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B&Q 8Ft Trampoline With Enclosure

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Galvanised steel frames for longer life / Foam safety pads / Polypropylene jumping mat.

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    2 Reviews
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      30.04.2011 22:47
      Very helpful



      A good value product to help keep you in shape

      For many many years me and my husband have wanted to get a trampoline for the children and as my 9 year old son pointed out "everyone has a trampoline" ahh hes so hard done by.
      Anyway due to the fact we have always lived in a flat with no garden we was never able to get one but since moving into a 3 bed bungalow in december 2010 we now have quite a spacious bungalow, so finally the search was on for a trampoline.
      As the weather has started to turn warmer trampolines are in great demand in many households to entertain children alike and for even adults to felt keep them fit and active.
      We did come across a trampoline in asda which was a 10ft trampoline with enclosure at just £99 I thought this was a bargain but as we are not fans of asda we decided against this purchase.

      I looked online on the B&Q website and came across this 8ft trampoline with enclosure also for £99, I trust B&Q as a retailer so I thought this would be the best option and although our garden is quite big I didnt want it all taken over by anything more than an 8ft trampoline.
      Me and my sister in law went to B&Q to collect this and it was quite heavy but even us 2 feeble women could lift this onto the trolley, It came in a longish rectangular box and was more compact than I thought it would be. I was worried this wouldnt fit into my sister in laws car but it did with ease but do bear in mind that we did fold down the rear car seats, Just so you have an idea of how this might fit into your car, the car we were using was an ibiza seat.

      the brown box it comes in says its a 8ft round trampoline with enclosure

      This is made from galvanised steel frame
      Only children over the age of 6 should use this

      It also states that there is also an 8ft trampoline cover available for this trampoline (which I have just looked and its priced at £10)

      We are also told that all fittings and instuctions are enclosed
      The height of this trampoline is 248cm x 244cm Diameter

      If you wish to visit their site its www.diy.com
      B&Q helpine number is: 0844 7744 333 open 9am-5pm Mon -Fri

      Card and plastic are both recyclable
      It does state that 2 people are required to assemble this but of course my husband is a man and told me he can do it himself.
      Please do make sure there are no obstacles or tress, swimming pools around where you are going to place the trampoline as you dont want anything in the way and most importantly make sure there is noting underneath the trampoline.

      So my husband was the one to assemble this and he started by getting everything out the box to place all the fixing and fittings around him. This does include a spring loading tool which you will need to help put the springs onto the trampoline and it also included a spanner and alan key to tighten the bolts but as my husband said to me if you have your own spanner and alan key it would be better to use your own as the ones provided are very cheap and bend easily.
      Firstly my husband followed the instructions (which makes a change lol) and laid out all the frame sections into a circle to get the base and he then put them together statedhe then put all the support legs together which up to this part he done with ease.
      He then inserted washers and bolts to make sure they were held together tightly and well supported. He used the spring loaded tool to put the springs all round the trampoline mat and attach it to the frame and my husband told me this was also done with ease but couldnt of been done without the spring loaded tool otherwise you would seriously hurt your hands trying to pull the springs.
      It does state to use gloves when doing the springs to prevent pinching but if your anything like my husband then you wont bother.
      When placing the springs on you are told to do this in quarters so to start off with you put 4 springs on all marking a quarter and then you are told as you put a spring on to mirror what you have just done on the other side, this then evens out the tension and makes it easier to place all the springs on without hassle.
      When all 42 springs are attached you are nearly there.
      My husband then had to go round the trampoline and tie all the strings from the mat onto the steel frame making sure they were done in a knot so that the trampoline mat will be secure.
      The most complicated bit where he did actually require my help was when you put the foam poles into the enclosure netting, you are told to place the enclosure netting on the trampoline so you can insert the poles but we found it easier to go apposite eachother and do a pole each, this was pretty tricky as you have to push the foam pole all the way to the top of the net without losing the pole inside the foam.
      We did this in the end and I did go onto the trampoline and push from the inside some of the poles whilst my husband held onto the pole from the bottom and pushed upwards.
      We just then slotted the poles into the holes and attached the string tightnings onto the springs underneath the trampoline to support the enclosure.
      We finished assembling this in about 2 hours and it seemed to be of good quality. It comes with a double zip opening where you can open and close it from inside and out and velcro bits to so you can close it together properly. This does stand quite high off the ground so if you do need a ladder to help your children get on and off the trampoline you can also buy these at www.alltrampolines.com priced at £19.94 which is suitable for this 8ft trampoline although im sure you could find them cheaper elsewhere if you shopped around.

      There is a warning card that comes with this that tells you not to do any flips/back flips on this trampoline
      Only 1 person at a time on the trampoline (this is just to prevent accident of bumping into eachother or harm to the other person)
      no toys or other objects to be taken on the trampoline
      no one under the age of 6 years to go the trampoline
      Can hold a weight of upto 18 stone
      Children should always be accompanied by an adult

      It also states that not following these guidelines could result in injury or death.

      My son went on this straight away and he had great fun bouncing up and down and showing me his star jumps and just how high he could jump, he really did love it. The trampoline had a good bounce to it and didnt make a squeaky noise (which is always a plus).
      My son then decided to would be a good idea to bring his stereo out and listen to music while he jumps which I thought was a good idea.
      Although my daughter is only 2 years old we put her on the trampoline and she loved it, of course I sat right by the side and made sure she was closed in but she loved just bouncing around on it. Although I say bouncing she done mini jumps as 2 year olds do lol and for the rest of the time was spent with her running round and round it, either way she was still getting healthy and was very tired come bedtime, which is only a bonus in my eyes.
      I thought I would have a go for the sake of this review only you do understand lol just to see how good it was and to check it can hold my weight ok although I am only 8st 12lbs but alot heavier than my children.
      It held my weight well without any problems and although you cant seem to bounce very high (you know like the ones you use to use in the old days back at school) but it is good enough for the purpose.
      This is a great piece of equipment to use to help you keep fit and active and at the same time have fun.

      Although again it does state not for more than 1 person at a time because I am sensible and aware of the dangers around me I went on with my 9 year old soon and because this was still well within the weight range I didnt see this as a problem.
      We had all sorts of fun playing in this together and bouncing up and down at different times so one person would go higher than the other, we held hands whilst doing this and we bounced really high.
      We also challenged eachother to see who could bounce the highest and we also timed to see who could do the most bounces in a minute, this was a fun and energetic game to play and I reccomend any little games like these to play with your children or even going seperatley onto the trampoline if you perfer.
      I did find whilst bouncing that this is quite sturdy and me and my son bounced into the netting a few times and it did a great job of pushing us back out again so I think the netting is a good quality safety feature, something I dont think we could do without with young children. Although of course I wouldnt reccomend purposly bouncing on this net as it is only a safety net and doesnt completely guarantee that it will hold all your weight if you were yo constantly bounce on it, it is there just as a precaution to assist you.

      This trampoline is easy to move around in the garden with 2 people lifting it as it isnt to heavy, we have to place it round different parts of the garden so the new lawn we have just laid doesnt get ruined and die.

      So for £99 I thought this 8ft trampoline with enclosure was a real bargain, they are still reatiling at this price in B&Q.

      Sadly 2 days later my husband found a bolt that had come off the frame that holds the jumping mat on just laid on the floor. This was a serious issue to us as the top of the bolt had actually snapped off which means they were 2 bit bolts that are actually obviously cheap not to mention low quality.
      This really isnt what should be suppied with what could cause a potential dangerous injury. Now of course this was all assembled correctly as said but we were now questioning the safety of this product.
      We did only find this one fault bit undoubtifully this shouldnt of happened.
      We rang the B&Q helpline and spoke to a rather misinformed man who firstly said he didnt think this was their product! well we told him we had the receipt in front of us and it definatly was B&Q.
      We then told them the problem and that we wanted all bolts sent out again for the entire trampoline as we were not taking any chances and would replace all of them.
      We was told not to use the trampoline in the meantime and will have to wait between 5-10 days for these bolts to arrive.

      We have since recieved these relacement bolts and replaced all of them and we havnt had anymore problems since, the kids have used this for quite few weeks now and it is still in good condition with no marks or stains on it.

      I dont think this is outstanding quality on the whole it is just average I would say and I think it will only last a few years.
      If I was to purchase another trampoline I think I would pay a bit more for better quality as I do think you get what you pay for.
      In the winter months we shall use the trampoline cover to protect it from any bad weather and we shall just take down the netting and enclosure and store it in our garage. A good idea is to keep the box so that you can keep everything in one place. This way it wont get damaged and wont take up to much room.

      I think this is great entertainment for the kids and a cheeky way of getting them to exercise without them even knowing it as they are having lots of fun at the same time.
      I can only give this 3 stars as the bolt coming off and the quality of it is not that great and I dont think it will last for many summers.
      I would reccomend it if you are looking for a trampoline that doesnt take up to much room in the garden and if you dont expect it to still be standing for years and years, but for £99 I dont think you can go far wrong as you can do many fun things on it and children of all ages will enjoy it.

      Just for your information B&Q have a 45 day returns policy incase for any reason you want to return this product.

      For more information visit www.diy.com or visit any B&Q store near you.


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        15.04.2011 23:38
        Very helpful



        Highly recommend

        I have wanted a big trampoline for the garden for a few years now as all the kids around us have one not to mention the fun and exercise we could all benefit from in our house. The weather has been great so far in the easter holidays so thought it would be the perfect time to buy a trampoline. I was looking around for good deals online when i found the b&q 8 ft trampoline with the enclosure. As most the offers online started at £99 but required delivery meaning waiting time i decided to reserve and collect the trampoline from b&q, I didn't want to wait I was to excited.

        B&Q often have small offers in store so after reserving the trampoline online at £99 i was surprised when picking it up to get another £20 off the price making the full package just £80 this was great price for the trampoline and I am delighted.

        The trampoline comes in a huge box, very heavy i required to help of my dad to carry it out to the car. Inside the box are the instructions with picture diagrams. It also had two allon keys to erect the trampoline ,no other tools required.
        I did not take part in building the trampoline but watched my dad build it up looked fairly simple as the poles slot into each other and all numbered too so cant go wrong. It also states on the instructions not to tighten the screws up until the end so doing that and adding the actual jump mat and enclosure poles makes it a lot easier, I know because this is the only part of the instructions my dad did not follow meaning he had to go and loosen them all again.
        It took around two hours for my dad to build the frame up, add the jump mat, enclosure poles, tighten every screw and bolt up before he needed my help to put the netting up for the enclosure.
        The netting part is definitely the most difficult part of the trampoline as you start off its easy to slide the poles in the plastic covers of the netting but near the end it was so hard pulling the net as seemed too tight to squeeze over the poles, with nearly blood, loads of sweat and tears it was done.

        The trampoline poles are made from steel that are coated so they wont rust. The jump mat has a small white target in the middle indicating where your feet should be when jumping. The mat is made from polypropylene and held on the frame with 20 springs all round making it very bouncy, and soft if you fall. I like the blue thick padding around the edges of the trampoline, this covers all off the springs and sit flush with the jump mat. The padding is waterproof and a perfect safety feature stopping kids touching the heavy duty springs.

        B&Q 8ft trampoline says it is to be used for children 6 years plus, i bought the trampoline for all the members of my household but especially for my three year old girls. I feel the trampoline is perfectly safe for them and are constantly watched whilst they are on using it anyway.

        I would not have bought the trampoline if it did not come with the safety enclosure. The netting is very tightly attached to the safety poles so there is hardly any play with the net at all. My daughter has bounced into the net by accident and bounced back off it again. I like the netting as it seems very strong compared to others i have seen. Their is a zip coming down the way to open and close the trampoline enclosure this part also has four big thick velcro straps holding the zip and net closed. It is easy to get in and out of the trampoline as an adult although children will struggle with the zip and straps even my 10 year old step son cant manage yet and requires help, i also feel this is a good thing because if it was easy to open then the children could climb out and in when they please.
        Perfectly safe and very good quality.

        I was surprised that the trampoline sits so high up of the ground around 1 meter so i have also purchased a small universal set of trampoline ladders from amazon uk for £12.99. The added extras for trampolines are amazing now including a circus tent, a speaker that says what jump movements to do then gives a round of applause, a safety net to stop children or animals going under the trampoline , soft mats to put on the ground and a shoe holder. I hope to buy some of these extras at some point, most reasonable from amazon.

        I have had a lot of use from the trampoline already using it around 3 times a day for exercise, when i am not on it my children are. I guess its a real novelty just now maybe it will wear off as the months go on, i hope not. I think a trampoline like this is ideal for children, great for the ones that have loads of energy and maybe help with children that are over weight. The B&q trampoline can take the maximum weight of 18 stone so perfect for adults too. I have really enjoyed teaching all the children how to do the star jumps, tucks and different , moves they can do whilst jumping this has added fun and confidence.
        My girls have also been using in as a play den too taking most of their dolls and teddies in, very sweet to hear them sing songs and jumping around. Of coarse the instructions do state one person on at a time but my girls prefer to share and play together, we have had no accidents , falls or bumping of head yet!

        I highy recommend the B&Q 8ft trampoline for good quality, reasonable price, and so much fun.


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