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No Fear Ladies White Ski Helmet

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Manufacturer: No Fear / Type: Ladies Ski Helmet

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    1 Review
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      26.03.2012 11:49
      Very helpful



      Quality helmet at a decent price

      == No Fear Ski Helmet ==
      I have been snowboarding for many years now, but up until Christmas 2011 I had never been on a mountain as I lived in Birmingham and had only ever used our local indoor Snowdome. Before I moved from the UK I found out we were going to be going snowboarding in the Czech Republic for Christmas so I decided that for my own safety I should invest in some kind of head protection as obviously there is a big difference between an indoor Snowdome and a huge mountain!

      After a quick search on Sportsdirect.com I found this No Fear helmet for just £18 plus postage. I decided that this was a bargain as the RRP was £49.99! I was also attracted to the No Fear brand as I have other products of theirs and I have always found them to be of a high quality.

      The helmet is advertised in the ski section of the website but it can also be used for snowboarding. It states on the box that the helmet cannot be used on skateboards, mountain bikes or motorbikes.

      The helmet I have is white in colour and has a pink 'No Fear' logo on the side. There are other colour variations available including blues and blacks. The inside of the helmet is lined with a soft grey fabric and it even has ear flaps which not only protect your ears but they also keep them nice and toasty too! On the back of the helmet there is a goggle clip and an adjustment point to secure the helmet to your head size. The helmet also has a chin strap to ensure it doesn't come off easily when you fall. The top of the helmet has ventilation holes with a fine mesh covering them.

      == Fitting The Helmet & Making Adjustments ==
      When my helmet arrived I obviously tried it on to make sure everything was ok. The first time I put the helmet on my head it felt quite snug and I could instantly feel that it was warm. Ignoring my grandad's hysterical laughter I proceeded to adjust the size of the helmet using the plastic knob on the back. This was really easy and I could do it without removing the helmet. At this point I decided the helmet was good enough and I was pleased with it so I forwarded it on to my new address in Poland.

      The helmet survived the postal system with no issues or damage. When I got to the Czech Republic and was getting ready to go on the mountain I put the helmet on and was really pleased to feel that even though the helmet had been packed, posted, carried on the train and then in the boot of a car it still fitted perfect and the adjustment I had made on the back of the helmet had remained securely in place so the only thing I needed to adjust was the chin strap. This was so easy to do that I did it while we were sitting on the ski lift, plus it distracted me from the worry of trying to get off the lift at the top! The chin strap adjusts by simply moving the strap through a loop in the end of the clip, the strap is then secured by a small piece of elastic and a soft piece of material to stop the strap rubbing your skin.

      == The Goggle Clip ==
      On the reverse of the helmet there is a goggle clip. I found this to be really useful and very easy to use as the strap of the goggles simply slides underneath it and is held very firmly in place.

      == Looks ==
      Personally, when I am snowboarding I'm not too fussy about how good I look as I know I'm going to make myself look stupid by falling over anyway! But regardless of this I would say the helmet does actually look pretty smart and I didn't feel silly in it at all! When I tried the helmet on for the first time my grandad went into hysterical laughter as he thought it looked huge, but when you put the ski jacket and thick baggy snowboard trousers on the helmet looks much more in proportion!

      == On The Mountain ==
      So, I'm all set and ready to go snowboarding in my new helmet... but was the helmet ready for my snowboarding? The answer is a big thumbs up and Yes!

      On Christmas day and Boxing day we spent a total of around 10 hours (split across both days) going up and down the mountain and I didn't take the helmet off at all. Within minutes of being on the mountain I fell over, well, actually I fell immediately after dismounting the ski lift! Each time I fell this helmet stayed perfectly in place and needed no readjustment at all. A little later on I did have quite a nasty fall where I felt like a human snowball and I landed on my shoulder which then resulted on my head, or rather the helmet taking a knock, I am pleased to report though that even with a knock the helmet remained on my head and in place, it did move a tiny bit, but with the speed and force that I fell I was rather grateful for the helmet taking the impact rather than my head!

      The temperature on the mountain was around -2, but the snug fit of the helmet kept my head warm all day and even after my numerous falls and the helmet having direct contact with the snow my head remained nice and dry. I was particularly impressed with this as I thought I might get a wet head because of the ventilation holes. I'm not sure how they work, but my head stayed dry so I was happy!

      My only irritation with the helmet is regarding the chin strap, I found it to be extremely irritating even when I used the piece of soft material to cover the strap itself. I had the strap tightened to minimise the movement and obviously hold the helmet on my head, but even with the strap as tight as I could stand it I could feel it moving and rubbing on the underneath of my chin. I solved this problem by moving my neck warmer to sit underneath it, this wasn't the most comfortable of set ups, but it was better than the strap!

      == Size ==
      The size of the helmet is advertised as M. This size is designed to fit head sizes 56 - 58cm. The helmet is also available in Junior sizes for the smaller heads out there and a men's variation which is larger and a slightly different design.

      == Price ==
      The RRP for this No Fear helmet is £49.99, however I bought mine off sportsdirect.com for £18 and it is still available on there now in a variety of colours including black, blue and pink.

      == Recommended? ==
      Overall for the price I paid for this helmet I am really pleased with it. I feel safe and protected while wearing it as well as nice and warm. The chin strap does annoy me, but it is only a small issue when my head is being protected from my snowboarding mishaps! I recommend this helmet for anyone who is looking for a high quality helmet at a low price.

      Thanks for reading! :)


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