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Type: Vodka

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    1 Review
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      25.06.2012 12:56
      Very helpful



      Danzka, the vodka of the Danes

      We tend to drink quite a lot of vodka in our house.................

      One of our favourite vodkas is the Danzka Vodka. I discovered this for the first time when flying in and out of Copenhagen airport when we lived in Southern Sweden and then in Denmark. It was on offer at the time and so I thought that I'd give it a go, it turned out to be really nice and we've continued to buy it ever since.

      As the name would suggest Danzka is a Danish vodka, it's made from 100% whole-wheat Danish wheat, and it's produced and bottled in Denmark. The Danzka vodka range includes; the vodka pictured above which is the regular unflavoured 40% proof vodka, several different flavoured versions - Citrus (lemon flavoured), Currant (with a hint of blackcurrant), Grapefruit (with a twist of grapefruit) and CranberryRaz (infused with cranberry and raspberry), and a 50% proof unflavoured vodka.

      Danzka vodka is sold in really funky brushed aluminium cylindrical bottles, they have a very streamlined, sophisticated and modern look, very Scandinavian looking in design. The metal bottle was designed for more than just its funky looks though, it was also designed to chill the vodka faster than a glass bottle would do.

      Danzka vodka is described as being 'a smooth aromatic vodka, rich in taste with a slight character of fruitiness', and this is a really accurate description I would say. I don't normally like unflavoured vodkas, even with a mixer, I normally have to hide the taste of unflavoured vodkas in a cocktail along with other spirits and mixers. I do however really like the unflavoured Danzka vodka, obviously not neat, but I do like it with just the one mixer as opposed to adding two or three other items and turning it into a cocktail.

      This is perfect when served chilled, either on it's own if that's your preference (my husband likes it this way), or when mixed with your favourite mixer or in a cocktail. If I'm not using this in a cocktail then I actually just like it with slimline tonic water, and to say how much I dislike other unflavoured vodkas that's actually high praise indeed for the Danzka vodka!

      I very often bought a bottle of this when passing through Copenhagen airport, either for ourselves, or as a gift for someone. I would find that more often than not they would always have some sort of offer on. I do still actually buy a couple of bottles of this when I go back and visit friends. Admittedly it's not as cheap now as it used to be a few years ago, but this is due to the falling exchange rates.


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    Vodkas / Country: Denmark / Types: Neutral Danzka, Currant Danzka, Citron Danzka, GrapeFruit Danzka, CranberryRaz Danzka.

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