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McDavid Ankle Guard A-101

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The brace of choice among sportsmedicine clinics and physicians for its heavy duty support. Replaces tape to support and prevent injuries. Padded Intera lining circles moisture away and increases compression. Other performance and comfort features include: 3 layers of nylon/vinyl fabric, springsteel stays, notched front, elastic heel and tongue and sewn in arch. Fits either foot.

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    3 Reviews
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      14.08.2013 23:57
      Very helpful
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      As long as you dont tighten it too much it will heal you !

      A while back when I was seriously getting into badmington and played B league for a club but over exerted myslef on the court, flying around like a nutter changing direction every second and thats when I sprained my ankle badly. But I didnt want to stop going and playing at the club, so after 2 weeks I bought an ankle guard from the shop at the leisure centre, the girl at the counter said it was popular and that the 101 had been around for over 20 years, which was also on the box, so I bought it based on reputation. The way I figure it, you wouldnt keep selling a crap product for 20 years so it must be good. I played less frequently and really relied on the support to get me back in shape. Even once my ankle was feeling OK again, I still kept the support on for the next few weeks, just to ensure that it would be well an truly ready. I beleive that many medical practitioners and physio`s recommend this ankle guard, especially for active people who are hoping to rehabilitate to get ready to play again.

      Is it easy to use ?
      The thing I liked most was that it was easy to slip on quickly, not so easy to slip off owing to the material and the sweat on my foot, but I think that this is not unusual in material of this kind, and it was machine washable, which was definately required after I had been sweating in it all night.

      What`s in it ?
      This ankle guard offers great support as it is durable vinyl material made with nylon fabric. It makes you feel like you are getting great protection and is very omfortable to boot. I think that for £26, it does sound pricey but really it is all very worth it and as the old adage goes...you get what you pay for. The ankle support has a sewn-in tongue spring steel which surrounds the ankle elastic over the heel and a sewn in arch support too for the bottom of the foot which supports the foots momentum and therefore the heel as well. As well as these features there are also two slots either side ofthe ankle where you can chose to remove or to slot in a pair of medical grade plastic support inserts, that aact as splintswhich ultimately give you even greater rigidity and support and allow for supported, but not over-zealous inversion and eversion movement. I actually took these splints away once my ankle got allot better and I felt I no longer required them, but still wanted some support from the material support. In terms of the material support involves a complex network of three layers of nylon vinyl fabric s well as the aforementioned splints and heel frame.

      What keeps it on top ?
      I addition to these features, the top of the ankle support has a very strong elastic tongue keeping the brace tight but not cutting off circulation, as well as a latice lacng structure found on most shoes which go up quite high on the ankle and can be tightened as you see fit. I dint really tighten these too much as I found the elastic tongue to give quite ample support.

      What else supports the ankle ?
      The supports take the place of more traditional remedies such as tape for the rolling inwards or outwards of the ankle, where sprains like mine would normally occur. Although there is no complete internal frame, the internal lining is double padded and so this gives appropriate support whilst still allowing movement. The padding is dispersed in such a way as to move sweat away from the ankle and so allow for complete dry compression.

      What colour - black or white ?
      The ankle support was available to me in black of white, I used the black as I always have black trainers and black socks when trianing as a personal prefernce and hey, I didnt want to clash, plus I know that white material on sweat heavy areas like the feet and hands (I had a pair of white boxing wraps once and although I washed them after each session, they turned yellow on me).

      What does it feel like to wear ?
      The ankle support is pretty comfortable but I found that as your ankle heals it becomes more restrictive and it makes you sweat profusely. I also felt that the elastic tongue and the laces were too tight together on the upper foot and that the heel support would pummel my heel and dig in a bit with the longer sessions on the court.


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        14.03.2009 01:11
        Very helpful



        A Great Support

        It has been quite a while since I have used this ankle guard, coming up to a year now, so I had completely forgot about it. However after injuring my ankle for the second time playing Squash today I dug this out and for the next couple of weeks it will be one of the main objects in my life.

        Before I tell you more about this ankle guard let me just tell you about the injury that I received which led me to needing this. Back in April last year I was playing indoor football and the game was pretty hectic. As my fitness had been building up over the few months leading up to that day I had become pretty confident in my stamina and ability and felt fully in control. I think everyone experiences this at one moment or another in sport where you just feel out of control and to make a long short I jumped pretty high in the air for a header and as I came down my foot rolled over someone else's foot and my ankle felt like it had broken.

        I have never had any form of injury before, no broken bones or anything like that so really had no idea what I was feeling but the pain was unbearable. My ankle swelled up and looking like an apple was sticking out of it, but thankfully nothing was broken. The NHS is very slow though with their service and by the time I had my X-ray results back I already knew that nothing was broken as I was beginning to improve.

        After a couple of months I began to play sport again and of course was taking it very careful and watching myself when running, however there was the odd time when I went over my ankle a little bit and just generally my ankle was swollen due to the reaction of not having played sport too often after such a long time out with injury.

        People may laugh at people who sprain their ankle, but my ankle sprain meant that I could not walk for three weeks after the injury and could not run for another two weeks after that. So even after playing sport again after two months my confidence was damaged. Sorry about straying from the main topic but I can assure you everything has been leading to the ankle guard.

        That is when a friend recommend that I buy an ankle guard so saw that McDavid Ankle Guard in a local shop. It did set me back a good £20 but this to me was a great investment.

        I knew that I know had a fragile ankle that this support gives me that extra confidence when playing and my ankle just feels safer. You put the guard on in a similar way to a sock, although it doesn't cover your toes. This is no problem though as it is meant specifically to guard your ankle as the name suggests. There is also a lace on it to make sure that it fits tight and you do want it as tight as possible for maximum security. However having it too tight will make it feel too uncomfortable so make sure you find the right balance.

        Ankle braces generally are not the most comfortable but the purpose they serve more than makes up for any uncomfort you feel. When playing sport you will forget about any little tightness and just generally be able to let go and play freely instead of keeping thinking about your ankle all the time.

        I truly believe that this is ideal for anyone with ankle problems, although I recommend seeing your physio first to see if there are any other problems and maybe even surgery would be needed if you have gone over your ankle many times in the past. If anyone has any questions about this guard, or just generally on ankle injury and the best solutions then do not hesitate to message me. Thanks for reading.


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        01.02.2006 15:55
        Very helpful



        Highly supportive ankle brace for those with weak ankles.

        Picture the scene, May 2002 and the summer netball league is up and kicking. I’m running backwards (always inadvisable) and catch my foot on a team mates, sending me flying to the floor and clutching my ankle which is starting to really (really, really) hurt. Fast forward a few weeks and I have made a slight recovery and am able to start playing again. But what’s that, a searing pain around my ankle, that can’t be right, maybe I should go and see a physio. Let the fun begin!!

        I first went to see a physio in the autumn of 2002, who did all sorts of grim things like pulling my ankle in all sorts of directions and doing ice massage. The diagnosis…

        ’well, your ankle ligaments are really lax, you could actually break your leg if you happen to go over on it again’

        ‘(GULP), oh, what should I do then?’

        ‘You could get one of these supports, we sell a lot to people with ankle problems’

        ‘Thanks here is the cash!’

        So, there was my introduction to this amazing piece of equipment. My ankle was quite seriously damaged and if I wanted to carry on playing netball I would have to start taking care of myself.

        The McDavid 101 ankle guard cost me about £25 and you should be able to get it from your physiotherapist, alternatively it is available from a variety of internet retailers. According to the Mcdavid website the A101 ankle guard was first introduced in 1985 and has been widely used ever since.


        The support is a vinyl support that you have to put your foot into (a bit like an ice skate boot but without the toe bit or the skate), you then have to lace it up (quite tightly) to fit. The laces run the whole length of the brace so it is unlikely to be too tight unless you have laced it so, the brace is joined at the bottom by a wide strip of elastic. The supports are available in either white or black, depending on your preference and don’t look bulky as others can, and fit nicely under your trainer and they come up to about the same level as your sock. They can get dirty, but are fully washable in your machine.


        When I first wore this brace I found it quite uncomfortable, it made my foot and ankle sweat and dug in slightly to my calf. This however is something that I got used to really quickly and although it still makes my ankle sweat I don’t find it a great encumbrance. The brace has almost taken the form of my foot and ankle and as such I hardly notice I’m wearing it. The major difference in sensation when I’m playing netball is that I am really confident in the stability of my ankle. I feel as if I can go flying round the court without the risk of getting another major injury.

        When you run, the support moves with you, it moves with your foot as you flex it, but gives you a lot of lateral support to prevent further injury. You couldn't roll your ankle in one of these unless you really seriously tried to.


        As I just mentioned, I feel really confident in this support. Considering that I had surgery to tighten the ligaments in my ankle I reckon this is a major achievement. I was able to play a lot quicker after injury than I would ordinarily have been able to and believe that this support helped me come back a lot quicker after my operation (just over 6 months), as I was able to go to the gym and do fitness work with the knowledge that my ankle was stable (albeit falsely) and that I wouldn’t do myself major damage.

        Just last week I landed a bit funny at netball and felt my ankle twinge a bit, but that’s all it did. I had a slight twinge that I was able to run off rather than a sprain that put me on the sidelines for a few weeks.

        This support has really helped me, and made me able to carry on playing netball whereas previously I was worried about further injury.


        I am really confident in this product. I don’t think I could recommend it highly enough, although you ought to check with either your physio or doctor before use. In fact I would definitely recommend you get yourself checked out by a doctor or physio before you start playing sport again, in case you have a more serious injury.

        It is the nature of the game that netballers often have dodgy ankles, lots of players I know wear these supports and all cannot sing the praises of them highly enough. For those of you with a passion for sport and very weak ankles, these supports allow you to continue playing in relative safety.

        This support makes me feel strong, like I can take on the world (or at least live to play another day). Five stars from me, due to the fact that I would have had to stop playing the sport I love if I hadn’t been introduced to this product.


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