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Captain Morgan - Spiced Rum

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3 Reviews

Brand: Captain Morgan / Type: Rum

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    3 Reviews
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      10.07.2013 22:22
      Very helpful



      Do you want to be whisked away to the Caribbean, if so drink this rum, x

      =Captain Morgan - Spiced Rum=

      I don't normally buy Rum, as when I was a lot younger, I had one too many, and wasn't well, I blame it on the blackcurrant juice, as the drink then was Rum and Black.

      It was only the last couple of years that I rediscovered Rum, in the form of Golden Rum, with coke, it was lush.

      =How I got the Spiced Rum=
      On the duty free on the plane, they had offers of 2 bottle for £22, mix of Brandy, Vodka, Spiced Rum and Gin, I wanted 2 bottle of Brandy, they only had one (£12 for one), but as there was 2 for £22, the steward recommended the Spiced Rum, so I brought it.

      =From the Bottle=
      Information from the bottle, it explains that the Spiced Rum is a spirit drink, and it is based on a secret blend of premium Caribbean rums, mellow spices and other natural flavours.

      The distinct richness and amber colour is from the aging process of the rum in charred white oak barrels.

      Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum is the perfect mix with cola,

      The apr is 35%

      =My Experience=
      Wow, as soon as I opened the bottle, I was immediately whisked away to the Caribbean, golden sands, sunsets, beaches of fine powder sand, I poured some into the glass, the rum was a beautiful golden colour, I added some ice, and then Coke, I added a wedge of lemon, although lime would have been equally as good if not better,

      Even when the drink had the coke in it, I could smell the spices, I couldn't tell you what they were sorry, but imagine a rich Christmas Cake, cooking and you get the aromas from the spices that is another way I can think of describing it.

      =The Verdict=
      The bottle lasted two weekends, as it was lovely, and was a nice drink, a good taste, and it went down very well.

      I will be buying this bottle again, I would prefer duty free prices, but hey I can't have everything, so see what the prices are like at the supermarkets.

      =Star Rating=
      A 5/5 and one that I am drooling over already just writing about it..



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        08.02.2013 10:19
        Very helpful



        Ahoy there me hearties!

        I have to admit that I don't normally like rum. I do buy rum, just to cook with, or to add to cocktails though. I normally just buy a supermarket own brand generic rum rather than a branded rum. I think that if you are cooking with rum, or adding rum to a cocktail then you don't necessarily need to buy an expensive rum, a cheaper version will do, as the other ingredients in the cocktail will take over the flavour of the rum somewhat anyway.

        One of the gifts that my husband received this Christmas was a bottle of Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum. It was actually a boxed set that contained a bottle of the rum plus a branded Captain Morgan's tankard.

        And so after tasting this rum I have to now admit that I actually really like Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum!

        According to the bottle Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum is a spirit drink based on a secret blend of premium Caribbean rums, mellow spice and other natural flavours. It gets its distinct richness and amber colour from ageing the rum in charred white oak barrels. Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum is the perfect mix with cola - the secret recipe of spices blend with the cola to make a legendary mix.
        Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum is 35% ABV.

        I have to say that they are absolutely spot on about mixing it with cola, I mix it with Diet Coke, and I also squeeze a lime wedge into the glass and then add another lime wedge to float. This makes a gorgeous mixed drink, it's warming and spicy and delicious. I can definitely taste the spicy rum in this drink and I think that's it's the perfect mixed drink for winter due to the spicy and warming taste of the rum.

        The rum itself has a lovely mellow and rich taste, and is definitely very spicy - hence the name I guess! I'm not sure that I can detect which spices are actually in the rum, I want to say cinnamon due to the rich and warming taste, but I'm probably wrong. The rum is a lovely golden amber colour, and it smells absolutely delicious too. You can smell the rum base, but it also has a really heady and spicy fragrance to it. It's not an overpowering 'knock you out' alcohol kind of smell, it's actually a really enticing 'drink me now' fragrance.

        We've both really liked this rum, and will definitely purchase another bottle (or two or three!).
        I would certainly recommend it, and I've even recommend that non rum lovers give it a try too. In fact had someone given me a glass of this and not told me what it was I don't think that I'd have guessed at rum. I'd have probably guessed at some sort of spicy liqueur.


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        24.10.2012 23:22
        Very helpful



        The perfect rum for me!!!!!


        I have recently written a few reviews on different types of rum! I have to admit that I think rum is my favourite spirit, I love white rum and dark rum. Recently I have gotten into spiced dark rum, they taste so nice with coke and also leave such a nice taste in the mouth. I have recently been drinking Morgan spiced as my main spirit. I first tried this on a night out in Brighton, it was the drink on offer in a weather spoons pub. I tried it due to the cheap price and I am so glad I did because I have found a drink that I will like for life! It turns out that Morgan spiced isn't a cheap drink and it is Far more expensive than I first though it would be. I had never heard of Morgan spiced before I tried it a few months ago, but recently I have seen so many adverts on tele and in the papers for this spirit! I will now go into more detail on this product and explain why I like it so much.


        A bottle of Morgan spiced is usually priced at around £17. This price if for a 1 litre bottle, which is fairly expensive but because of the brilliance of this drink I would pay more. It's far better than cheaper options. The bottle is quite tall and shaped quirkily. The front has a picture of the "captain" on it. You are also informed that it contains spices of cassia and vanilla. It is made with Caribbean rum. On the side of the bottle engrained into the glass are the words "smooth and true" and on the other side engrained are the words "spirit of the Caribbean". The back of the bottle tells you more about the alcholol content of the drink. It is at 35% volume. In a full 1 litre bottle of Morgan spiced there are 35 uk units. You are also told that there are at least 40 servings per bottle which shows how far one bottle will go. You are also given the ingredients for a drink called captain and cola. You are told to have 25ml of captain Morgan spiced, 100ml of cola and a lime wedge. Overall I really like the design of the bottle and it looks very posh. It stands out very well on the shelf and is very obvious. I love the look of the bottle on my drinks cabinet. This bottle design gets 5 stars from me.

        Taste, do I like it?:

        I love the taste of Morgan spiced it is something very different to any rum I have tried before. I like the hint of vanilla as it gives it a fresh taste. When drinking this with cola it gives the cola such a fantastic taste, it completely transforms a boring drink. I have tried this with lemonade and it also tastes great with it. A small amount of Morgan's spiced with ice is also great on its own. It's the sort of spirit which is great to have in your cabinet as it is very versatile. I believe it is much nicer than just a typical dark rum, the spiced aspect of the rum gives it so much character which you wouldn't expect a rum to have. It is a great winter drink because it warms your throat and body after you drink some, yet it is great for a summer drink with some ice cold cola. I have never been so impressed with a spirit. It has a great after taste which doesn't taste of strong alcohol. The alcohol content is high in the drink, but it doesn't taste like a very strong drink. I have never had a headache the next day after drinking a few of these! I really recommend that you give this a try as you will be shocked at how nice it is.


        Captains Morgan spiced dark rum gets a full 5 star rating from me, it is a great spirit that is something different. It is available now in most pubs and I prefer this to the likes of Bacardi oakheart. It's very different and the hints of vanilla really excite me! I would recommend this to a person of any age as it really is very good. I hope you enjoyed reading my review! I do believe it is worth a try. I must also add that the smell of the drink is also so nice and you can actually smell the spices in the Morgan spiced. I love the whole branding and in will be definately buying this again in the future. I have seen this on offer in many places so keep your eye out for any offers on this, not long ago if you purchased a bottle of this you got a free captain Morgan spiced glass tankard.

        Thanks again for reading this!!



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      • Product Details

        A blend of golden rum, natural flavours and mellow spices that is guaranteed to get you going. Smooth to drink and easy to mix with cola, lemonade or orange juice.

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