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Ciroc - Vodka 1 L

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Brand: Ciroc / Type: Vodka

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    2 Reviews
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      07.08.2013 18:14
      Very helpful



      A high end vodka made with grapes.

      Cîroc Vodka.

      There are two little pleasures I have in life. I really treasure the taste of coffee and the other is Vodka and over the years I have tried many varieties of vodka. I was flabbergasted to hear on a radio station someone who was supposedly a food connoisseur stating that he did not see the point of vodka as there is little to distinguish one from an another. I was so incensed I actually contacted the radio station and gave him a right talking to telling him he was talking a load of rot. Unbeknown to me there was a drinks expert who came on next who also laid into him and she said that of course there are different tastes and each brand is unique.

      I reckon I must have tried and tasted over 100 varieties of vodka and all my friends know of my love of it and often buy me some obscure or unusual brand if they come across one that they think I have never tasted. I even tried a home made vodka which was absolutely foul. For one of my birthdays I ended up with 13 different bottles and luckily not one of them was a duplicate so I was well happy however I digress!

      Cîroc vodka is an ultra-premium brand of vodka which is made in France from a certain type of grape that is left on the vine and only harvested once the temperatures have plummeted. The grapes come from Gaillac in the Midi-Pyrénées area of France which is at quite a high altitude at approximately 147 meters above sea level. The area is renowned for its Viticulture and production of fine wines and brandies. The process of making this vodka is slightly different to other vodka production as most of the process is a cold process. The grapes are first macerated then the juice is allowed to ferment due to the natural sugars from the grape. It is distilled four times and one final distillation is in a copper pot still. This distillation process leaves you with a pure smooth tasting vodka.

      What does it taste like?

      This being an ultra-premium vodka means that the taste is really smooth and clean it just glides down your throat without any burning. It is best served icy cold straight from the freezer would be ideal but if not just pour over some ice and savour the taste which is clean on the palate. There is a slight citrusy taste to it almost like an orange but not so overt but it is there. It would be criminal to mix this as a party drink. Personally I think this is ideal to drink on its own over ice with a backup of any juice that takes your fancy but served in a separate glass. I tend to drink Vodka in a certain way usually neat but then followed up with a lug of something else.

      This vodka is sold in a distinctive long thin bottle that has a blue bubble of glass embedded on the front under which there is the name of the vodka. Cîroc snap frost vodka. It retails for around the £40 mark and is distributed by Diageo. There are three other flavours including red berry, coconut and peach all made with grapes.

      Do I recommend it?

      Yes I do as it is a very nice clean and crisp vodka that is not harsh on the tongue lingers and burns in the throat. It is smooth to swallow and digest.


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        30.10.2012 00:02
        Very helpful



        A lovely clean, crisp vodka

        This is my all time favourite vodka, as I have said in a previous review I do purchase Smirnoff as my usual choice but purely because of the price of this vodka. I first got one of these during a visit to duty free when travelling to Mexico and it appealed to me because the bottle looked really lovely and would fit in nicely in my dining room.

        The bottle itself is clear glass with a blue base and blue circle above the ciroc branding. It says on the front of the bottle that it is snap frost vodka distiller from fine French grapes. It is 5 times distilled and is a product of France.

        When we got home from holiday I googled it to see where it was sold and as this was back in 2007 it was hard to find other than duty free and a couple of online shops. It was endorsed if my memory serves me right by puff daddy or 'p' diddy as I believe he is now known.

        The reason I like this so much is it tastes so pure and not too strong but gets you feeling really giggly and tipsy without having to drink too much. My husband very kindly found me a bottle of this as a Christmas present from Selfridges and it cost him around £50.00 but it is worth that as I say it is like the champagne of vodkas when comparing this to others.

        I am reading the back of a bottle I still have (I kept the bottle as it looks so nice to have in although it is now sneakily filled with water) and it says the following:

        At the heart of this unique vodka are select grapes grown high in the Gaillac region of France. This innovation in French craftsmanship uses a cold fermentation process, unique in the world of vodka, preserving the grapes' distinct freshness. Distilled 5 times, this results in a taste experience that is refreshingly different and elegantly smooth. Experience it and revel in the unexpected.

        That is from the back of the bottle and it is certainly true, it is definitely an experience I would recommend and although quite expensive it would be worth a try on special occasions. I have since seen this only last week in costco which is where I get a lot of my products from due to the low cost, but to buy from a Costco warehouse you do have to be a member as this is how you get your items discounted - though membership fees.

        I am now dropping the hint to my husband in the hope there might be another bottle of this under the Christmas tree with a nice bow as I found that last time I drank this I did not have a hangover at all - not sure why because I always at least have a headache when I drink so it may be coincidence but I will do anything to justify a little bottle of this.


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      • Product Details

        Distilled from fine French grapes, Ciroc is vodka of the highest order. At the heart of this unique vodka are carefully selected grapes grown high in the Gaillac region of France. Ciroc is distilled five times to produce exquisitely smooth vodka. Ciroc

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