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Pikeur Candela Kontrast Breeches

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Manufacturer: Pikeur / Type: Ladies Equestrian Breeches

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    1 Review
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      02.07.2012 13:44
      Very helpful



      A lovely pair of breeches which will last for quite sometime

      Having had to buy equestrian clothing for years and years I have quickly come to realise that you sometimes have to spend a decent amount of money on an item to make it last. I don't just ride at weekends or have lessons I ride 6 days a week come rain or shine and compete regularly so the clothes that I buy have to be up to the job as they go through quite vigorous testing! I have found with a lot of the cheaper brands although ideal for an occasional rider they just don't live up to the job of someone who wears them everyday for hours upon end. At the end of last year I was in desperate need of new breeches having finally worn my one pair to threads and realistically I needed a new pair.

      Breeches are very similar to jodhpurs, I won't go through the ins and outs but they look incredibly similar and do the exact same thing. Like normal clothing there are loads of brands and manufacturers of varying price ranges so there really is something to fit everyones budget. Due to having major problems with some brands in the past I tend to stick with what I know. In this case I tend to seek out Pikeur breeches as they wear well, are great quality but they do come with a hefty price tag. Fortunately as Christmas was coming up I did ask for money from my parents as they are always stuck with what to buy me and as I knew I had to buy a new pair this was quite useful and didn't seem so bad when I bought them!

      The breeches I opted for were the Pikeur Candela Kontrast Breeches simply because apart from looking nice I also managed to get them on sale which was even better. I own several pair of Pikeur breeches from their other collections and have always been incredibly happy with them. Pikeur are a brand/manufacturer in the equestrian world and make some wonderful clothing but at more of a high budget kind of range so be prepared to fork out quite a bit of any one of their items BUT as far as I am concerned the quality is money worthy and I have found that my breeches last for a good two years at least were as the cheaper breeches I've bought before last for a few months at the most I'd rather pay for one pair than numerous pairs which would be more expensive.

      As far as I am aware the Pikeur Candela Kontrast Breeches are one of the best selling breeches for Pikeur and are widely stocked especially on the online equestrian stores such as Dressage Deluxe and Panache. They are made from their prestige microfibre material which is so incredibly soft but at the same time very durable making them incredibly comfortable to wear. Microfibre (made up of 64% cotton 29% polyamide 7% elastane) is also great to wash as well which means that they (if washed correctly) will keep their shape and won't shrink. To make it a bit more complicated these breeches come in two versions the standard Candela or the Candela Kontrast - the difference being the standard Candela have a self coloured seat and with the hint being in the name the Candela Kontrast having a colour contrasting seat which is what I own and wear. I have two pairs, dark plum with a black seat and slate grey with a black seat - they do have a good range of different colours.

      What I like about the Pikeur Candela Kontrast Breeches is that they have a lovely high waist band which for me make the breeches incredibly comfortable. I hate riding and having the waist band gape at the back which eventually wriggle down and all I want to do is keep pulling them up but with these the waist band is higher and sits above the hips which for me is great as they don't gape when I'm riding but they are not restrictive either. There also detailed belt loops around the waistband should you want or need to wear a belt. The belt loops are around an inch or so wide so you would need to take that into account should you want to wear one although Pikeur of course do belts in the right widths to fit their breeches. On the front belt loop there is also a little silver metal fob which features the Pikeur logo - this is a standard thing on all of their breeches, simply for design.

      The breeches feature a contrasted colour seat which I personally think is a lovely design feature. The 'seat' is classed at the back of the breeches where you sit in the saddle and on the inside of your legs - you can see this in the picture on Dooyoo. This design is quite common throughout manufacturers of breeches and jodhpurs but I do find it such a nice design feature compared to plain coloured breeches. These breeches also feature slanted front pockets which do look nice but I don't particularly care about pockets on breeches as I never use them but I guess the slanted pockets just add to the overall design. The is a zip at the front complete with a typical Pikeur fastening. I always find the first thing to go on breeches are the zips but none of my Pikeur breeches have failed in this area and so far my Kontrast breeches are doing fine!

      I now own two pairs of these breeches which for me clearly shows how great they are. When my first pair arrived (I ordered online) I noticed immediately how soft they were but also had a little toughness about them. Even when on they are comfortable, they are supportive whilst riding as they are quite fitting to your shape which is nice but they are never restrictive even around the high waist band. My two pairs of breeches are worn regularly and still look in great condition, the thread is still in tact, they don't look scruffy or over worn which some breeches do with a few months worth of wear, these however still look in great shape. Because they are worn a lot they are also washed a lot especially in the wet weather and I am pleased to say that they have never shrunk but I am careful - I wash them at the correct temperature and I never tumble dry them I always let them dry naturally.

      Despite their high price tag I do feel that they are worth it as when you are paying £30 for a pair of breeches every 3 months it does mount up! My previous Pikeur breeches lasted me for over 2 years so I do think these are a worthwhile investment. They are very well made, good quality and definitely worth the money although it obviously would be nicer if they were more bank balance friendly! I would recommend them but despite how wonderful they are I am only giving them 4 stars simply because of the price as not particularly budget friendly.

      ~ Useful Information ~

      Brand: Pikeur
      Sizes: 20" to 34"
      Colours/Varieties: Black with a Chocolate seat, Dark Plum with a Black seat, Dark Stone with a Night Blue seat, Bronze with a Barely Black seat, Twilight Blue with a Night Blue seat, Slate Grey with a Black seat and White with a Grey seat.
      Price: From £150.00 upwards depending on where you buy them from.
      Availability: Pikeur stockists both in equestrian stores and online i.e. Dressage Deluxe.

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