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Jack Murphy Cotswold Ladies Bush Coat

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Brand: Jack Murphy / Sport type: Equestrian / Gear Type: Ladies 3/4 length waterproof jacket with hood

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    1 Review
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      29.01.2011 20:28
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      Stay dry without looking like something from swamp land or a dork!!!!

      When you go to buy a dry coat you expect it to do just that 'keep you dry' yet from my own experiences with coats of this type around 90% of so called waterproof coats stand up to a light shower yet anything more and you end up with wet patches here , there and everywhere leaving you cursing buying the thing and sending it scuttling to the deepest darkest parts of the back of your wardrobe never to be seen again.

      Last month I spent many hours searching the internet reading up on this type of jacket, finding out who makes the best style , affordability and decent colours, I don't know about you but I'm fed up with the green or brown well known make of jacket that every so called 'county person' wears.
      Here are my findings and putting my own money wear my mouth is I am now the proud owner of a 'True red Jack Murphy Cotswold jacket' and I'm loving it.
      Jack Murphy makes great jackets and this one is not just 100% waterproof but totally affordable , stylish and comfortable to , coming in some really great colours this is the sort of jacket you can fling on and off you go around town, shopping , on the beach or even.........on your horse , yes a jacket that really does keep the wet out and yet is smart enough to take you anywhere.

      Sizing & Colour:
      Coming in sizes 8 to 18 the outer shell comes in some really great colours:
      Olive green, Chocolate, Navy, Chinchilla, Dark Gull grey, Garnet, Burnt olive, and new this year stunning 'True red'..... I wonder if its because of the series True Blood?.
      The lining in all the jackets is a warm brushed cotton in a sort of a muted beige/green/brown county check pattern.

      The starting price for the jacket is just £38.99 , but with the newer colours there is an add on amount of £7.96 , I don't know why this is , it might just be the company I bought mine from . You then have to add on postage & packing of £5.60 making an average of £44.59 for normal colours and £52.55 for colours like the new bright red.

      The cut of the jacket is very stylish having a good size over the shoulders cape attached by under the arm pit straps and a full size hood which is detachable and can be stores quiet easily in one of the two good size side /front pockets, two other pockets can be found inside ,one is a mobile phone pocket and the other is the sort of size you could put a wallet/purse in quiet easily.
      It has a large kick vent at the back of the jacket which can be undone by simply pulling the Velcro apart and Velcro on the sleeve ends so that you can pull these in to keep out the wind and the rain and of course leg straps (hidden on the inside ) for those who want to use jacket with 'The horse set' which in total makes this jacket every thing I've always wanted in a wet weather coat and I hope you would want to .

      When you have been out and about in the rain just shake the jacket well and leave to dry on a hanger either in the bathroom or somewhere warm .I hang mine on the shower curtain rail over the shower tray to dry . Should you get mud or marks on the jacket then just take a sponge ,warm water and some washing up liquid and gently sponge the mark until its removed. If the jacket gets very dirty it can be hand washed using a none biological powder like 'Fairy' rinsing it well 4/5 times in clean water , but NOTE do not use fabric softener as this will harm the 100% waterproof effect of the jacket , just shaking out the jacket after washing/rinsing well leaving it to dry in a warm place.

      Other jackets and coats by this designer :
      The Jack Murphy brand does a large range of coats and jackets , some 3/4 length and some full length for men, women and children. The 3/4 length jacket on a 5 foot 2 inch person like myself becomes a full length coat ( just below the knee) which in turn makes a full length coat touch the floor so make sure you get the correct length if you are short or if you are looking for children's sizes.

      I believe this jacket to be one of the best I have ever purchased in all my 50+ years, its stylish, affordable, looks smart with a skirt /shirt and boots , but just as good with jeans/tee shirt and scruffy trainers.
      The colours in the range are brilliant and the true red is really a stunning colour and definitely not for the faint hearted or introvert among us.

      One last point about buying a jacket/coat :
      If you like the jacket described above or are thinking of buying a coat of this type in the near future do look about the internet well , check out garden centres and camping equipment shops as they to stock jackets buy this designer.
      I wanted a red jacket and bought mine from the company on the internet having placed the order on the 6th Jan my funds transferred on the 10th Jan I then had to keep emailing them until the 28th Jan , the jacket arrived within hours of this email on the 29th Jan after I had suggested either my money back or court action.



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