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Newbery Uzi Cricket Bat

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4 Reviews

Manufacturer: Newbury / Model: Uzi / Cricket bat

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    4 Reviews
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      20.03.2011 14:35
      Very helpful



      Amazing bat

      At the begining of last cricket season, I decided to get a new cricket bat. I came across this. I had seen other people using it in games and it just looked so light and seemed to be able to launch the ball to all areas of the pitch! I picked it up, had a few practice shots and decided to get it. I have never looked back.

      The bat has a orange handle and black and orange Newbery stickers. It looks amazing. The wood looks excellent as well. Mine has a perfect 8 grain with no knots and no blemishes. This does vary from bat to bat but for a £200 bat, im sure that they are all made from the best English Willow possible. The bat also has a built in toe protector which looks great when you play a quick shot. All you see if a flash of orange!

      ***Before Use***
      Before using the bat I had to knock it in like all top end cricket bats. This took be about 3 hours with a special knocking in mallet. It sounds like a long time but doing it whilst listening to music or whilst watching TV goes quickly. The bat is also partially knocked in so you don't have to do it for ages.

      When the bat is in your hands, it feels light and it feels strong at the same time. It also feels very easy to thrash about and easy to play controlled shots. Its a perfectly balanced bat. Shots from the middle will have no problem reaching the boundary at all and even shots from the toe will have no problem getting a few runs but I would not recommend hitting out of the bottom of the bat as this can cause it some serious damage. The bat is suitable for all types of players. It can defend with no problem and is light so it can be moved towards swinging/spinning balls in a second. It is also very good for big hitters and it has a massive sweet spot and is perfectly balanced so that you can get the most power out of you shot as possible.

      The bat is quite durable if you look after it. The toe protector keeps water out of the toe which makes the bat stronger and you should also oil it every 6 months. My bat does have a few dents and tiny cracks around the edges from where I have thick edged it. This is normal with most bats and does not affect the bat at all.

      Overall , an excellent cricket bat. Perfect for all types of player and lasts for a long time. I would recommend it to all serious cricket players. I would not recommend it to occasional cricket players as it is expensive.


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        14.03.2010 18:30
        1 Comment



        Great bat

        This bat is extremely well crafted. Newbery create a lighter handle in order to input more wood density into the bat itself. This creates a one of a kind pickup which provides a freeflowing swing and lightness that I've never experienced with any other bat. The stickers are of course classy, and if you can't think of any other reason to buy a bat, sometimes stickers are a good way to chose. This bat is very expensive- I can't quite remember the price, but I think it was between £220 and £250- which for some people puts you off completely, but I urge you to look past it because the product is so brilliant. I have quite a few team members who also own this bat, and as far as I know, noone has ever broken their bat. It is of course a matter of opinion, but make sure the weight is right for you when you buy, NEVER by a bat on the internet without a send-back clause.


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          11.09.2009 22:15



          Better cricket bats around for similar or less price but customer service won't match Newbury's.

          <>first impression<>
          My first impressions of the bat were that it looked brilliant, simple classy stickers as Newbury's always are, great two toned willow (strip of heartwood) and 10 straight grains. The profile was fairly normal and pick up seemed decent for 2lb 10. The bat costs around £200 pounds which is a lot but with a reliable brand like Newbury i decided to go ahead and purchase.

          The bat came partially knocked in which meant i had to do the last 3 or 4 hours. I don't enjoy this but this is part and parcel of 90% of bats and is a must if you want to prolong the bats life. It came with a Newbury hammeredge sheet on so oiling it wasn't necessary.

          I must say i was slightly disappointed with the performance of the bat. Don't get me wrong it performed well but not as well as you'd expect a £250 pound bat to. The ping was slightly better than most bats and the middle was sufficient to hit boundaries with. The toe was completely dead however this isn't a scoring area on the bat so it didn't matter.

          The bat seemed to hold up very well, no signs of surface cracks or worse as the hammer edge sheet seemed to be doing its job very well. The bat felt very sturdy which is what you would like for such an expensive piece of equipment.

          <>customer services<>
          I rang Newbury up to ask them if i had done everything possible to get the best performance out of the bat. They were very polite and told me i had. They offered to take it back and examine it to see if any faults had occurred or if the willow was inferior. I took them up on this offer. I sent them the bat and they returned it within a month with a letter. They had replaced the bat free of charge which i was very impressed with. Which i then went on to sell without using

          Overall this bat does seem a quality bat, Newbury have a very good customer service and you will not be disappointed as you can send it to them if its not what you think it should perform like.

          I give it 4 out of 5 (mainly for Newbury's customer service)


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          07.09.2008 10:05
          Very helpful



          A wonderful cricket bat for big hitters

          Newbery Uzi Cricket Bat, SH
          2lbs 10oz
          Medium Middle
          10 Grains (2 heartwood)
          34mm edges
          No Concaving
          Mid Size Bow

          *Service Received*
          Right then, I had been looking at Newbery's but couldn't afford the top end ones and then i found the Newbery phone number and rang them up and they gave me a very very very good deal.

          *Performance in Nets*
          I used the bat first time in the nets playing it in gently against a U11 bowler i was just pushing at it and it was going way back past him and for a low middle it certainly had a good pick up and was perfect for driving. Our nets are very hard, fast and bouncy so a low middle isn't ideal for the net but this plays very well and when i try the big shots and slightly mistime it it still rockets off.

          *Performance in matches*
          I played a couple of days later after using it in the net and hit my best score ever of 42 for my club and that included 16 off 1 over! I even manged to toe a pull shot for 4! The middle really pings and i hardly have to hit the ball, i played a little push into the offside and when i turned for the second the ball had gone for 4! In previous seasons i have struggled to average more than 10! But so far this season i am average 18 with it from 4 innings.

          Looks wise, the grains don't compete with the best bats! It has 10 widely spaced grains with 2 of them being heartwood and has no concaving which i prefer as more wood stays on the edge and (as you would say for a golf club) is more forgiving on off center hits! I finished the bat off with a white GM Control grip which i think makes it look lush!

          *General Feel*
          The bat feels very nice and picks up very lightly and you only need to push at the ball for it to go, i have a half grip at the bottom and one grip over the top and this make it fell very nice in your hands.

          Good Points

          *Pick Up

          Bad Points

          *Crack in the toe
          *Look of the Willow

          ---- Please dont rate this slightly useful just because you dont care about cricket bats!-----------


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        • Product Details

          Handcrafted from willow.

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