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Peter Storm Girl's Printed Hat

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    2 Reviews
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      09.08.2010 04:03



      A very good hat for keeping your little one's head nice and cozy

      Hats for my kids often get quite dirty, and so I like to have at least one spare hat for them both to swap to should the one's they are wearing get grimy. I first saw the Peter Storm Girl's Printed Hat in Millets on offer for £2, when I was stocking up on camping bits and bats, and so bought it for my little girl.

      The hat is quite cute, with 3 big tassles on top and it's white in colour, with orange, blue, grey and pink spots covering it. The design is very eye catching and I can easily spot my daughter when she's wearing this as it does stand out.

      The hat is made out of pure fleece which means that it's not only very soft, but is also a bit stretchy, meaning it can be pulled down nice and tightly around my little girl's ears. It's got lots of room inside it, and it's actually fit her for over a year, even though it wasn't overly baggy to start with. The hat I bought designed to fit ages 2-4 although to be honest I think this could fit up to a 6 year old depending on their head size. The hats are also available in a range of sizes to fit older children, and some have no tassles and some have more. There are also versions of this hat for boys, so your little monsters won't feel left out either.

      After over a year of use, it's still looking in relatively good shape, and the spots are still vibrant. The stitching is still in place and the tassles are still firmly attached, which proves this is a durable hat.

      In terms of keeping her warm, the hat is very good though I must admit I prefer hats with ear flaps to keep ears warmer, although the hat can be pulled right down if the ears get very cold. That's a personal preference though, and this is still a very good, warm, soft and cute girl's hat.


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      08.08.2010 19:25
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      A Wicked Hat And One I Deffo Recommend For Your Kids For Over This Winter

      I know it's not exactly the weather to be buying fluffy hats for your kids but my 3 year old sister is just getting over an ear infection so when it lashed down with rain yesterday we put her cute Peter Storm hat on her because it pulls down right over her ears to keep them warm.

      Ours come from Millets, it was about £3.00 last winter and I remember seeing the dotty one in the shop but ended up buying a white hat with red and pink hearts all over it. It's a nice design and stands out because not many other little kids round here have got this hat.

      It's a wicked hat, the 3 tassles on the top are nice and floppy so the hat looks trendy as well as cute. My sister's is age 2 - 4 and even though that sounds like a big age gap the style of the hat means you'd definately be able to make it fit for the whole of them 2 years...... if you can keep it that long, we're always losing hats in this house so I reckon it's a bit of a miracle that we've had it for such a long time!

      The hat is roomy and also stretches nice, it's not lined so with it being pure fleece that means you'll get a bit more stretch out of it. It's one of them hats that won't look too small, the fold at the bottom of the hat is stitched down and even though my sister wore it to death through all that mad snow and icy weather none of the stitches have come loose or undone or anything like that.

      It's safe to go in the washing machine and it's actually kept its colour pretty good, I remember when my sister first got the hat my mum was annoyed at us choosing one where the main colour was white because of how dirty it would get. It DOES show the dirt up but comes clean dead easy in the machine, it doesn't say anything about tumble drying it on the label but the fleece is quite thin so we haven't risked it. The tassles have stayed nice and fluffy as well, they flop about nice when my sister runs and is a proper nice alternative to putting your child in a pom pom hat.

      These hats come in designs suitable for boys and girls, they are all different colours and some of them have got more tassles and some have got less. They go up in bigger sizes than the one my sister has got so if you love them you'll be able to keep your kids in them for as long as possible!



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    • Product Details

      Made from polyester fleece.

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