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Jack Daniels No 7 Replica Bottle 1895

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Type: Whisky

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    1 Review
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      14.03.2001 00:07
      Very helpful



      Apparently, Lemmy of Motorhead drinks around two bottles a day. Jim Morrison, drank about the same (“show me the way, to the next whiskey bar” indeed). The members of Guns N Roses, Casey Chaos of Amen – they drink it to. What I’m talking about, of course, is Jack Daniel’s Old No.7, the finest darn’ supping whiskey y’all cud buy, and the ultimate ‘rock and roll’ spirit (by that, of course, I refer to alcohol, not the swirly thing in your stomach). Jack Daniel’s is an American brand of whiskey, in case my disjointed paragraph didn’t make things clear. It is marketed on the fact that is, well, old – “for seven generations”, in fact. Here’s a more things you might not have known about the drink: - Jack Daniel’s, is made in Tennessee, and is distilled and bottled at this address - Jack Daniel Distillery, Lem Motlow, Proprietor Lynchburg, Tennesse 37352, U.S.A (in case you want to mail) - The above is the oldest registered distillery, in the entire of the United States, which has a place in the US ‘Register of Historic Places’ - The brand was awarded with the ‘Highest Gold Medal’ at Louis, Mo Exposition in 1904, and then again in 1905 in Liege, Belgium. It also received the Star Of Excellence in Brussels, during 1954, and a Gold Medal with Palm Leaves in Amsterdam, during 1981. Interesting, huh? (must make you feel good, paying someone 5p to read a label for you) Now the background knowledge is covered – here comes the convincing part. It’s going to be hard, considering how true the old saying ‘one man’s meat, is another man’s poison’ really is (bless you, grandma). Obviously though, I can offer you a rough idea. Jack Daniel’s works at around 40% volume, so it packs a mean punch, particularly for any new whiskey drinkers. In comparison to other brand
      s, Jack Daniel’s has a fuller, more mature taste, less sweeter then other makes such as Glenfinich or Bell’s. That’s about all I can tell you – I’m no whiskey expert, and Dooyoo refused to offer funding for my proposed market research. Cost-wise, things are less rosy. The smallest bottle (I’m forgetting the mini novelty ones I’ve seen around), is a 35cl, and costs a tenner, basically, or there about. You might just get enough change for a bottle of cheaper-then-cheap coke to go with it, depending on location. After that, size and price increases by roughly 40cl and a tenner at each stage. The label is classic – simple black and white script, in a western-style font. Each label proudly boasts a bunch of sentimental facts and figures, much like those featured above (ahem…), and makes for interesting reading (if you’re strange. Bad joke, but true). History of brand… taste… size/price… label … what else? Ah yes… Sadly, even drinks today host an ‘image’, mainly promoted by television adverts and such like. I hinted earlier as that what image Jack Daniel’s enjoys – rock n roll, baby! Rock stars of the past and present glamorise the drink, and the black and white label has came to be automatically associated with rock music, in a similar way that Malabro cigarettes have done same. In a clever move, the brains behind the Jack Daniel’s brand have refrained from cheapening this connection by introducing it into their advertising campaign. Either that, or it really is run by the small old man in Tennessee that the label would have you believe brew every bottle himself. Of course, unless you really are Lemmy from Motorhead, Jim Morrison or an alcoholic, you’re not going to want to drink the stuff neat (it may impress your mates, but it’ll taste kind of foul). Here’s my favourite accompaniment
      s, to this fine drink. 1) Jack Daniel’s and Coke – the classic, tasting as it should taste. Like pouring liquid silk down your throat. Or something. 2) Jack Daniel’s and Cherryade – slightly less classic, but fairly unique. Try this is if you don’t really like the taste of whiskey in the first place. 3) Jack Daniel’s and Vodka – a whole new world... Well, I think I’ve I can now, shall I conclude? Jack Daniel’s is whiskey at it’s best (unless you prefer one of the other brands), and while fairly expensive, is well worth your money. It is a matter of taste of course, but ask your barmen for a ‘JD and Coke’, and not only will you look and sound cool and get drunk quickly (albeit for two quid a go), but you’ll enjoy it, too. Mr. Daniel, whoever you are, thank you, and God bless.


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