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Jack Daniels Gentleman Jack

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Type: Whisky

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    2 Reviews
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      19.10.2012 17:16
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      A refined version of Jack daniels, worth paying that bit extra for

      I bought a bottle of gentleman jack in dubai airport duty free on my return from a recent trip with work. I find I like to stretch to a pricer bottle of spirit to use up spare foreign money and avoid the hassle of changing it back to british pounds.

      -----Gentleman Jack-----

      Gentleman jack is a brand of jack daniels that is more expensive than the standard issue bottle. It is twice filtered through charcol as opposed to only once with the regular jack.

      Unline the dooyoo picture it comes in a stange shaped bottle which has an unusual look. If you can picture a heart shape with the bottop part flattened and a the top part made into a single curve with the spout of the bottle in the centre, thats approximatley the shape (although it may be better just to search google images than to try to understand my description). It has a small embossed silver label and overall looks more refined than the standard square bottle.

      Gentleman jack is the same strength as standard jack being 40% (or 80 proof). The only difference really is the appearance and taste.

      Gentleman Jack is available in 70cl or 1L bottles. I am sure it can be found in smaller samples or minatures, but cannot say I have ever seen one.

      Also available is single barrel select jack daniels which is even more superior in flavour, but much more pricey. If streching further in price I would definitley opt for a good single malt above a bourbon.

      -----The taste---

      Jack daniels is a bourbon not a 'proper' whiskey in that it is made by using sour mash (recycling of the aged byproducts). As with all the jack daniels varieties it used the same ingredients which are 80 per cent corn, 12 per cent rye and 8 per cent barley malt.. The only difference is that it is 'mellowed' by doing more filtering through charcol.

      The taste is much smoother than standard jack and it is claimed to have a very sweet and clean taste, with a touch of liquorice, smoke and caramel. I can definitley taste the smoke and have a vauge idea of where the caramel description comes from although cannot detect the liquorice at all.

      I personally do like a good whiskey but cannot drink standard jack without a mixer as I find it a bit harsh. Gentleman jack on the other hand really is considerably less sharp and quite easy to drink neat. I do like to have it with Ice (whereas I would never dream of corrupting a more classy single malt with a lump of penguin poo).


      Looking online a 70cl bottle of Gentleman jack sells for just over £30, which for the quality is very acceptable. I believe I paid a bit less than this duty free and it would have converted to about £25 which is very good considering standard jack is regularly £20 in London shops.


      A refined version of Jack daniels, worth paying that bit extra for.


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        04.09.2011 00:14
        Very helpful



        A very pleasant whisky for casual and more 'serious' whisky drinkers alike

        It has to be said, the majority of Jack Daniels drinkers these days are primarily drinking it with mixers rather than straight. This is a niche that Mr Daniels has very successfully cornered over the last decade...the social more accessible whisky, bourbon to be precise.

        Gentleman Jack is a widely available alternative to the classic No7 label. Coming in the standard 70cl it retails at a few pounds more than the standard Jack in the same size... usually between £25 and £30. Released in 1988 to the USA consumer initially, it was known as a 'superpremium' whisky , of a higher quality to the Jack Daniels No7 brand.

        If you are a Jack fan, and are looking for that familiar smooth taste with a little bit extra then it may be worth grabbing a bottle and giving it a shot. The taste is very 'woody' similar to more traditional whiskies, so a good way for casual drinkers to get acquainted with some traditional tastes.

        Its alcohol content, although equal to No7 does taste a little stronger and is arguably more enjoyable to drink straight due to the extra taste and bite. In the common , with coke combination it is also a very tasty drink which I personally could drink all night long.


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