHAT IS IT?

      Mango flavour vodka made by Absolut.


      The flavour is beautiful and I love it because mango is one of the best flavours I think whether it is a mango fruit or a mango flavoured sweet. This is very much like fresh mango and it is strong even next to the taste of the vodka. I think the vodka is very smooth and it has got a strong taste like all vodka but the sweet mango makes it taste softer and a lot more pleasing. I like the sweet taste of the mango and that it is strong enough that I do not need to add a mixer because I can enjoy the drink on it's own. It is best with ice but still good without, I put our bottle into the fridge for a half hour before I drink it because that makes it taste even better when it is chilled.


      This is a beautiful tasting vodka and one of my very favourite drinks. It is a good choice in the summer but I always think it does not taste right in the cold and wet UK winter. I like to drink it with dinner because it is so refreshing and it feels like it is cleansing my palate between bites or courses. When I drink it without any mixer I take only very small sips because it is easy to forget that you are drinking a very strong drink and just because it tastes so nice that doesn't mean you should not be careful as you drink.

      There are other fruit flavours as well as the mango but these cannot be easily picked apart, Absolut say they are tropical fruit flavours and I agree with that because this vodka tastes very tropical. There is 40% alcohol in this mango vodka but it doesn't taste that strong. I can drink too much too quickly for that reason but it is lucky that it does not make me feel ill the next day but sometimes makes me have a headache when I have drunk too much of it.


      A 70 cl bottle of Absolut Mango costs about £20 so it is quite expensive but I think it is worth it for bring so high quality and very pleasant to drink.

      5 Dooyoo Stars.


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      07.02.2013 12:52
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      juicy tropical mangoes and vodka

      Everyone has heard of Absolut vodka, and has probably tried at least one of the flavours, even if it's just the regular unflavoured vodka - the Absolut Blue. Absolut is a Swedish vodka, and is produced near Åhus, in the province of Skåne, in southern Sweden. Which funnily enough is the province in which we used to live.

      Absolut produce many different varieties of vodka:
      Absolut Blue - the regular unflavoured vodka - a 40% ABV 80 proof vodka (launched in 1979)
      Absolut Peppar - roasted jalapenos, green tomato and dried herbs flavour (launched in 1986)
      Absolut Citron - lemon flavour (launched in 1988)
      Absolut Kurant - blackcurrant flavour (launched in 1992)
      Absolut Mandrin - orange and mandarin flavour (launched in 1999)
      Absolut Vanilia - vanilla flavour (launched in 2003)
      Absolut Raspberri - raspberry flavour (launched in 2004)
      Absolut Apeach - peach flavour (launched in 2005)
      Absolut Ruby Red - grapefruit flavour (launched in 2006)
      Absolut Pears - pear flavour (launched in 2007)
      Absolut Mango - mango flavour (launched in 2007)
      Absolut Berry Acai - acai, blueberry and pomegranate flavour (launched in 2010)
      and Absolut 100 - a 50% ABV 100 proof unflavoured vodka (launched in 2007).

      I've tried many different flavoured vodka brands, and the Absolut range are definitely my favourite, I've actually tried all of the Absolut flavours. I guess that makes me sound like a bit of a lush! Absolut have a wide range of flavours, and all of them bar one (the Absolut Peppar) are delicious. The Mango flavour is a really nice flavour, however it's not one that we buy all that often.

      Unlike a lot of other flavoured vodka ranges, the Absolut flavoured range doesn't contain any added sugar, therefore they are not too sweet, you just get the true taste of the relevant flavour. Absolut Mango has a very distinct rich and juicy and tropical fruit flavour and aroma. You can smell the mangos instantly when you open the bottle, and also in your glass. This is a very juicy and fruity flavoured vodka, and I would say that the mango taste in this is unmistakeable. It isn't sweet or synthetic at all, it's actually quite a smooth and mellow tasting vodka, yet with the intensely juicy and fruity rich taste of the tropical mangoes. This does have a very strong mango taste, so I would say that if you don't like mangoes then you probably won't like this vodka.

      This is the perfect vodka to drink either straight, on the rocks, or with a mixer of your choice.
      I think that it's delicious with just slimline tonic or soda water, as I find that this really allows the taste of the juicy mangoes to shine through. It's also nice with diet lemonade, or even diet coke. It also goes well with most fruit juices, I normally pair it with orange juice as that's what we always have in, however I've also has it with cranberry juice, apple juice, and grapefruit juice and it's perfect with any of them.
      My husband prefers this neat just over ice, I always have a mixer though!
      It also works well in cocktails, it gives an interesting new twist to traditional cocktails, or it enables you to invent your own new flavoured cocktails.

      We tend to buy this duty free, or when on it's offer, as the Absolut range isn't exactly cheap at full price.


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    • Product Details

      Just as fellow flavour Absolut Pears, Absolut Mango was introduced in 2007. The flavour, quite obviously, is based on mango - a word that's more or less the same world wide. That in combination with the juicy taste, might very well be the reason behind the instant world wide success.

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