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Argos 3 in 1 Tennis Badminton & Volleyball Set

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Brand: Argos / Type: Outdoor Play Equipment

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    1 Review
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      26.06.2013 02:57
      Very helpful



      Great fun


      When my son and his fiancée (although at this time they weren't yet engaged) finished university in June 2011, they came to live with us, back to his family home. Now that they both have teaching positions they have moved out and into a flat of their own but had lived with us for almost two years, sharing the home and also the garden.

      For inside the house they invested in board games and kept us entertained. The old games gradually came out of the cupboards. And the garden wasn't forgotten as out came the table tennis.
      My son and his girlfriend started to meet with friends to play badminton at a nearby sports centre and I think the idea of practising to improve their game must have grown in their minds.

      Now our garden isn't large but we have always encouraged outdoor fun in the garden. My son said that he was looking for an outdoor set of badminton rackets and, as the garden isn't very big, he asked did I think it would be okay for them to play in the garden. I thought it was a good idea and reminded him of a set we had played with and had lots of fun with as a family not so many years ago. I remembered that adults, teenagers and older children had played with this. I thought that if we purchased a similar set then everyone could have fun in the garden and get some exercise at the same time.

      My son had a look on-line at the Argos site and came across a Debut summer set which was priced at just less than twenty pounds. I am fairly sure that when I purchased this set it was then also priced at £19.99 as it still is but I can't be completely certain as this item was bought in 2011. I remembered that I still had a ten pounds Argos voucher in my purse so I felt generous enough to pay for a games set if my son thought that this set from Argos was suitable, as the outlay would only be ten pounds. He thought the set looked okay and also thought that the best method of purchase was to reserve the item on-line and then collect it from the store on the following day.

      My son and his fiancée took the voucher and cash and collected the set. Once home they didn't waste any time in opening the box and setting the net up in the garden and then play began.


      Water needs to be put into the two plastic bases for the purpose of weighing them down. These are like the bases often found in a swing ball set.

      The bottom of each pole fits into a water filled base. The poles are sectioned and fit together; they are adjustable and their height can be selected according to which sport is to be played; for tennis the lowest height is to be set; next comes badminton at the middle setting and for volleyball the highest level is needed.

      The adjustable net fits onto the poles.

      The set has thin rope/cord and one end theses have pegs which fit into the ground. The other end of the rope fits to the top of the pole and is an extra means of supporting the poles and net. This works in the same way as guy ropes and ground pegs on a tent.


      The three in one racket set is marketed as both for indoor and outdoor use. Well, not in MY house! I think one would have to own a very large house for these games to be played indoors but I expect in school halls, gyms, church halls and scout huts and such like these would be a welcome set. For the garden, and even a small one, this set is a really fun idea. It is suitable (according to Argos) for ages from six years of age and above. Well, we're all over six but have benefited with this set by having a laugh and getting some exercise.

      Although my four children, when this set was first purchased, were aged from eighteen we have played all three games and found the set good enough for children, teenagers and adults, even those mature in age if not in behaviour!

      When this set was purchased my son bought extra tennis balls. We already had badminton rackets as well as several tennis rackets in the home, therefore we were all set to play tennis and badminton doubles.

      As we don't have a garden as big as a tennis court we are obviously restricted in play in respect of not running or hitting the ball too far but I can tell you there's been some magic shots and exciting rallies seen in my garden!

      Badminton is popular and providing the weather isn't too windy and blows the shuttlecock over into the neighbour's garden, can be a great game.

      My children are competitive with each other and this seems to be particularly true with my youngest two. Even if they are on the same side they will blame each other if they lose a point but we haven't had a major fall out since we bought this set. I shouldn't be surprised really as my youngest son used to make John McEnroe in his heyday seem calm and collected. In fact when we played sports in the park my little McEnroe would often hurl his racket in temper. He doesn't do that now!


      Included in the box are:

      Two bases

      One adjustable net

      Adjustable poles

      Pegs and ties (to fit the net)

      2 plastic tennis rackets

      2 badminton rackets

      Inflatable volley ball

      Pump (for volleyball)

      Tennis balls




      This set is available from Argos stores and can either be collected from a high street store or can be ordered on-line. We reserved and collected from a store.

      It is available for free home delivery.

      The 3 in 1 Tennis, badminton and volleyball set currently sells for the price of £19.99.


      * Size H220, W45, D300cm

      * Weight 3kg.

      * For ages 6 years and over

      * Home delivery within 2 days ( free delivery)

      * Available to reserve and collect in store


      I consider this to be a great game for the garden or indoors, space permitting.
      The set has lasted well and the rackets and other parts are all still intact. I think this three in one set, for the price paid and for the family fun and exercise it has given, I would recommend it.


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