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Atom Drop Deck Longboard

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Brand: Atom

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    1 Review
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      03.04.2013 23:32
      Very helpful



      I am chuffed with mine

      I have another review on another longboard, my first board, the saltrock cruiser. I was getting fed up with the high ride height, the unstable trucks and the rough ride, and so after some research, I decided on getting a drop through or a drop-deck longboard. I ended up decided on a drop deck (as seen above) for a few reasons, but mainly because I managed to buy a factory damaged atom longboard for a mere £57 including delivery (a normal atom drop deck is around £100-£110, and even this is one of the cheapest drop decks you can buy!).

      So I am going to start by explaining what a drop deck is. Look at the picture at the top, can you see how the board "comes down" from the bit where the wheels attach. This is the deck being "dropped". By being lower to the ground, it is easier to push and stop, as well as being more stable (lower center of gravity).

      Ok, so what is this board like. Now I admit from the start I am still relatively new to this sport, so I can only compare it to my first board, but basically, this board is faster (I think the larger 70mm wheels and the bearings help here), more stable (as expected), and WOW does it take the bumps out the road. The deck is a little "flexy", so its not really a serious downhill board, but this makes it good and turning, also known as "carving".

      Its also pretty light, which is not what I expected (most drop-decks are quite heavy). For me this is a plus, because I wanted a board to "push" on, and for that you want a deck as light as possible.

      The thing I like msot about this board is that it has potential. My old saltrock cruiser was an okish first board, but once you want to start thinking about bigger wheels and the like, you would have to replace almost the entire board (ok so say if you put bigger wheels on the cruiser, the board heigh would increase, and the wheels would touch the board, so you would either need stiffer bushings, or more riser pads, and to do that you would need new trucks, or new bolt and nut attachments). However with this board, you could realistically replace just the bit you wanted to improve. The same scenario, say I want to change the wheels on this, all I would need to do it remove the wheel nut, swap the bearings, and place the new wheels in. I wouldn't need to worry about the wheels rubbing on the board itself, as the board is cut to a shape to avoid the wheels in the turns. Making it very adaptable.

      The looks and finish of the board are not the best though. The graphic on the bottom looks like it might just be a bit of coloured paper glued to a piece of wood (rather than painted on), and the longboar smells a bit like glue. However, bear in mind that to get these things right would make the board cost more money, and for personally they are acceptable to live with. The board certainly doesn't feel like its going to fall apart though.

      Therefore, I think if I was going to recommend anyone a first time longboard, I think this is a very strong candidate. Enough of a board to learn a lot from (I am still learning a lot from this board), but adaptable enough to be upgrades should you want it. Unless you have your heart set on downhill longboarding, I think this is a pretty good longboard to learn the basics of longboarding on. However I am going to give this a 4/5 simply because it is not as good as the more high end stuff out there (rayne, lush, loaded etc), but in all fairness, those boards start from £180 plus, but if you are more "professional" longboarder, then you will want something from them most likely.


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