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Zaggora Hotpants

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Manufacturer: Zaggora / Type: Hotpants

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    3 Reviews
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      11.03.2014 14:21
      Very helpful
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      good sportswhere

      I bought these a few years back when I saw them advertised on GMTV as the next big thing.This is how they are described on the website==The iconic original HotPants boost your calorie burn with special fabric technology.==

      ==**How do they look?**==
      To start with I don't think they look that bad almost stylish even as they are just black with a small yellow logo.The inside is bright yellow but you cant see that so it doesn't matter.I have the original style so they start just above my bellybutton and end just above my knees. I would describe the material as looking a little like a scuba suit.

      ==**Product range**==
      When i purchased my hot pants these were the only thing they did but now they offer quite a few different items.

      These come in 4 sizes-small,medium,large and extra large. A large is described as a 14 - I have had these a while but either these are generous or they work really well at squeezing the fat in.I would say on the bottom half I am normally a 16.

      ==**Not for the gym**==
      Not something I think you would expect me to say for what is sports wear but these are rather noisy. I took them on holiday once to use at the gym and was pretty much told if you wear those again your on your own. Walking in them can be rather noisy , working out in them all you hear is swish swish swish.

      I do however use them other places. My number one use for them was to wear them in bed. With the material these keep your legs really warm,saves on a heating system. Again even just turning over in bed they make a sound so Im not allowed to wear them in bed now.

      These are great for cold mornings.When the pandas first came to Scotland my crazy friend got me to wait for the plane landing with her in the freezing cold... least my legs were warm even if the rest of me wasn't.

      Using these just doing light housework does make your legs feel clammy when you take it off. After exercise the sweat is practically pouring off you.

      One slightly annoying thing is that these do have to be hand washed so wearing them everyday can get difficult as they don't seem to dry that quick.Its not like you can wear them days at a time without cleaning either as they would get a bit rank. I ended up getting a second pair when I saw a groupon offer to get around this problem.

      It is recommended that you take part in a two week challenge where you wear these every day for a set amount of time. I have never done this but it seems to be really popular with people reporting quite a lot of inch loss .

      These cost £35.40 which is expensive but I think I have had my first pair for about 4/5 years. If I was buying a pair now I would probably go for a different style just because there are so many to choose from now.


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        18.06.2012 08:33
        Very helpful
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        Good if they help you to lose weight, but too many problems to be great.

        Unfortunately, I have, for most of my life, been just that bit fat. While I wish that this isn't the case, I seem not to be capable of sticking to a diet for long enough to lose more than half a stone or so and am not a fan of exercise, I often look for things to boost my weight loss. After discovering Groupon last year, I used to check it every day and one day in September or so, these Zaggora Hotpants caught my eye. Their claims to boost your metabolism while exercising but also while at rest, and thereby increase your weight loss with no extra effort, really appealed to me. Considering that Groupon were offering them for £18 instead of the RRP of £45, I decided that if I was going to try them at any point, it should be while they were cheap, and so I ordered a pair. At the time I was running occasionally and so thought that I'd see how much wearing these instead of my usual leggings helped me to lose a few pounds. A bit of research also said that they help you to lose weight while you're not doing anything and that many people wear them to bed and report even more weight loss, and so I was keen to benefit from this aspect.

        == The Hotpants ==

        These Hotpants aim to improve your weight loss by increasing your metabolism. They do this by using your natural body heat to make the areas covered by the pants (thighs and bum, mainly) warmer. This also leads to an increase in sweat which can help you lose more weight initially due to loss of water retention.

        After my Zaggora Hotpants arrived in the post, I was very keen to try them out quickly. I tried them on and found them to be a snug but good fit, which I was happy about as I'd gone for the medium size, recommended for sizes 12-14, as I'm normally a size 14 on bottom and was worried they'd be a little bit tight. They come up to just below my waist and down to above my knee and stayed up well without the need for much adjustment when moving. Considering that a lot of my pairs of leggings tend to ride down a bit when I run, it was good to have something new to run in that would be more comfortable and require less awkward rearranging while running. They also felt relatively comfortable as something to wear despite the synthetic material. In terms of appearance, they're also not too unattractive, being fully black apart from a small yellow logo on the bottom of one of the legs. They are yellow on the inside but since this isn't noticeable while you're wearing them, I wouldn't let that put you off if that doesn't sound too appealing.

        == What I Thought ==

        === In Terms of Weight Loss ===

        I have to say that I don't know how convinced I am by these Hotpants, despite the many positive reviews I've read. While I did lose a bit of weight while I was wearing these to run and to sleep, this could just as easily be due to the fact that I was dieting as well as increasing my exercise as opposed to these pants doing anything magical. They definitely made me sweat more while exercising or in bed and made my legs and bum a lot warmer, but I don't know exactly how much this increased my weight loss, if at all.

        === As Sportswear ===

        As a general garment to wear while exercising, these Hotpants are great, at least initially. They are comfortable enough and don't ride down as much as my leggings do, but of course that is true of a lot of clothes intended specifically for sports. Unfortunately, however, they didn't remain in perfect condition anywhere near as long as I had hoped, considering that they were meant to cost £45. After only a couple of months of moderate use (wearing them on a few short runs and walks as well as sometimes to sleep) they started wearing away at the side a bit, and it wasn't long before a large hole appeared just below the waistband. While they still work and I could wear them to bed or under leggings while running or walking, this really wasn't what I expected at all and I was disappointed that they got such a big hole in them so quickly.

        === Other Points ===

        Aside from getting a hole in it, Zaggora Hotpants have another few irritating aspects. My main problem is the fact that they are hand wash only. As I don't currently own any other clothes that need to be hand washed and have a washer/dryer in my flat, it's quite annoying having to wash only one garment by hand. This means getting some hand wash detergent as well as bothering to use it just for one item. Considering that you sweat a lot while wearing Hotpants, as this is the point, they require washing often, which is a pain. If I wore them once more after they really should be washed, I found myself feeling itchy and uncomfortable, so frequent washing was essential. I also had an issue with the price - while £18 on Groupon was reasonable, I find £45 a ridiculous amount to pay for something that is susceptible to wear and tear so quickly and is a pain to wash. If I could have bought another pair for cheap I may have replaced my original ones when they were damaged, but I couldn't quite justify spending so much on something I'm not 100% sure has any benefit.

        == Conclusion ==

        I remain unconvinced by Zaggora Hotpants. They may well help you to lose weight by increasing your core temperature but I have no personal proof of this, and considering the other problems I had with these, I have to say that I was disappointed by these. If I managed to get another pair for very cheap (say £10 or so) I could be persuaded to give them a second chance, but I definitely wouldn't recommend parting with £45 for a pair unless they come very highly recommended by someone you know personally who has experience of them working.


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          04.04.2012 16:05
          Very helpful



          Shame you can't wash them in the washing machine

          After deciding to go on fitness kick, I googled "how to lose weight on my hips, thighs and bottom" and also how to get rid of the dreaded cellulite. This was one of the products which flashed up.

          Zaggora were advertising their 2 week challenge-stating that you could lose two dress sizes by wearing these pants to maximise you workout by up to four times.

          When I told one of my brothers I was waiting for a pair of hotpants to arrive, his initial reaction was "yuk!!!". There's no way I would wear hotpants! Hotpants is a bit of false advertising really-as they actually come from about your belly button, to a few inches above your knee-depending on your height etc.

          Zaggora recommend you wear these for a minimum of half an hour per day to maximise results. You can wear them to do housework etc, but they work the best if you do your work-outs in them.

          The zaggora website states that "Hotpants increase energy expenditure during exercise by 6% versus the control garment. Hotpants increase energy expenditure in the hour after exercise by 26%"

          The company actually took 2 years to come up with this product. It works by causing you to sweat more- hence losing the excess water in your body. Unlike body wraps, these have long lasting results.

          I wore these pants for about four weeks. I didn't go to the gym in them, as I wa embarrassed by how noisy they were. They sounded like I had a shellsuit on under my clothing. I used my hotpants to do the housework in, an the odd Zumba workout. I did lose a little bit of weight, but certainly nowhere near as muh as they promote.

          After four weeks of use my legs felt a lot smoother in general- although I did find I had a large bulge on the back of my leg for about an hour after each use.

          The hotpants certainly made me sweat more. They were soaking wet everytime that I removed them. Hotpants claim they increase yourbody temperature by 18%- I would definately agree with this, even when I wore them in bed. One advantage to these hotpants is that as much as they make you sweat, the sweat i never visible through your other clothing.

          My first pair of hotpants set me back £44.99 plus postage for the originals (black with a yellow logo on them). They have now brought out capri flares (3/4 length flares to target knees, thighs and bottoms) for £59.99, nude hotpants (slightly thinner hotpants than the originals) for £44.99, flares (full length hotpants down to your ankles) £69.99. Hotpants are currently in the process of bringing out tops and creams.

          I was a little aprehensive about this product at first as I had never heard of the company before. Since clicking "like" on facebook (they are also on twitter) I have been able to view 'real' peoples comments, reviews and pictures-plus I have already won a pair of hotpants from entering their free competitions which they hold every month.

          I would recommend these pants as they are really comfy and I did lose weight without changing my diet or exercise habits. My legs felt really soft afterwards too.

          My only snag would be that due to the material (wetsuit material) you can only handwash and drip dry them. Till recently when I won my other pairs and the weather warmed up, I couldn't always get them dry to wear them again. I also think from personal experience and reading other peoples comments, that to get proper results you need to be wearing them for a few hours per day and not just the half an hour which they state.


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