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Jose Cuervo - Silver (Classico)

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Brand: Jose Cuervo / Type: Tequila & Mescal

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    1 Review
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      29.10.2012 22:14
      Very helpful



      clear tequila

      Jose Cuervo is a brand that is famous for its Tequila. In 1758 Mr Cuervo started cultivating maguey on his many plantations and turning it into Tequila. There are many variations of the brand's drink and this is one of the more premium versions. What I like about this is that it has a clarity that regular Tequila that just does not come close to. You can take it as you would regular Tequila, i.e with salt and lemon but this is more famous for cocktails. It makes a superb margarita. Margaritas make me happy!

      ==Price and availability==

      The silver tequila comes in a 70cl bottle for £20. It is slightly more expensive than regular vodka. I bought it from the Airport but it can be bought in most good liquor stores.

      ==Taste and look==

      The tequila is clear, crystal clear in fact. It is really smooth and it does not have any additive flavours or fruits. It still burns when you drink it but it has a different kick to regular tequila. It has an alcoholic scent to it; but the notes are spicy black pepper and hints of agave. You can certainly taste the black pepper and it is this that gives the drink its spicy kick. The bottle compliments the drink and it has a shocking blue label matched with a clear bottle. This drink is designed to be drunk straight as a shot and you get the most out of it if you drink it like this as you can taste the clarity. With rum for example, the more yellow the rum the more premium it is and golden rum seems to be more expensive than white rum. In this case, white tequila is more premium than gold tequila!

      ==Cocktail fun==

      Of course if you are not brave enough to drink it straight you can drink it in a cocktail. It makes a superb margarita and the spicy kick of the pepper works well with the tangy lime. It has the perfect hit of sweetness and bitterness. Margaritas traditionally have a salt rim but I personally prefer the silver tequila without the salt rim as I do not want too much salt, I love it with a sugar rim though, this works really well. The sugar really sets the tequila off and you get a hot, sugar kick that really gets the party started.
      This tequila works in a Rose Garden cocktail that has a mix of grapefruit and elderberries along with the tequila kick, this is really good and tastes superb. I guess any tequila cocktails could use this tequila but I prefer to go cocktails recommended by mixologists as this is no regular tequila. Tequila is a required taste but this is slightly more palatable than regular tequila so it could make some cocktails more appealing to some people.

      When I drink regular tequila shots I get a terrible hang over but with this drink I do not suffer half as bad. I put this down to it having less additives and being distilled quicker.


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  • Product Details

    Although Classico was only introduced in 2003, this ultrasmooth and versatile spirit has already enlivened countless parties and fet-togethers. Jose Cuervo is the silver-styled tequila that adds something truly refreshing to any drink - and any occasion. Delicious as a shot or in a margarita, you can use it to make ordinary monents extraordinary, and to put a new and exciting spin on your favourite cocktails.

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