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Life Fitness Upright Cycle C1

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Brand: Life Fitness / Type: Upright static fitness cycle

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    1 Review
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      19.04.2013 13:57
      Very helpful



      Thanks for Reading :)


      Life Fitness is brand that I personally have not heard of that much, mainly because I am not usually that much of a fitness fanatic and only have a couple of exercise equipment and tools in my house. However I have read around and found that they are quite a well established exercise equipment brand, known for the longevity of their products and lasting quality. The brand is based in USA, and is probably why I have not heard that much of them personally; however they have been around for an impressive 30 years and offer a wide range of exercise equipment holding high tech specifications and functions.


      This LifeFitness C1 Lifecycle exercise bike was actually purchased by my sister as she was in desperate need of an exercise bike due to our last one suddenly dying on us (lasted a great 10 years though). We were on a look out for an exercise bike that had was comfortable to use (I have weak knees etc so this was very important), had a good range of functions and was a reasonable size so we could fit it into our spare room. Thankfully after a recommendation from a friend of my sisters we opted to buy this Lifefitness exercise bike (well she paid for it!).


      The bike was purchased from John Lewis online website for around £895 and offered with free delivery which is always a plus. The price is a bit on the expensive side compared to other bikes on the market; however my sister and I wanted one would be long lasting and have some useful features such as calories monitor and heart rate reader etc (which I will discuss later in the review). The last bike we had cost around £1000 and lasted an impressive 10 years, so therefore price can sometimes illustrate the quality of an item.


      I remember the bike came delivered within two weeks and came fully packaged and securely enclosed in a box. The bike came unassembled, however I found that the bike was fairly simple and fast to assemble (with the help on my brother!), I am sure I could have assembled the bike myself, but the added aid of man with some assembling experience always helps. The instructions were easy to follow and very clearly displayed with both written text and diagrams. The assembling was fairly simple as there were only a few things that needed to be twisted in our screwed on (pedals etc).


      The exercise bike has a great number of functions and features integrated into a small but visible screen. It impressively measures calories burned during each work out, which I particularly found to be a great feature as I am on a calorie controlled diet and knowing how many calories I have burned during my sessions is extremely useful. The calories are very clearly displayed on the display screen that is positioned so it faces the user during the workout. The blue light up screen makes the calories and other monitoring aspects on the screen easily visible even during low light times.

      I have a number of times started using the bike during the evening when the light from outside starts to fade, and forgotten to put the room light on, thankfully the light up screen made the displayed information easy to read in such conditions. The bike display also states the distance, time, duration, heart rate, pace, speed (km/h/mph). I also love how it allows you to set a target heart rate, a target time as well as displaying the actual time of day, I was very impressed.

      It basically tells me everything I need to know about my exercise work out and is great for either a semi work out bunny like me or a extreme work out fanatic. I personally do not use all the features, I only use the calorie counter, heart rate monitor, target speed and time remaining features; all of which are all displayed on one screen and set up from a tap of a couple of buttons.

      The other feature I use and have found a great aspect of this bike is the 20 resistance strength settings, which is basically a setting. I remember when I first used the bike I could only go up to level 3 resistance, I am now up to level 10 resistance which really shows that this bike has really helped improve my fitness levels. It has 20 levels, so there are more than enough to test even the fittest people, and has given me a motivating goal to reach the 20th level (if I dare!). The resistance setting is again very straight forward to use and can be adjusted by using the arrow buttons.


      One of the key aspects that I personally look for when looking for bikes, is ensure it is as comfortable as it can be for the user. I am very pleased with the comfort aspects of this bike. The seat itself is nice and firm, but not too hard that it starts hurting the backside. The handle bars are very easy to grip onto thanks to its great design and shape. The bike has a bottle holder that is a great added luxury, and is positioned in a good distance allowing easy reach. I have sips of water every minute or so during my exercise, so having a bottle holder so easily accessible is a huge plus for me. The bike is also very quite, there are not mechanic sounds when using the bike, which was a great surprise, as our last bike was very noisy.

      The whole design of the bike is really well thought out, the positions of the handle bars, pedals, water bottle and bike controls are all easily accessible; making for very comfortable exercise sessions.


      The bike size is reasonably compact (L114 x W69 x H142cm), which is great as it means it can fit into our spare room without taking up too much space. The bike has small transport wheels, so if we needed to move it then it wouldn't be a huge problem. However it is still quite heavy to move, so I would not recommend moving that often.

      == BIKE SUMMARY==

      (taken from http://www.johnlewis.com)

      Assembly Required: Partially

      Brakes: Eddy current

      Brand: Life Fitness

      Console: LCD

      Console position: Fixed

      Dimensions: L114 x W69 x H142cm

      Exercise Bike Type: Upright

      Flywheel weight: 11kg

      Heart rate monitoring (via chest strap) comes included

      Heart rate monitoring (via hand sensors) YES

      iPod Compatible: NO

      Manufacturer's Guarantee: 3 years parts and labour

      Max User Weight: 135kg (21stone)

      Power Supply via Mains

      Programmes: 13

      Resistance range: 0-20

      Screen: Colour

      Seat Adjustments: Vertical

      Transport wheels: YES


      Overall I am very happy with this bike, it has many useful features, comfortable to use, and overall a really well designed exercise bike that I personally think is worth the hefty price tag.

      RATING: 10/10


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