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Brand: Snow Leopard / Type: Vodka

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    2 Reviews
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      19.02.2013 22:09
      Very helpful



      This is a very good vodka that is a treat when I drink it

      WHAT IS IT?

      A expensive brand of vodka called Snow Leopard.


      Snow Leopard vodka comes in a beautiful bottle that is made of frosty glass. It shows a white leopard walking in a winters scene.


      This is a very good vodka and I think it is worth the high cost. It is smooth to drink and so I just have it poured over ice and let that melt a slight amount before I drink it. It tastes fresh and very clean and this is the only vodka that I like to drink without tonics water or any other mixer and that is because of it being so high quality.


      I looked up about Snow Leopard vodka and it is made in small batches and distilled over 4 stages to make it pure. I think that shows when I am drinking it and even though I think Smirnoff is high quality it tastes inferior to Snow Leopard. I think it is like when you buy an expensive bottle of wine and even though it is still vodka it has got a flavour of its own. It is not sweet but there's no bitter taste and even though you can taste the alcohol it covers it with crisp flavours and a very fresh taste.

      I have drank it with lemonade and also coca cola. It was nice with lemonade and I added a slice of lemon but the cola made it too sweet and ruined the fresh taste because I could not taste it properly over the cola. I would not like it mixed with orange juice for the same reason.


      Snow Leopard vodka costs about £32 for a standard bottle. I buy it when I go to Europe because it costs less than Euro30, that is £25 so it makes it more affordable to drink. I only drink 1 or 2 glasses sometimes and that is not because of the cost but because it is so good quality that it is nice to have a small drink to savour the tastes. I have not ever drank enough of this vodka to get drunk but it makes me feel relaxed and sophisticated. It has got 40% of alcohol in it so if you drank too much you would be come drunk quite quickly.

      When you buy a bottle of Snow Leopard vodka a percent donation of the profits is made towards conserving snow leopards because they are so endangered. The donation is 15% and it is paid in the Zloty so the donation amount remains the same whatever country you buy it in and however much you pay for it.

      5 Dooyoo Stars.


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        30.10.2012 18:41
        Very helpful



        A delicious tasting premium vodka

        One of my favourite drinks is Vodka and I am picky about which Vodka I will drink. I cant stand the supermarket own brands because for me they just don't taste the same as the more recognised brands such as Smirnoff and Grey Goose to name a few. For me it is all about the taste, not how much it costs, assuming of course the objective of drinking the vodka is to enjoy it and not get absolutely blotto, in which case pass me any bottle.

        I was first introduced to Snow Leopard Vodka at Gatwick Airport just over a year ago as I was waiting to board my plane to Egypt. As I was wondering passed to browse in Duty Free, I was stopped by a promotion lady who asked me if I would like to try it, naturally if it is A) Free and B) Vodka then pass me the glass. After my first initial shot (which admittedly was a very liberal measure) I thought it was so lovely that I ordered a bottle for when I came back from my holiday because it was on offer at £20 a bottle, which to me was too big an opportunity to pass up.

        Snow Leopard Vodka is 40% proof and is made from the finest spelt grains, known to some as the godfather of all grains when making vodka. It is also award-winning vodka and claims to be the world's first ethical vodka, giving 15% of its profits to Snow Leopard conservation projects. It is said that the Snow Leopard is a highly endangered species with around 3,000 to 7,000 remaining in the mountain ranges of central Asia. Made in Poland at one of the worlds most re-known vodka distilleries, the 100 year old Polmos Lublin distillery. When making this vodka it goes through the distilling process 6 times, in small batches, using natural spring water to ensure it is of the highest quality. The aim behind this vodka, so I was told, was to sell 100,000 cases of the Vodka annually, generating enough revenue and awareness to safeguard the Snow Leopard's future. So by purchasing a few bottles you are really doing your bit for charity right?

        The first thing that draws you to this vodka is the beautiful bottle, for me that is the best way to describe it, beautiful. It is a rounded clear glass bottle which is perfectly see-through and every bottle looks as though someone has spent hours polishing it to perfection because of the way it shines. Over the bottle is a label which is so fine, it feels as though it has been etched onto the bottle and on it is a Snow Leopard in its natural habitat. When I bought the 70cl bottle it was sold in a wonderful white cardboard box which hosts a rather lovely picture of a Snow Leopard in snow and it really stands out amongst the crowd. The lid to the bottle is a dark white, not cream, twist on and off lid which compliments the bottle.

        Once the bottle has been opened, this vodka can be enjoyed on its own over a few cubes of ice or as part of a cocktail and even with mixers such as orange juice or my favourite cranberry juice, it compliments just about everything I have tried it with. But it is definitely not the vodka I would use as a shot to drink quickly, it's a flavour to savour. So as for the taste, if I was to have my eyes closed or be blindfolded, the first thing to spring to mind would be Barr's Cream Soda, a drink I used to love as a child (they also make Shandy which again I liked) and there is a real strong hint of vanilla. When tried on its own, as a shot or a small measure the vanilla flavour is almost evident along with the peppery vodka taste you get with Grey Goose vodka, only this one is much smoother on the palette and after swallowing there is a faint taste of what I can only describe as liquorice, but it is really lovely.

        I am a huge fan of this vodka, for me it is head and shoulders above anything else out there in the supermarket and given it is sold as a 'Premium Vodka' and with that word premium comes a price! As I paid £20 for my bottle when it was on offer, I wasn't overly surprised to find that it retails anywhere in the region of £32 to £40 per bottle depending on where you purchase it from, but for me it is worth every penny, especially if I am helping to save the Snow Leopards at the same time!

        And before I sign off, here is a spooky vodka themed Halloween cocktail which I first came across at an American friends Halloween dinner and she has kindly emailed it to me:

        Zombie Gut Punch

        10 ounces vodka
        5 ounces triple sec
        2 ounces bitter
        1 cup freshly squeezed blood orange juice
        2 cups black cherry soda
        grenadine, for rim

        1. In a large punch bowl filled with ice, pour vodka, triple sec, bitter, blood orange juice and black cherry soda. Laugh as though you are an evil zombie and stir.

        2. Rim each glass with grenadine before filling with punch mixture, and serve. Stagger around menacingly and threaten to eat strangers' brains. Using these measurements I believe will serve around 6-8 people depending on much you serve at once, Jen used a Martini Glass when serving hers.


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      • Product Details

        It is rare for a luxury vodka to offer so much. Snow Leopard Vodka is made from the finest spelt grains. It is handcrafted in small batches through a four stage distillation process to guarantee perfection and presented in a stunningly beautiful bottle.

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