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Adidas TechFit Powerweb Yoga 7/8 Tights

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Adidas / Type: Athletics / Running

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    2 Reviews
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      17.06.2011 22:16
      Very helpful



      Elite tights

      These adidas powerweb long tights are highly recommended to use for athletics. I use these in training and in my warm up for a competition, these would also be suitable for racing in.

      These long tights have an elastic material which stay tight to the muscles in the legs e.g. the hamstrings and quadriceps. This does take a little to to get used to as at first it seems to be to tight but then the material stretches and you get used to it. This elastic material actively supports the muscles and boosting power output and energy efficiency.

      Also these long tights are climate cool meaning they keep your legs dry and comfortable when exercising. to create maximum comfort, as i sweat an awfully amount and my legs are still dry after use.

      The disadvantages is where the legs rub together, the long tights can become worn and creating a loss in color, However my thighs are big, so this is really aimed at people with larger thighs.



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      22.07.2010 14:17
      Very helpful



      Go active!

      I start my review with a thank you for Justin for his great review on Adidas TechFit tights. Reading his review made me want to try these tights so I ordered myself a 7/8 yoga tights for jogging.

      Price and package
      I ordered these tights from Adidas shop online (http://shop.adidas.co.uk/) for 20 pounds plus 4.5 pounds P&P. The tights arrived in 3 days by courier. They were packed in a plastic bag and a little box. They are actually on half price offer now and I think it is a bargain for that price. You can get cashback on this purchase too.

      First impressions
      Right after I received these tights I put them on. My sons became very excited and interested. They stared me then they started to caress my thighs. My elder one asked me hundreds of questions about my jogging and my new trousers. He was so cute.
      When I started to put on these tights I took care not to pull the decoration stripes and sewing. They are very stretchy and compress my body. I could compare it to a 100 den tights. I think these tights make you look thinner than you are.

      These tights are made of 75% nylon and 25% elastane. The fabric looks like a black swimming suit's fabric but it is shinier, thinner, slightly transparent, more compressive and very stretchy. I think a measure covers about 3-4 measures as the fabric is so stretchy.

      The fabric of these tights is said to be CLIMALITE fabric which means that it sweeps the sweat away from your skin. I found that my underwear gets wet by the end of the jogging and my old cotton trousers were wet too. Since I have been using these tights for jogging my underwear gets wet but my tights remain almost completely dry.

      When Adidas designed these tights they took into consideration the results of the research made on athletes so the POWERWEB fabric supports muscles by compressing them boosting power output and energy efficiency.

      TECHFIT material has high compression to support the muscles during the exercise and to reduce muscle vibration thus muscles can generate more energy. How does this feel while jogging? I found that the compressive effect of the tights makes my legs firmer and highlights my shape. It is very easy and comfortable walking and exercising in these tights.

      These yoga trousers are 7/8 long so my ankles are out of them. The length of these tights makes my legs look longer and thinner. There is a matte stripe on the shiny fabric which is very tricky as it makes your thighs look thinner and drives the look from the front of the thighs to your bottom. This really works. I could write a whole essay on men's look when they meet a woman doing some kind of sports. Let me summarize in one single sentence: at swimming they look on my breasts then on my face, back to my breasts then my legs, when jogging they look on my breasts then on my bottom, I can feel their look on my arse. Lol

      So these tights contour your shape very well but as it follows your shape fitted fit there are no hidden things from curious eyes. There is an Adidas logo and a Techfit label on the left thigh.

      I washed these tights by hand and by washing machine too. The label suggests you washing them on 30 degrees so I did it so. I found the matte stripe very well fitted to the material but I guess once it will peal down. The tumble drier would make it peal for sure so avoid it. I have to admit that I wash it about twice a week however I use it every day.

      I found jogging easier in these tights as the fabric is silky and the friction of my thighs is negligible compared to the cotton trousers, especially when they were wet of sweat. I like its compressive effect as I feel very comfortable wearing them. The waist part of these tights is made unique: it is cut at the hips and a double stripe is used over the waist line. If you have hourglass shape like me you may face the same problem, namely the waist of the trousers is not as stretchy as the rest so the trousers have to be pulled up from time to time. I think next time I'll buy another waist design cause this pulling annoys me a little bit.

      These tights make you feel very comfortable and fit. It contours your shape and the design stripe drives people's look from your thighs to your bottom. It is very comfortable exercising in them and it really helps your skin stay relatively dry. 20 pounds for these tights are nothing, it well worth that money. They are perfect for vain women like me. lol

      It is slightly transparent so your underwear is visible. I try to wear black underwear when jogging not to be so flashy. You can wear them without underwear if you want to but I'm not as brave. I think I show more than I intended to so I insist to my underwear. The other disadvantage for me is the waist design. The waist is not as stretchy as the rest of the tights so the tights slip down from my waist from time to time and I have to pull them up.

      Size and colour
      The colour selection is really wide, you can select from black and black. Lol So, they are available in only one colour but the size range is from 8 to 16. I won't tell my size, sorry...

      Overall experience
      I think buying these tights was a brilliant decision and I am very satisfied with them. I love wearing them and as I am vain I enjoy examining people's reaction when they take a look at me. These tights highlight my feminine shape and the design makes it really nice. The compression effect and its stretchiness are fabulous and I really love them. Do I recommend them? Yes! If you are exercising or jogging regularly you should feel the difference. Not only makes you look better but you feel better too.


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