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NX Folding Exercise Bike

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Manufacturer: NX / Type: Exercise Bike

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    1 Review
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      02.10.2011 06:35
      Very helpful



      a really good buy

      In a bid to lose weight, again, I decided to purchase some sort of exercise equipment for at home. Being a single parent with 3 year old twins I would find it a little difficult to get out to a gym as finding a babysitter is a nightmare, plus I can't always take my boys out for walks etc due to work so something for the home was my best bet.

      Browsing on the next website I came across their NX Folding Bike.

      The bike costs £99 without delivery which is £3.99 on top.

      I liked the idea of a 'folding bike' mostly as I thought it would be ideal to store rather than just being stuck in the middle of a room somewhere.

      The next website is quite vague in what information it offers you about the bike, but it does picture it on their website too.

      All we are told really is that the bike has 'smooth magnetic resistance'.

      We are also told that the bike has hand sensors for pulse management - these are placed on the handles exactly where you'd place your hands whilst cycling on it.

      The bike also has adjustable tension for variable resistance levels as well as an LCD monitor which monitors time, speed, distance and calories used.

      There is just one last thing the website tells us and that there is a maximum weight limit of 100kg.

      The bike comes packaged neatly in a surprisingly small box, it does come in various parts but instructions are provided on how to put it together, which to be honest, providing I had the picture of the bike in front of me is fairly self explanatory. In the box you will find a bag with tools - these being alan keys, screws, nuts and washers, instructions on how to put the bike together, the main body of the bike, the seat, the monitor and the two feet of the bike.

      Putting the bike up took me about 10-15 minutes on my own. I simply had to stand the main body of the bike up, which is easy as it is shaped like a cross - as it is a folding bike this does make sense, therefore it had balance. I placed the two 'feet' at the bottom of the bike and screwed them in securely, giving the bike a secure surface and leaving it balanced and safe. I then had to screw in the seat at my chosen height, it is adjustable though which is good for anybody shorter or even taller. Last but not least I placed batteries in the monitor and hooked it onto the hook provided on the bike which is right in the middle of the handlebars. Voila, the bike was up and ready to ride.

      I was a bit sceptical about using the bike at first, my thoughts were 'oh it's small, dinky and a 'cheap' folding bike so it's going to be uncomfortable and rubbish'. I was soon to be proved wrong though.

      Sitting on the bike was quite comfortable, the seat feels quite cushiony on my bum to be fair, making my ride on the bike more pleasurable than painful! The handle bars have silver, shiny sensors on them to hold but these do not take over the handlebars, there is in fact foamy padding around them too making them comfortable to grip, and I don't lose my grip either when I get sweaty during my exercise thanks to the padding, despite part of my hands actually touching these sensors. Whilst my hands touch these sensors the monitor that is attached tells me a few things - including my heart rate, how many calories I'm losing and even what speed and distance I am doing. You can either change your chosen info manually by pressing the one button provided to switch from heart rate to calories etc or you can just watch the monitor freely as it swaps and changes at will, giving you about 20 secs on each section to clearly read and see what you are doing, burning etc. The pedals I can use with ease, they are 'smooth' to use, even when I do up the resistance on the switch. There is a dial just beneath the handlebars, so again within easy reach even whilst cycling. This dial allows you to either increase or decrease the resistance within your ride, either giving you a harder ride - such as if you was cycling up hill and you would really have to cycle hard and use different muscles etc or a smoother and easier ride with very little resistance so you can just enjoy a smooth, exercise and cycle. Using the bike is fab, it does provide me with convenient exercise in the evenings when my twin sons go to bed. Instead of slothing in front of the tv I can sit on my bike and cycle and lose some calories at the same time.

      I do have a fairly large storage cupboard in my house too which comes in handy to keep things out of the way, so this is where I store the bike. The folding mechanism on the bike though makes storing the bike much better as it doesn't take up an awful lot of room, for a bike anyway. Within the middle of the cross section of the bike there is a metal pin, this has to be taken out for you to unfold the bike or fold it back up again and then slotted back into place to hold the bike in it's open or closed position. The fact the bike folds up makes it much more convenient to store, even if you don't have a lot of storage space, it could be put out of the way somewhere. The only downfall about the bike is it is quite heavy so moving it around to store it or use it proves a little difficult, but thankfully it's not bulky as well as heavy so can't grumble too much.

      I'd certainly recommend this bike to anybody looking to buy any exercise equipment for convenient exercise at home. It costs just £99, it is so easy to put together, really comfortable to use and has the convenience of being folded therefore much easier to store than other bikes you can buy. It really is a good buy.


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