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Next Generation Club, Glasgow - West End

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Next Generation Club, Netherton Road, Anniesland, Glasgow, G13 1BJ. Telephone +44 (0)141 586 9090.

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      30.09.2001 05:48
      Very helpful



      I was working around the house the other morning, listening to one of our local radio stations (that?s right folks, Glasgow Girl does not *always* listen to Radio2) when I happened to hear the presenter saying he was in a health club and that if I wanted to I could get a free ?look see? at the facilities on offer and not only that ? if I mentioned to the good people who ran the place, I could get a free pass to use some of those same facilities ? for a whole week! Well. you know me ? one mention of the word ?free? and away I go ? I mean ? I was off like a shot ? straight down to ?Next Generation - West-End? ? well ? in my dreams I was ? if you see what I mean ;-) What a place ?Next Generation - West-End? is. The publicity that ?Q96? gave out on that Saturday morning was so very good but, as many of the people who might read this will not have had the benefit of their coverage on the facilities available at this amazing chain of health clubs, I thought that the best way to shape this opinion would be to give you my own personal viewpoint of all the goodies on offer there ? so here goes ? Where is it ? The ?Next Generation - West-End? is set in what might best be described as one of Glasgow?s ?suburbs?. Although at one time the specific area was to say the least a little ?rough? this new development has helped to ?raise the tone? of the area somewhat - and I can say this on good authority as Anniesland is one area of Glasgow I can vouch for personally. What can I find when I get there? The facilities on offer come under many different headings, such as water, exercise, sports, leisure both open and private and functions suites - plus one section that is a vital element of any health club in the twenty-first century ? the family facilities. WATER Multiple pools await your arrival, with one pool which has the added advantage of being the same ?safety conscious? depth over its entire25 mtr. length,
      one of which is for toddlers, which is only 20 centimetres deep and one ? wait for it ? one 20 mtr. *outdoor* pool, the only one of its kind in Glasgow ? Now, why doesn?t that surprise me ? A swimming pool that is deep enough to swim in but shallow enough to stand up in ? now that is a true boon to all of those, like myself , who say they ?can swim? but who actually much prefer it when they can stand up and feel the bottom of the pool under their feet. Just imagine being able to do this whenever you feel the need ? if that?s not a weary-swimmer?s dream then what is? The toddler?s ?splash pool? sounds like it is the ideal depth for any very young children ? but don?t forget, keep an eye on the wee darlings, because a pool with even this small amount of water can prove to be a danger zone for an adventurous toddler. As for the provision of an outdoor pool in the west-end of Glasgow ? words fail me. The temperature on the day of the broadcast was around 11 degrees ? but any questions I might have had about the wisdom of such a facility for the northern climes of Glasgow were answered when the fact was emphasised that even though the pool is open for the greater part of the year the water is kept at a comfortable 30 degrees at all times. FAMILY FACILITIES The family facilities are excellent across the board, with every care being taken to provide for a membership encompassing all ages. Hence the main pool which you can stand up in and the toddlers pool and a ?fitness facility? that holds classes for all ages and fitness levels. In addition to the above, there are so many facilities for ?children of all ages? its hard to list them all in this one short opinion but here are just some of them; a children's gym, junior tennis courts, a soft play area, an outdoor play area, a pool table, table tennis facilities, a computer games room and a cartoon TV. EXERCISE The exercise sector is catered for with aerobics classes for all a
      nd a gymnasium with all the latest in fitness equipment. SPORTS Sports fans are also catered for with the provision of tennis courts and with what some insiders say are, ?Stunning racquet and gymnasia facilities ? ? Next Generation are one of the main exponents in the ultra-competitive ?health and fitness clubs? market. These ?stunning facilities consist of 8 Indoor Tennis Courts, 4 Outdoor Tennis Courts, a Junior Tennis Court, 4 Badminton Courts, 3 Squash Courts and Penalty Shootout Area. In addition there are also a fully air-conditioned cardiovascular gym, strength and resistant sections, a traditional free weights and stretch zone. Plus, if you need it and can afford it there is the offer of some high quality personal assessments, which can come in the form of either fitness programmes and /orone-to-one training, plus there is an extensive and comprehensive aerobics timetable which you can take advantage of. The list of the other sports facilities available is mind-boggling even to the casual observer with the following New Generation West having the following facilities on board: Upper Gym Cardio Theatre Spinning Bikes Free Weights Stretching Zone Indoor Aerobics Studios Climbing Wall One-on-One Basketball Alley Boxing Fitness Zone Rowing Area LEISURE/HEALTH ?OPEN? The same ?Fitness Membership? that allows you access to the aerobics classes also allows for access to the pools and the gym. LEISURE/HEALTH ?PRIVATE? If these ?benefits of membership? are not enough to satisfy your needs, the facilities ?Next Generation ? West? has, within its Tardis-like walls, include some rather special ?club memberships? which provide an excellent range of what could be thought of as ?optional extras?. The ?Celsius Spar? area is a purpose-built/adults-only area. An special adult membership to this area of the facility provides, amongst other things, what could be thought of a
      s ?heat and ice treatments? which include saunas, stream rooms, sun beds, an ice plunge pool and a ?Saunarium?. A Saunarium, apparently, is a blend of both dry heat and moist heat in a facility similar to a sauna. Now I wonder how they doo that? When sitting in this area you can expect to find the normal provisions which are the norm for saunas and steam rooms on a country-wide basis, such as newspapers and a super range of magazines and oh-so-soothing music ? in fact everything you could want to help ease away the cares and worries of a stressful life. (that?s right folk ? ?no children allowed? ;-) FUNCTIONS In addition to the sporting/keep-fit and health-centred facilities there are the function suites which can seat up to 140 at a time and can also provide extra-special facilities on request (these, I would imagine, are at a ?special? price too). The folks from BBC Children?s Television have, it seems, have been quick-off-the-mark to take advantage of such special facilities, which are also almost ?on-their-doorstep?, as they made use of the function area of ?Next Generation ? West? while they were rehearsing for their Saturday morning programmes! ( we were also informed that the folks from BBC_CTV also made use of all the other facilities of the club too ? Me thinks ??some people really work too hard ?.? ;-) I wonder if they took advantage of the ?Hair and Beauty facilities too? I know I would have ? if I could have afforded them that is ? Basically, that is the only thing I don?t like about this opinion ? and that is that I am not writing it about ?Next Generation - West-End? from personal experience ? but then again ? just because I can?t manage along ? doesn?t mean that I should keep the news of its existence away from those of you who are able to take advantage of all the wonderful facilities on offer in this excellent health club. I hope you?ve enjoyed reading about it all ? I know I enjoyed lis
      tening to the radio and hearing all about it. According to their web-site, Next generation clubs are ??based on the visionary leisure concept created by former British Davis Cup Captain, David Lloyd ?? These ?Luxury Clubs? provide facilities on an unprecedented scale, and to once more quote the web-site, ?Next Generation takes sport and recreation facilities to another level.? If by that they are referring to their membership categories and membership levels, then they are oh-so-right. There are in fact four different ?membership levels? with members of the two basic levels having to pay a ?premium? rate to ensure their membership of the third. In addition to this, there are a further ten ?membership categories?. There is also the added proviso that ?One-to-one tuition, personal training and certain specialist classes may be subject to an additional charge.? If you do manage along to this club, situated in Netherton Road, Anniesland, Glasgow or any other of the New Generation sites ? please ? tell them Glasgow Girl sent you ? they won?t know who the h*ll you are talking about ? but it?ll help me a little to know that you are as nuts as me and it will give yon ?auldmac? something to think about! ;-) (?Name dropper? ? me ? wouldn?t dream of it dear ? ;-) GG


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