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Blitz Sport PU Boxing Gloves

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Lighter and flexible. Made from a tough P.U material. Perfect for light sparring work.

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    2 Reviews
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      10.03.2011 00:31
      Very helpful
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      Good for beginners, but more experienced fighters should look elsewhere

      A word of warning
      First of all...anyone who boxes..be it martial arts or western style will tell you one thing. Dont buy PU, not unless you want to look like a cheap miser !! The principle problem with PU is actually more about respect for your opponants rather then having the latest amir khan sponsored gloves. The method of my madness, I use this gloves every week in my gym and I spar every week (as I type this I actually have a black eye from sparring a 15st nutcase last night lol), is that after a few years, unlike leather, polyurethane gloves do wear over a shorter period of time, and within a couple of years, they develop small cracks. Now left unchecked these cracks get more promenent until they become tears and when you punch someone with these tears it can scratch their skin quite seriously, I have accidentaly done it to someone else.

      PU gloves are a good product if you check the glove after a few years of wear and tear (or simply buy new ones). Blitz are not really seen as a upper end make in the boxing world...in point of fact they are seen as the cheaper end...something beginners use. I dont use these gloves for sparring because of the reason I stated above, I have my own leather Reebok gloves, but I do use the 10oz verison of these on the bags and pads. In boxing just like with most sports...you buy cheap..you get hurt. These gloves are lower end and other then the PU issue, you find that comfort is the next big problem.

      Feel and quality
      With the cheaper gloves it takes longer to wear them in and so they will rub on your knuckles and fingers for a longer time. Even with wraps on. PU gloves take longer to 'mould' into the fit of your hand, as shoes would on your feet. If you do buy these gloves make sure that you buy one roughly one size more then the one that fits your hands, so that they bigger size fits well with the wraps on. The arch on the palm has multiple rows of stitching as does the thumb. Also in any gloves, even if it is a tournament/competition, velcro fastening is a must for quick release and entry. Rope gloves need constant re tying and if they come loose in a bout they will whip into your opponants face....one might think this was an advantage, but its realy not fair !

      Blitz sell this glove in 10oz, 12oz or 14oz (word of advice, most pople can use 10oz on the bags, no probs, yuo would use 12, they are too big for bag and pad work and you will get a comment or two. 14oz are ok for sparring, if you box big fellas like me 14oz is the smallest you should be looking for...the amount of power they produce behind a shot..you need all the padding you can get) So in short dont buy the 12oz as they are a pointless size...be it blitz or otherwise.

      Colour and cost
      Blitz sells these in red or black, I use and prefer black as lighter colours attract the reactions of your opponants out of the periphial vision, and they see the shots coming...little point I know but still owrht it. These gloves being PU will be cheaper then leather..they retail on amazon for £17 and that is pretty good for a set of beginners gloves, more experienced 'practitioners' would not buy these really.

      A good multi-purpose leather boxing glove for boxing, kickboxing, semi and full contact or pad/bag and ring work.


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        13.09.2009 11:46
        Very helpful



        A fanastic boxing glove good for sei-contact sports, suitable for all ages.

        Anyone that has ever taken part in any style of martial arts before will tell you that sparring can sometimes be painful, therefore taking proper precautions can be vital in keeping you and your opponent out of harms way.

        So if you're thinking about buying a pair of boxing gloves for your specific martial art you should have taken into consideration a few simple things;

        Am I committed to the sport? I.e. am I going to stick with it? Equipment can be extremely expensive and there's no point wasting what may turn out to be a lot of money if you're not 100% dedicated to learning the style of martial art that you've chosen.

        Number 2 should be, do I have my licence? Without a licence to participate in your chosen martial art, equipment is useless. You wont be legally able to participate in anything more than no contact sparring until you've paid for and received your licence.

        Have I got my uniform sorted? Again there's no point buying gloves if you don't have the bare essentials like a uniform, these can ether be bought from your specific club or from any martial arts store but remember to inform your instructor because he or she may have to take the uniform away for the badge to be printed on it therefore it's cheaper and more efficient to buy from your club, not only that but you're also helping bring in revenue to buy new equipment for yourself to practise on.

        The last thing to consider is; what type of club is it? Is it a club that only participates in light sparring work (no/semi contact) or is it a tougher club where it could possibly be full contact? If you're a parent looking for a pair of boxing gloves for your children then it will always be no/semi contact.

        So all things considered you'll now be ready to buy boxing gloves either for yourself or your child who may have just started their first martial arts club. For children it's a little easier, as I mentioned previously they'll only ever be dealing in semi contact sparring which means they wont need a particularly tough glove. If you're buying a pair of gloves for your children I would recommend the children friendly alternative to these gloves which you'll find if you visit;


        The children's gloves are currently on sale for £17.02 and come in a variety of colours.

        The gloves I'm reviewing are the adult make costing a very fair price of£17.62. The gloves come in either black or red (I personally prefer the red).

        The gloves are available to buy in three different weights: 10oz, 12oz and 14oz. At first it's a bit daunting when thinking about which glove will be suitable for you but it's simply a case of deciding how advanced you are in the sport and of course your weight and gender. For example if you're a woman just starting out you'd be wise to opt for the 10oz gloves and then maybe as you advance you may make the conscious decision to buy a 12oz pair. Personally as a female myself I wouldn't go any higher than a 12oz.

        With the men it's a little bit simpler, most men will instantly opt for the 14oz, this seems to give them some sort of macho egotistical self importance if you have the biggest... gloves! However a 12oz is also fine for the men it's whatever you feel comfortable with at the end of the day.

        I personally have two pairs of different weighted gloves. I have a red pair in the 10oz and a black pair of the 12oz. Why? Well because when I spar with the adults I'm working a lot harder therefore want a pair of gloves that will work in my favour instead of making my arms fatigued so with the adults I opt for the 10oz. When I teach the junior classes I go for the 12oz, I have less physical effort to make therefore want something that's going to push me a little bit more. Sounds stupid but it works for me!

        Anyone with a hint of common sense would be thinking why isn't it the other way, the heavier the glove the harder the punch right? Wrong, this is a common misconception, the gloves aren't what's doing the punching, you are therefore everything is dependant on the force you put behind the punch and THE single most useful thing you'll learn while doing any martial arts will be how to control your force.

        Because of the weight differentials with this style of glove I'd say that they were perfect for anybody doing any style of martial arts.

        The gloves are extremely well made and will last a long time, I've now had my oldest pair about 3 years after getting rid of my last pair due to wear and tear and so far there's not even a hint of wear because they're made from such tough material which my last pair weren't.

        The gloves will fit pretty much any hand, unless you're 7ft tall there shouldn't be a problem with these as they cater to people with smaller hands in the form of a strap inside the glove, meaning that your hand doesn't have to necessarily reach the top of the glove as you can strap it in simply and effectively. These gloves fit me fine but sometimes I prefer using the strap as it lets air circulate more meaning you're less likely have sweaty hands afterwards!

        The gloves also have a thumb compartment which is very important to look for in a glove because it's extremely easy to break your thumb during sparring... believe me! This compartment again has a strap as well as a pocket so it's a personal choice as to whether you prefer the freedom of the strap or the security of the pocket. What I find to be a little irritating with all gloves is that sometimes they can be a bit stiff to use because of the tough material making it a little difficult to move your thumb at first however in my time I've never had any accidents either on myself or other people whilst using gloves so they're a must, especially for children.

        Another common misconception regarding boxing gloves is that they're specifically designed to protect your opponent from a broken nose or any other injury which could possibly occur, however something that you're taught very early on in your martial arts training is that it's SELF defence meaning that you're looking after number one at all times. The boxing gloves are primarily there to protect your hands as the opponent can still get hurt whether the gloves are on or not, it's all about the force the wearer puts behind the punch as I said before. Therefore the main thing to consider when purchasing gloves is whether or not you feel comfortable in them, unfortunately these gloves can only be purchased online however if you're not happy with them after you receive them they can be sent back.

        When the gloves arrive they will feel quite stiff to use however after getting used to them you'll be able to make a fist no problem and it will even strengthen the muscles in your hands. The gloves are very easy to use and depending on what weight you bought they shouldn't be too heavy for you, if they are then send them back and get the next weight down. The gloves give excellent protection to your hands, I've punched walls at full force wearing these gloves and my hand and knuckles were absolutely fine. Of course I wouldn't recommend testing them this way because although you may not crack a knuckle you could end up breaking your wrist.

        There are numerous brands out there that sell boxing gloves suited to all ages and genders but if a parent asks for my opinion on which brand to buy boxing gloves for their children from or if someone asks for themselves I'll always recommend looking up Blitz online because they can be bought from numerous online sites and if you're lucky enough to find them in a high street store then even better!

        I'd highly recommend these gloves to anyone, they're extremely tough, will last a very long time and give the ultimate protection for the wearer. Not only that they're a great bargain at £17.62, the gloves I used to buy were around £40 and the quality was terrible compared to these.


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