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Adidas Clubline Boxing Vest

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Brand: Adidas / Type: Boxing Vest

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    1 Review
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      17.09.2011 14:33
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      Good Boxing Vest

      ****Adidas Clubline Vest****
      The Adidas clubline vest is a sports vest designed to be worn as part of a kit for amateur and professional boxing. In this way, each fighter is colour coded according to amateur boxing rules which and can be scored on a points winning system. The main colours in amateur boxing are red and blue which are the corner colours, I also have a black version of the vest which I use for sparring and general training purposes.

      The appearance of the vest is top quality in my opinion. The product features the white adidas stripes down the middle of the top, which stop just below the chest. There is an Adidas logo to the top right of the vest and there is a further 3 Adidas stripes to the back of the vest. There are three available colours, red, blue and black. I own both the red and black versions in a size medium and large. The product looks classy yet simple and I regularly get compliments in the gym as to how good they look. The product is made from a form of polyester, which is more moisture wicking than cotton and has a shinier appearance. It looks like the material is made from tiny squares which I presume help with ventilation.

      The durability of the product is quite good although probably not as strong as cotton. I think my red vest caught on the washing machine and some of the polyester frayed out but apart from this, after about 2 years of owning the product it remains in good condition. The vest has also stayed true to size and has not shrunk after multiple washings which a cotton one may have done. In essence the durability is good, although it has and probably will fray even more which will eventually ruin the vest.

      The first feature is that the vest is available in boxing corner colours, blue and red. These are the requirements and rules for amateur boxing and the vest is designed to be worn as a kit, with the Adidas clubline boxing shorts. I own a black vest too, which I believe may be illegal to wear in a boxing match since it is not a corner colour set by the ABA. So I just use my black vest for weight training and general sparring. The second feature would be that the vest is made from Airtex polyester, which is a moisture wicking and breathable fabric designed for sports use. I have noticed a difference between this and other normal polyester tops in that there is improved ventilation with the Adidas clubline vest. This improves the comfort of wearing the product and cools you down more so than a cotton vest.

      The price of each of my two vests was not cheap; £20 each. I bought my vest from BoxfitUK which was delivered quickly . You can find cheaper vests, such as the Everlast boxing vest on Sportsdirect for £8. But you couldn't actually wear it legally in a boxing match if you had to wear corner colours and the material of that vest is cotton and less breathable. The price was quite expensive just for a vest, as to wear it in competition you also need to purchase the Adidas clubline boxing shorts separately which are not included.

      Overall, I think the Adidas clubline vest is an attractive, breathable and true to size boxing vest. It comes in a range of colours (red, blue, black) and comes in lots of sizes from extra small to XX large. The product is freely available on the internet from BoxfitUK, Amazon, eBay and Sugarays and is priced around £20 on each. On a downside, whilst the durability is ok, I've noticed that my red vet has frayed from going in the washing machine and this is unrepairable now. I still wear the vest often but it is a noticeable area of damage. The second downside is that the product costs £20 excluding delivery online, which is quite pricey for just a vest. In my opinion I think it is really a good looking and comfortable vest for the serious amateur or pro boxer, but I do think it's probably too expensive if you just plan to wear it casually. If you have the money and don't so much care for polyester durability then buy it, if price is an issue then look on Sportsdirect for cheaper options. Thanks for reading my review.

      © Revo9 (2011)
      *Note, I am both a member of Ciao and Dooyoo.co.uk under the same username of Revo9*


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