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Bushmills 10 Year Old Whiskey

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Brand: Old Bushmills Distillery / Type: Whisky

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    2 Reviews
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      06.02.2013 16:17
      Very helpful



      So so but I've had better!

      My stepdad has very expensive tastes in Whisky and he really appreciates good quality. Me I'm not a whisky drinker really however he has got me recently to try a drop here and there, trying to convince me its great! I now do have an appreciation of whisky as a little tipple though I am never going to be an ardent drinker of the stuff and will probably always be more of an alco pop fan lol

      This is one of the cheaper whiskys my stepdad will drink and comes in around £25.00 - £30.00 for a 700ml bottle and mum got his bottle from our local Asda store.

      The bottle comes in a very nice dark cardboard, oblong box and gives off the impression of good quality and has a black plastic lid to the top of it and on the front of it we are clearly told what it is and who it is by and that it is aged for 10 years and is a single malt 'Matured in two woods' and that it is 'Matured in bourbon and oloroso sherry casks for notes of honey, vanilla and ripe fruit' and that it is 700ml in size and has a 40% volume and then on the back of the box we are told all about the company that produces this and that there are 28 units in the bottle and contact details for the manufacturer are given. The bottle the drink comes in is thick and heavy see through glass, again it looks real quality and the labeling matching the box with much the same information on it. For me this is really nicely presented and for a whisky drinker would make a nice gift idea......in fact this was a gift to my stepdad from my mum Christmas just gone.

      The Drink:

      Honey coloured in its appearance this for me is not one of my favoured whiskys to be honest though my stepdad likes it it isn't his either. Its nice enough though yet I can tell that the quality difference to other far more expensive whiskys I have tried recently.

      At first it is a bit bitter in flavour and I can't taste ripened fruits, honey or vanilla. It feels hot on the tongue and chest though that quickly disappears and gives way to a rather smooth drink, almost creamy in its texture....its hard to explain! Once it has been supped I feel I can taste an overtone of sherry (the fruits) and smell a little honey but I cant taste honey in this or vanilla to be honest.

      You can of course mix this with what you like though in my parents house this act is banned and you can only drink it neat or with water and/or ice as they are purists and this for me is an occasional tipple and not one I would buy for myself. Its ok though and worth the money but if your a bit of a whisky snob then probably wouldn't be for you!

      Available in all good supermarkets and off licences and so on.

      This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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        30.07.2009 12:47
        Very helpful



        an excellent aged whiskey from Ireland

        Bushmills is a brand of Irish whiskey and it is produced in County Antrim

        Whiskey or Whisky?

        Well this depends on where it comes from. Scotch is spelt Whisky and Irish is spelt Whiskey. As this spirit did originate in Ireland (it was a group of Irish Monks who taught the Scottish how to make it) I tend to use the Irish spelling unless I am specifically referring to Scotch.

        So what is the difference?

        There are two main differences in how they are made:

        1. The fuel used for the fire to dry the grain - Scotch distilleries tend to use peat which is a very smoky fuel as it burns as the fuel and Irish distilleries uses anthracite. Anthracite is virtually smokeless and this is why Irish whiskey does not have the smoky taste which Scotch whisky is known for.

        2. Scotch is only distilled twice where as Irish is distilled three times. This extra distillation adds an extra smoothness to the whiskey.

        I personally tend to prefer Irish whiskey as I don't like the smoky flavour of Scotch.

        Anyway with that out of the way back to this product.

        Bushmills use 100% malted barley for this whiskey, I'm not going to go into all the ins and outs of the production of the whiskey as it would take too long to write and to read.

        As is typical of all whiskies the distillation takes place in copper stills and one thing which surprises most is that the spirit is colourless after it has been through the triple distillation process. It is the maturing in the barrels which gives the whiskey its colour and some of its flavour. Ever wondered why the price goes up the longer it matures? Simple as it sits in the barrels the wood absorbs some of the whiskey. The longer it sits in the barrels the more the wood absorbs hence the less there is to sell so you pay a higher price. Although longer matured whiskies also tastes better.

        This 10 year old whiskey is a single malt whiskey hence it is not a blend. It is matured for at least 10 years in Bourbon seasoned barrels produced from two different woods.


        The whiskey has a fresh slight vanillary aroma with perhaps just a hint of honey and nuttiness. It is a pale golden colour and the taste of the whiskey is smooth and crisp with flavours of vanilla with a mix of oakiness and slightly nutty, I'm thinking hazelnuts more than any other. The finish is clean but with no particular flavour strongly lingering. Unlike some cheaper blended well known brands this does not have an odd after taste (god this makes me sound like a drunk - I'm not - honest) if anything the after taste I get is that of the nuttiness.

        For me this is one of the better Irish Whiskies I have tried and it should not be insulted by using it in a cocktail or, god forbid, by adding it to any cola. As this would destroy the complex individual flavours of the whiskey.

        This is a whiskey for either drinking neat, on the rocks or a splash of soda. I do mean a splash - you don't want to drown it. The soda does help some of the more complex flavours of the oak and nuttiness to come out.

        This is not the cheapest whiskey I bought mine whilst on holiday in Cork for Euro 34.50 which at that time of currency exchange was about £24.15. I have only seen it on sale here in specialist shops and online for around the same price. It is sold in 700 ml bottles (which have a 'cork' stopper rather than a screw cap) and is 40% ABV


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      • Product Details

        A product of the world's oldest licensed whiskey distillery, the Old Bushmills Distillery, Bushmills Single Malt Irish Whiskey is the original single malt whiskey from Ireland.

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